Hard Work or Smart Work !!

My father has lot of stamina(why didnt he pass this qaulity to me *sigh*) , so he always prefers hard work over smart work. What can be done in an easy manner he will always do in a manner thats toughest. It has a plus point as well as minus. Plus point it keeps you fit and increases you stamina , minus point it wastes time and the ones who dont have so much stamina as my father does feels literaly being tortured and get irritated.
Since i have not inherited this quality from my father i always prefer smart work (proof of my laziness) provided the outcome of both is same. If the result of hard work is more then i ll stick to it (greediness :p).Thats my opinion whats yours ?????

The idea of the blog comes from the fact that today is sunday and my father believes in household cleanliness on sundays, so it was really a tiring one. But to keep us entertained and get in mood of sunday we get lot of street food at home to eat. I know its unhealthy but brings lot of joy *happy happy* and i love it.

Outfit :
I am no fashion blogger yet !! but ya i go through many fashion blogs and love to dress up. So just tried a new outfit by getting inspired from your mix and match series which i saw here. this is my first try, i know i look very bad in it but at least i tried sooner i shall learn the art though :p

This my 8th class fish cut skirt(as called in india) which as i wore as a dress, paired it up with black heels and a belt. tried on two belts let me know which one is better (brown or black) :p
Hope you had a good sunday too !!