2015 has been a very hectic year for me because a) I became a mother and b) We shifted to a new house. I won't say because of this I neglected my blog. I did as much as I could but was not at all consistent which effected my readership to a great level.

I love Blogging I would love to do that every single day but it is so time consuming that I skip it over other things that I have on my list. But trust me in this coming year I much more determined and passionate about Blogging.

I have been working on my new Blog design as well as have hired professionals to do the work. I would unleash the new look super soon. Also, coming to new year resolution and goals, I have only two this time and that is:
1. Writing posts that bring me joy more consistently
2. Staying fit and healthy.

I am doing a continuous effort to eat healthy. I would share my complete journey regarding same in my Blogpost next year which is already scheduled in my drafts.

For now please comment below telling what kind of posts would you like to see more on this Blog.

Coming to my 10 things to do in 2014, I kind of tick marked most of them:

Apart from 3 and 9, all were done. Infact Saving and getting has become a part of my lifestyle because of which I do not have to include it in my to do lists again. You know they are now mandatory for me for every year to come.

This is my way of putting an end to what 2015 has to offer and gearing up for 2016. Bring it on, I am all ready to shine. Leaving you with my favorite shots from 2015

Her touch !

So Tiny, scared to hold.

Us !

Beautiful memories captured !

Her first picture

Her first birthday

                                                                 Happy New Year 2016 
                                                                      Live Love Laugh

1st Birthday Celebration

This is a very special post for me because my daughter turned 1 on 5th Dec 2015. I am really thankful to both my families for all the support, love and care. Upbringing a child is much more difficult than giving birth. But in India you have such a huge support system that it becomes really easy to handle it all.

For her first birthday we decided to go to Jaipur on a roadtrip and it was one of the best trips ever. I was terrified with the thought of amount of time we had to spent in car which could make my daughter cranky but to my surprise it all went smoothly. I tell you kids are the most unpredictable creatures ever. You never know what's coming next.

Anyways, I got her two dresses for her birthday. One from online website Little Muffet which I would be reviewing soon too and other from a boutique.
Sharing with you few pictures from a her birthday.

first birthday caps
I made these caps for everyone. I got a special one for saanvi but she was just not interested in wearing one.

first birthday pictures - theitgirl.in
I love you my girl 

Pink and white first birthday dress
This dress is from little muffet with one written on it as she completes a year.

pink and white dress with bow clip
Getting a perfect click with her is the most difficult thing to do.

Us <3 

kids peplum dress
I told you getting a click is very difficult with her but this is best one I could  with her dress on.
She wore a peplum blue and red dress for a birthday dinner at Rambagh Palace, jaipur

                                                                Live Love Laugh

Vegetable Garlic Bread + Healthy version

Now a days I am on a mission to convert every dish I make to its healthy version. My recent victim was Garlic Bread. I bought a loaf of garlic bread because I love Garlic Bread with veggies and not only cheese as generally available in market; so I thought why not to try at home the way I like.

Healthy version requires little tweaks to be done here and there to the otherwise unhealthy version. So first I am sharing with you the basic (unhealthy in my terms) version.

Ingredients :

  • All the veggies: Finely chopped red,yellow and green capsicum , mushrooms and corns (These are what I used, you can use olives or jalapenos as well or any other vegetable you like)

  • Butter (you can also use Amul garlic butter if you like strong garlic flavour)
  • Cheese (Any pizza cheese) 
  • Garlic Bread: You can but a fresh loaf from a bakery shop and cut slices or else do like what I did. I bought Kitty Garlic Bread that is available at any grocery shop.

Method :

Procedure is really simple. In a bowl, melt butter. Take your bread and brush butter on both sides. Mix all chopped veggies and place a scoop on bread slice. Top it off with grated cheese.

Now place the bread in pre heated oven at 180 degree Celsius for approx 7 to 8 minutes or till the cheese melts and turns brown.

Tadaa !! Vegetable Garlic Bread is Ready !

Healthy version of Vegetable Garlic Bread

Now for the healthy version of same.
1. Take freshly baked multigrain bread and brush both sides with very little olive oil.

2. Apply a little garlic paste on one side.
3. Place all vegetables on it.
4. Lastly, top it with grated paneer.
5. Now place it in pre heated Air Fryer for 7 to minutes till base turns crispy.

Healthy version of garlic bread without any cheese and butter is ready.  Enjoy without any guilt.

                                                                   ~Live Love Laugh~

Anniversary Tag

Hey everyone !

Yesterday was my anniversary and I planned a 12 o'clock candle light dinner in our balcony after baby snoozed off. I also cooked some delicacies that are my husband's favorite and we spent some quality time with each other after ages without any kind of interruption; experienced complete mental satisfaction and relaxed in peace. (Follow on snapchat - instagram - facebook page - theitgirlbymj for all the sneak peak into how I decorated and all)

So since we were just chit chatting and talking, I promptly asked him if he would play rapid fire with me which I read on peaches and blush recently and he agreed. What better occassion then anniversary to do it. Hence I named it as Anniversary Tag.
For anyone interested to do it please ask your spouse these questions and leave link in comments below to the post. I love to reading such posts.

Where did you two meet ?
Him: Waves Mall
(It's in Ludhiana. i came down for shopping with a friend of mine who's brother is my husband)

When was you first date ?
Him: We went to Prithvi's Planet in Jalandhar or maybe friend's birthday
(looking at me confused)Me: "(With a blank face) I don't remember."
(I think there was never any formal date types)Did you know she was the one ?
Him: No, not at all
(Nether I knew)

What was your first impression for her ?
Him: "Innocent and Weird"
(lol, ya he always thought and still thinks I am a little weird and mad girl)

Who said I love you first ?
Him: "I did"

What do we argue about most ?
Him: "Your habbits."
(He is more into neatness and cleanliness than I am into. So we argue)

She is watching Tv ? What is on screen ?
Him: "You do not watch any TV, you are always on laptop"
(True! I hate watching TV)

What does she not like to eat ?
Him: Indian Food
Me: I don't eat Indian in a restaurant but I do like ghar ka Indian Food.
(My logic is when going out why at all eat Indian, have chinese or continental or something that is not made at home at frequently.)
Him: "Ya, right ! All the junk"
Me: "Isn't outside Indian food also full of butter and masale"
Him: "Leave it, next question please"

You go to a restaurant and order a drink, what does she order ?
Him: "Virgin Mojito or Fresh Lime"

Is she was collecting anything what it would be ?
Him: Instantly "Bags"

What's her favorite type of sandwich ?
Him: Any sandwich that has lots of vegetables in it.
(Yes ! I absolutely love vegetables)

If she could eat one thing everyday what it would be ?
Him: "Pav Bhaji I think"
Me: Dominos can be an option too.

What's her favorite type of music ?
Him: "Songs which are peppy"
(I listen according to mood sometimes peppy or sometimes soft songs)

What color are her eyes ?
Him: "Black"

Who is her best friend ?
Him: "Currently No one"

What is one thing that you do that annoys her ?
Him: "Constant poking from me to do this or that"
Me: "There are many more"
Him: "You asked only one"

What can she do for hours ?
Him: "Surfing web and online shopping websites"

What's her special talent ?
Him: "You are intelligent and creative"

Why do you love her ?
Him:"Aise hi" (means: just like that)

Him: So where is my rapid fire hamper. You should give it at the end of the game.
Me: Where is my anniversary gift ?
Him: Ok hamper cancel with gift. So no hamper and no gift, Deal!

p.s. : He gave most of the answers very quickly and right which made me realize he knows me much better than what even I do. Also, I skipped few question from the main tag according to my convenience.

My Birthstory

My daughters birthday is around the corner. I have read many birth-stories during my pregnancy which boosted my confidence and gave me an insight to the complete delivery process. So while my daughter is near to completing her first year, I finally got the guts to publish this story on blog. I was very apprehensive if I should or I should not since it is quite personal but then this blog is my baby too and I want to document this journey. So here I am finally sharing my own birth-story.

Coming to last trimester, I really  got restless as the last month approached. Everyone I met said, now that it is last month baby is expected anytime hence I waited impatiently for any kind of labor sign. I completed my 39 weeks and in 40th week doctor asked me to come and get admitted for delivery since I was full time and there was no sign of baby making an entry anytime soon. Therefore, they had to give me artificial pains.

I got admitted to hospital on 4th Dec and my daughter was delivered on 5th Dec 10:02 a.m. I had a normal and painful delivery. I still can't forget the pain I went through and the pitch on which I was screaming. Pain was superficially high. My water broke on 4th night and only I know how I survived the complete night. The frequency and intensity of pain kept increasing hour after hour. On top of it the internal check up to check dilation was extremely painful too.

4th Dec around 9:00 p.m.
Before my water broke

The assistant doctor checked me around 6 am on 5th and said that I am only 4cm dilated which made me think if this is the pain at 4cm then what it would be at 10cm which was required dilation for normal delivery. So when around 8am main doctor arrived I told her if it is completely dilated then ok I am ready for normal else please go for cesarean since I could not bear pain more than this. So when main doctor checked me and to my surprise she told me I am 8cm ready and would deliver in another hour or so, after listening to which I was pretty much started cursing the assistant doc.

Smiling with pain

Tired and exhausted

Finally they gave me an injection which increased my pain and I was 10cm dilated after 30mins. They took me to delivery room at around 9:30 and after around 3 times of pushing, I welcomed my baby.

Anyways after all the struggle and pains when I was handed over my daughter I actually forgot everything. The happiness on face of my husband, parents, in laws and close ones was much more then the pain I went through.

I had delivery phobia like any other girl. The screams from the nearby labor room made me more nervous but I think God has created woman with a power to bear such pains. I always thought I would never be able to deliver normally but I think God himself gives strength to a "mommy" to go through this situation. 

Trust God, have faith and everything will be fine.  Sharing with you some moments from Hospital. (No edits because these pictures are really special to me)

Pink ribbon on my room's door

Her first picture.
Welcome to world my dear princess

Her daddy went crazy clicking endless selfies with her.

her daddy dearest

And the celebrations. Best friend of ours bought us a cake.

                                                                ~Live Love Laugh~