August - My favorite month.

Why August is my favorite month of the year, there are hundreds of reasons behind it but the obvious one is My BIRTHDAY, yeah it falls on 30 August, its just a day away. I love attending endless phone calls, hundreds of wishes and best one GIFTS *super-excited*; in total I love to be center of attraction. This is gonna be my first birthday after marriage with my new new family. So my husband has decided to take me off for a luxurious stay in JW MARRIOT and spend some relaxing and quality time together.Also keeping family in mind we have decided to be back on 30 eve, so as to go out for family dinner.

I have started receiving gifts already, a new dress from benetton, a bag from sisley,heels and lots of love from my hubby. Being with him will make birthday the best birthday though I will miss my mom dad alot. I love the weather in August it makes my birthday all the more special.

So today its not gonna be outfit post but rather will share few randomly clicked pictures of "little"(my husband will kill me if he hears this) shopping I have done till now.

Heels from Rosso Brunello

Bag from Sisley, love the hangings in golden (SISLEY)

Silver Heels from a local shop, for 600 bucks

My shopping from shopninteen, love that bag.

p.s. Sorry for bad picture quality., I will soon get a new camera.

~Live Love Laugh ~

Tangerine Lace Dress

This look has been in my drafts from a while now. I planned this outfit for Infb tangerine remix long back but could not do the post on time. Anyways, better late than never. While I work on my LBD post, have a look to this outfit.

Its a simple and plain dress with a lovely print which fits just perfect. Isn't it really pretty. This was gifted by my mother-in-law (yes, you are reading it right :p)

Mush Have : Sling cum Clutch

I am totally obsessed with this clutch cum sling. It can be carried away with any outfit possible. Works  with traditional as well as western attires. It has got two chains with it, one small and one long; also can be carried off chain less like a clutch. Such a multitasking item is a must have in closet.

Bonus : It has got enough space to keep my mobile, keys, money and any other small valuables intact.

Why I am sharing it with you guys?? Because this is sale season, invest in a piece like this and trust you wont regret.

Recently my husband's friends invited us for a dinner. I was so confused about what to wear. So I chose a simple yet classy option. Nice strapy satin top, fitted jeans, heels, danglers and my favorite clutch; which made it all for a formal evening out.

OMG !! My poses :p (I am trying, I will improve pinky promise)

~Live Love Laugh~

July Fitness in Words.

I always wanted to be a working woman but ended up being a housewife though I am still happy about it since it gave me all the time to get mix up in my new family and to keep them happy.

I am a kind of kind of person who needs to do something every second, I can not remain idle for a longer period of time. It frustrates me. I have a tendency to over think when I am idle and it makes me sad. So I generally keep myself busy doing something.

I always want some kind of goal in my mind, it can a even be a small goal. It makes me work more productively.That is why I started with the concept of tasks for the It Girls Gang. I will set task to be  accomplished and hence will fight to reach my goals. Benefit of sharing it with you guys is, there are people to guide me the way; also it is more easy and  motivating to work in a group.Thanks for all the people who accompanied and guided me in task

Task 1 was all about fitness. It ended on 31st July (I am so sorry for a late post, but those following me facebook must be aware about what kept me busy). I would like to share with you my experience.
To know more about the task, and the diet - rules I followed, click here.

  • I managed to loose 4kgs.
  • Since I knew I have to tell you guys all the truth about what I ate, I hogged in limited amount of junk.
  • Realized how difficult self control is.
  • There were days I obeyed all the rules and there were also ones on which I did not. Hence task is not successfully completed 
  • As soon as the task got over, I ended up hogging sweets and pizza; might have gained 2 kgs.SO I have decided to continue this task for another month too.
  • In a row I could obey all rules for maximum 4 days and then break up eating junk. This made me feel pathetic.
Anyhow, after this task I have realized loosing weight is very tough but not impossible. I am going to give it one more try more sincerely. 

Special Moments : Marriage

Today while I was chit chatting with my friend, we realized that both of us have stuff that we bought during marriage and are of no use. Example : Got heavy traditional suits with those stones on it, each one costs more than 10k but I have not wore them even ten times; there are clutches in my closet each one costing more than 3k but have not carried them even 5 times.
Result, I am short of normal casual clothes but still my closet seems full. I have no idea why but people tend to spend lavishly on marriages, on the stuff that you don't even like want but you HAVE to buy because it has to be gifted during marriage ceremonies.

General Observation :
The total estimate of expenditure on a marriage is near by 30 lakhs, out of which 20 lakhs is for booking of palaces and food. 5 over the gifts and shagun you have to give to your in laws and rest on clothes. Can you just imagine, 30 lakhs lavishly spent in a span of 3-4 months. If we think a little logical these 30 lakhs could be used to build a great future of bride and groom instead of spending them over the people,food and clothes *sigh* 
                                      Wish I had the power to change it.

Instead of making marriage a show off business it should be decent one with just close people around. Don't you agree guys ? When will society change their thinking ?

Anyways, though marriage involves lot of tensions and responsibilities; there is other side of it also. Curiosity, excitement, nervousness, romance, love and a completely different new life. I enjoyed every bit of my marriage ceremonies.
Few snapshots of my marriage. I loved my wedding lehenga "Dream Lehnga"

p.s. : I do enjoy marriage ceremonies but I would enjoy more if it does not end up giving tension on mind of bride and groom's parents due to all the society pressure they have to go through.

                                                           ~ Live Love Laugh~