Decor Series: 5 Decor Inspirations

If you read my last post you might know by now that we are building our new residence and I am highly dependent on pinterest and other websites for my inspiration dose.

decor inspiration via homify

From closet to wall/floors, I have relied upon internet for some inspiration. Web has made life so much easier, provided it is used in limits.

Today I want to share my five Decor practical ideas which I loved and have inspired me.

1. Storage under Stairs
After the structure of our residence was done, we realized we do not have a single store. Then one day while browsing I stumbled upon this image and now we have our cute little store just under the stairs similar to one in image below.

Credit: MuraliArchitects

2. Headboard Design
I wanted my headboard to be really simple and cushioned because we have a little kid who bangs her head probably 100 times in it. Finally a design like in the image below was finalized, simple yet elegant.

Credit: Pyka-Leone

3. Book Rack
More than reading books I am obssessed with collecting them. Some day I would proudly want to display my collection like this. Also, it adds a sense of learning for kids with added bonus of being a conversation starter.

Credit:Acastrian Bespoke Fitted Furniture

4. Media Room
This room is on hold since we want to complete the rest of our place shift and once the major part of  the house is done then we can focus on this. But anyhow whenever we want to do it, I want it to look like in the image below.

Credit: Johnny Thomsen Design De Interiores

5 Kitchen
We have a minimalistic kitchen design with off white and brown combination. To get maximum storage we included a pantry in kitchen, not as huge as in image given below but big enough for our use.

Credit: Maple & Gray

All are reference images and I would share my real house images as soon as we shift, may be in next 15 days.

                                                             ~Live Love Laugh~

Beauty Talk: Perfecting Base Makeup

Sorry for holding onto the series from so long but I have major shifting going on at my place due to which I could not attend few classes from makeup and styling course and also could not update the blog.
We had a pooja function at our new residence and guess what, I did my complete makeup myself. Yes, starting from base to eye I did it completely. Though it needs lot of improvement which I think will come with practice but for first time I think I did a pretty good job #SelfPraise

theitgirl:How to do Base Makeup

I did not do the hair myself because the classes which I missed were hairstyling ones hence I just could not get hang of it. Anyways after the curl and straightening class, next was perfecting the base makeup class. Below I am sharing a video from youtube which teaches how to perfect base.

Points to Note:
1. Fingers are the best tool for applying makeup. 
2. Do not be afraid of trying anything new.
3. You cannot completely hide an outgrown pimple. But you can hide scars using an apt concealer. To know everything about concealer you can read the article here. It is an article by Shivali, from       whom I took classes. 
4. For foundations, she recommended to mix Loreal true match and Maybelline dream satin smooth.
5. For eye primers, she recommended Inglot one.
6. Always tap the concealer to hide any spot. Do not spread it. 
7. Never dot the entire face with foundation and then blend. Blend while you are applying the product, hence it will become difficult to blend seamlessly. 
8. Apply generous amount of face powder to blur any imperfections. 
9. Always do your eye before you do your face so that any shadow that falls on face can be corrected while doing the base.
10.To avoid getting crease below the eyes, use powder immediately after doing base.

Products that I bought for doing base: 
(I never used foundation before this since I always got my makeup done from Salon for special occasions and for random formal functions I used BB or CC Creams. Ohh ! for everyday basis I use nothing. I use least amount of makeup possible.)

Foundation: Krylon Vitacolor Foundation
Face Powder: Loreal True Match Compact Powder
Concealer: Drema Color Camouflage Creme 

Have any question about base makeup or if you want me to review any of the products mentioned above or any other query, let me know in the comments below.

                                                             ~Live Love Laugh~

Top 5 Favorites | Dress4Less

By now you must be knowing how much I love online shopping. With the ease of ordering anything you want from the comfort your home is a bliss. Recently I came across this new online clothing and accessories website which I like because:

  • The site name truly justifies the affordable clothing that they offer
  • They offer the latest European fashion to Indian market.

Four best things about this website is:
1. Variety : Starting from maxis to lingerie, they have it all. You can even buy accessories matching to your outfit from the same place, after-all without accessorizing an outfit is always incomplete.

2. Easy to load website : This is one technical feature but its really irritating when websites take eternity to load. Dress4Less is light website which can be easily accessed and loaded even if your network is bit slow.

3. Trendy and affordable: Everything available on website is bang on trend with an affordable price tag. Also, along with trendy pieces, the basics must haves are easily available.

4. Freshness: Though there are many websites that outsource products but majority of them do that from Thailand or other local markets whereas at Dress4Less they outsource the products from England, France and all over world. Thus giving us incredible collection with fresh and never seen before.

I have been eyeing few products from Dress4Less and thinking to buy them soon, have a look at my top 5 favorites from the website.

1. Red Maxi with Side Slit    2.Floral Print Dress   3.Colour Block Maxi
4.Draped Midi Skirt   5.Bohemian Drop Necklace 

  • Maxi Dresses is one trend which is my super favorite. Easy to wear yet trendy. Its a must have in every fashionista's wardrobe.
  • Apart from them, I loves this floral print mini dress which is perfect to beat this heat in style. 
  • The draped skirt can easily be taken from day to night with different styling. 
  • The neck-piece that I chose goes super well with both the maxi as well as the drape skirt. Hence, you can already see how versatile this accessory is.

This is what I have been drooling over. You can explore the website here. You can also check out there facebook as well as instagram page. Also,let me know your favorites in the comments below.
                                                                ~Live  Love Laugh ~

BEAUTY TALK: How to straighten and curl hair.

After the introductory class, next was to learn how to straighten and curl hair using a flat, as well as curling using an iron rod.Since it was a demonstration class, I picked up few videos from YouTube to show what was being taught in the class.

1. I think straightening is pretty easy and everyone knows it. Just in case you want to see a video for reference, click here

2. How to curl using a straightener, watch the video below.

This video demonstrates 5 kinds of curls you can do using a straightener.

3.  Curling using Curl rod:

Along with this they also taught celebrity flip using an iron, 

This is the only video I could find. In video it is done upwards, whereas she did it a little side wards. It keeps the bags away from face.

This is all she taught in the class. Apart from that. she advised to use hair masks and go for hair spa often to counter-back side effects caused due to heating.
                                                             ~Live Love Laugh~

Beauty Talk: Makeup and Hairstyle Course

I have recently joined a very basic makeup and hairstyle course by Shivali Makeup artist. I will be jotting down everything they teach in the course here, so that it is equally helpful for everyone out here.
Check out the schedule below and stay tuned for all the more updates.

Yesterday was my first day and it was an introductory class. We had a talk over the basics, listing them all below:
1. Sunscreen is very important. Suggestion: Neutrogena Sunscreen.
2. To wash hair correctly. Flip the hair and shampoo the scalp using coin size. It won't make any froth since it would used to clean scalp from all the dirt. Wash it out and then again use shampoo. Now this one will make lot of froth. Massage nicely and if you have long hair spread the front towards the ends. Suggestion: Use professional ones like Tresseme, Loreal and Matrix.
3. Use conditioner on length of hair. Also, if you do not want to use conditioner while washing hair, use leave in conditioner once hair are semi-dry. Suggestion: Loreal Leave in conditioner.
4. Don't rub hair with towel to dry. Just press slightly and then use wide tooth comb to detangle. It will control frizziness.
5. Wash face at-least twice. Follow C-T-M routine.
6. Never use body lotion on face.
7. Night-care routine is really important. Always remove makeup and dirt before sleeping.
8.  To make an under-eye cream, take coconut oil, cut a vitamin E capsule and mix the liquid with oil and store it in fridge. It will turn in an cream like consistency. In summers you can keep it till 3 months and in winters for 6 months. Ratio: 2 spoons coconut oil with one vitamin E capsule.
9. Apply a lacto calamine mask over face (avoid eyes), let it dry and remove using an ice.
10. Trim hair every 3 months and go for hair spa regularly.

I would update this post if I remember anything that they shared and I forgot about.

                                                                  ~Live Love Laugh~
Disclaimer: All things mentioned above are what taight in class. I have not personally tried them. Try and see if method suits you and then proceed.