Gift Guide: 25 Gifts for 25th:

Now that you know how to celebrate 25th, here I am elaborating on one of the points that I mentioned in my post, that is 25 Gifts on 25th. So I am listing down my list of 25 things that one can gift.

Of course, you can edit the list according to your liking and preferences.

Also the list below is specifically suited for male gender but in case you wish to gift a female friend of yours, most of the items go for them too except few. You can easily replace those items with makeup products or dress or accessories. I feel there are numerous gift ideas for girls but for boys finding something is super difficult.

Note: I generally opt for a practical gift rather than an emotional one. For example a dress over flowers, I hope you get the point. So the list is accordingly, more  number of useful items than showpieces so that at end you don't feel you have wasted money on useless things.

25 Gifts for 25th

 Starting from top left corner, here are the details:
  1. Pen: A customized pen with name written on it or a fancy pen.
  2. Manicure Kit: A small travel size manicure kit; handy and useful.
  3. iPad: iPad or any other electronic gadget according to personal liking and budget.
  4. Pen Drive: Again personalized with name on top or fancy ones, your choice.
  5. Deodorant: Choose as per liking for daily use.
  6. Mouse-pad: A customized mouse pad with family pictures looks really cute.
  7.  Candle Light Dinner: Cook his favorite dishes and create a romantic ambiance.  
  8. Hamper: With favorite chocolates and hand written love letter.
  9. Customized Greeting Card: With your pictures and wordings, ditch the old fashion greeting card.
  10. Tie: A formal Tie in color not yet in closet.
  11. Belt
  12. Desk Organizer: To keep all the clutter on the desk organized
  13. Gift Voucher: A gift voucher for spa or saloon is perfect for some pampering
  14. Polo T-shirt
  15. Perfume
  16. Card Holder: To hold visiting cards
  17. Wallet
  18. Travel Holder: It has separate compartments for cards, documents and pens.
    Must have for travel freak.
  19. Power Bank: Holds power for emergency charging.
  20. Shirts
  21. Bluetooth Device
  22. Phone Covers
  23. Internet Device
  24. Jeans
  25. Home Baked Cake: Lots of home made cake recipes are available online, choose and try. 
All the customized items mentioned above are available on Gifts Galore. Also, in case you need any help for finding an apt gift for an occasion feel free to mail me at

For any queries or doubts leave a comment below. 

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Website Review: India Circus

Just like my outfits I like to add pop of color to my home. It keeps my spirits up and spreads positivity around. Adding color to something you see everyday is a sure shot way to happiness, trust me. Try it and see how cute little bright things bring smile on your face the next time you pass by them. So when India Circus approached me, I knew I have to get associated with a website with such vibrant and colorful products.

Cushion Covers

India Circus offers contemporary-chic, sophisticated and affordable style for various areas of your life, that is from home decor to personal accessories.The vibrancy of the colors combined with the nuanced heritage of the designs makes each piece created at India Circus exceptional.

India Circus Cushions Review by theitgirl

I was gifted four Designer Cushion Covers by India Circus for the review. They instantly added spark to my drawing room. Read Below, to know more about the experience.

Delivery Speed: 

They got me in touch for the Product Review on March 3rd,2014 and I received it on March 10, 2013 which includes a weekend. So overall it took almost a week. Pretty decent Delivery speed, though not super fast.So 4 out of 5 for this.

Colorful Cushions


Now this is the criteria in which India Circus excels. I could wait more than a week for a product quality like this. A poly Velvet cushion that is super smooth to touch. So 5 out of 5 for these.

Vibrant Cushion Covers

Cushion Covers


The package arrived in perfect condition. Items were nicely bubble wrapped.

Cushion Covers

Bonus Points:

  • They have a Gift Voucher option available, hence it becomes easy to gift a distant friend without worrying about their linking since they can choose and buy whatever they like.
  • Another thing that I loved about these cushion covers is, along with a colorful front they have a bright back too. So for a change you can turn around the cushions and poppy solid colors will stand out and make your decor refreshing without spending any extra penny. Have a look !

Cushion Covers

Cushion Covers

Overall Verdict: 

I would definitely recommend this website to everyone especially who wants to add a unique touch to their home decor or personal accessories. All of their creations offer sophistication with a dash of 'Indian-ness,' without draining wallets.The designs are vibrant, lively and elegant which will surely catch attention and fetch you ample of compliments.
Happy Shopping !

p.s. What better than a MEGA SALE to start with. Go shop here.

Disclaimer: It is a sponsored post and products were send to me for review but the opinions are entirely mine and honest.

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Movie Review: Queen

  • Acting: In this field it is a clean sweep by Kagna Ranaut. Commendable Performance, you just can't take eyes off her innocent face that makes you smile again and again. Even Lisa Haydon made her mark, though her role was short but she did a complete justice and left me craving more of her (Am I sounding lesbian, NO I am not :p). 
Isn't she HOT ?
All her three friends performance (I don't know there names, but you can see them in picture below) was also very good. Quite satisfactory performance by all. Everyone fits in the role smoothly.

The good looking Russian man took my heart away, aww he is so cutee (See I am not lesbian )

  • Music: The music is good. Not that great that I would want to listen it again and again but not that bad too. Few good dancing numbers that make movie more enjoyable.
  • Story: Innocent story of a desi-girl who deals with heartbreak, which leads to a journey where she discovers herself and meaning of true friendship. the story has it all friendship, romance, drama, music, script and good acting. An easy to predict movie but remarkably executed.  

  • Overall Review: Now what more can I say about this movie. I generally divide movies in three categories 1. I dont like the movie at all 2. I like the movie, it is a one time watch and 3. I looovvvve the movie and I can watch it again and again. Queen belongs to the third category. So here you go,definitely worth a watch. If you dream of living life Queen size, Go watch it on reel life until the dream comes true :D You will definitely come out with a huge smile on your face.

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Styled it: Look 1

If you are with me on my Facebook page, You might know I had a hard time styling this bright orange dress from Kazo. I asked for suggestions and after hearing so many views I did not style it once but twice in two different ways !! Yay that's the beauty of blogging you learn a lot through the process and try out multiple options that you don't even think of at first place.

Here is my first look, a sleek black belt, funky stockings, side swept hair and a pop of orange here and there and its done !! Second look will be up soon, stay tuned !!

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Website Review: Jabong

Since I was on a long luxurious trip (more details on that coming soon) I could not update blog much, though I was quite active on my Facebook page, you can always connect with me there.

Now coming to the post, recently I did a lot of online shopping. One of the stores I ordered from was I am sure everyone is quite aware of the website so lets quickly move to review.

I ordered a lower from Jabong for my husband. Since the Reebok Stores are closed for now in Ludhiana, they are only available online. While surfing for an apt branded lower I found Jabong has a wide variety and minimum cost out of all the online retailers.

Delivery Speed:

It was faster than I expected. I placed my order on 17 Feb. and it got dispatched on the same day. Finally, it got delivered on 19 Feb. morning. Quite quick, isn't it ? So full points for that.


Quality of product was exactly same as mentioned on the website. Complete Cotton, exact color and perfect size. So all good !! :D

Return Response and Customer Care Service:

Since the quality,size and delivery of product was on time and perfect, I did not get chance to return or speak to customer care.

Overall Verdict:

There are many online shops now a days so when one product is available with multiple online retailers its hard of decide from which site to order from. I chose Jabong and I am quite satisfied with it. Fast delivery and good quality what more does one ask for.

                                                        ~Live Love Laugh~