Sample Diet Plan

I have read numerous diet plans but there is none to which I could stick for a longer period of time.
So I took help from my gym trainer and framed one for myself without cutting out on any nutrition or starving my self. It's kind of generic plan which can be followed by anyone just tweak according to your timings if you want. You can also mail me in case you want to frame one exclusively for yourself. I can help as much as I can. 

Its been only few days that I have followed this diet plan religiously and it has already started showing results, I suppose consistency is the key. Since I can follow this diet plan all my life, I am not worried about leaving the plan and after effects.

Disclaimer : I am not dietitian or fitness expert, just sharing my diet plan with you guys based on basic knowledge I have. Please consult some expert/dietitian before following.

Sample Diet Plan for Vegetarians
Sample Diet Plan

Note :

  • Have 2 liters of water daily. 
  • Keep Saturday night/Sunday night as cheat day or choose any one day in week as cheat day. Do not overeat, just have everything in moderation and much on only those things that you ccrraaavvve for.
  • In case you feel hungry late night have a fruit/nuts.
  • Do not ban parties/social gatherings to keep weight in check. Read : What to eat when socializing.
  • Always keep nuts handy to avoid any unhealthy munching.
  • Eat home as much as possible.
  • Do not have fat free stuff, just have natural homemade products.
  • Avoid packaged food like instant noodles they are slow poison. 
  • Don't go over on Green Tea. Have it once or max twice a day. Read Everything about Green Tea.
  • For more snack ideas, read : 10 healthy snack ideas for vegetarians 

I hope you like the post, for any queries mail me at or drop in a comment. You can also ask me on facebook page or twitter, Happy to Help !

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Life Snippets

Life Snippets : July 2013 Version

I am just loving this latest section on blog. When I look back and browse through pictures I feel nostalgic, month passes by sooooo fast. Anyways, July was not that exciting for me, except the Jalandhar day out. I got a chance to visit the places where I use to hangout with my friends after bunking college and eat all the chatpata stuff. What memoriess.... :D Wish I had a rewind button but then the memories won't be as special as they are now, so its good the way it is; Agree ?

One of the chatpata things I looveeeee : Aam Papad wala Paan; yes its a pan made with aam papad, imli and crunchy nuts, sounds delicious ? It tastes more delicious than it sounds :D

Make up brushes cleaning spree

July Read, Elle. Currently I am reading cosmo, I tend to switch magazines every month depending on which cover appeals to me. 

My favorite recipe of July : Coriander Pot Noodles

Ohh this is what I liked while window shopping but my husband did not, so did not buy it. Btw, what's your view ?
So, this is what July had in store for me.Stay tuned for more such posts because August one is going to be really special *wish* :p
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6 Ways to Backup Pictures

There were days when I use to curiously wait for pictures clicked by camera to develop. Though it was a time consuming task but it assured that the pictures would stay with me forever in physical form(natural calamities or loosing them due to carelessness is an exception) But now a days its click, transfer them to computer, browse and forget about it. And then one fine day when computer turns to no talking mode you realize sshhh***ttt! you forgot to take backup and have lost all your favorite clicks !! Then you try your hands on all the softwares that would bring back your cherished moments but all goes in vain. Ultimately you are left with only one option - Forget about it with a realization to have taken a backup on time.

Now before this whole sh*t happens to you, Here I am enlisting down all the options by which you can effectively and efficiently store and backup your pictures.

Online Storage

Applications : 

If you have upgraded your phone to the latest model, then you can download numerous number of applications available in market to take a backup. iCloud storage available for iphone is one such application whereas for Androids try App2SD .

Physical Storage Device : 

Depending upon the amount of memory require to store pictures, you can opt for Pen drive or External Hard Disk.

Burn them :

Obviously I do not literally mean to put all the pictures on fire instead I am talking about burning them to disc i.e. a CD/DVD. Once done, keep them in a safe box. It will take time but do it you'll thank me later.

Print Out : 

I know there are gazillions pictures that you own and if you get on task of printing out each and every picture it will take years. Don't Panic, just select few important ones and get them printed. For example your honeymoon pictures or your anniversary pictures, the ones which you can not even imagine to lose.

Create Something : 

Choose your favorites and create a collage, a slideshow, a video, a scrapbook or a calender. Something that is unique and can be treasured :D

Online Photo Account : 

Upload your pictures online using Dropbox, flickr or picasa web albums. So, in case you loose your physical storage devices, online accounts will come to your rescue.

It's always better to keep backup in as many ways as you can but always make sure to keep backup at atleast two places simultaneously, it reduces your chances to lose data.

I hope you find the article helpful and for those who have not taken any backup, go do it now but just after you leave your reviews in comments below.Also in case of any queries regarding the same, shoot me a mail at 

                                 Do you know of any other ways ? Share in comments below.
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Recipe Post : Falafel - The Labanese Platter

We indians tend to eat international cuisines as a part of snacks and not as a complete meal. In the end its dal,sabzi and roti that satifies us. But internationally people do not eat roti, for them the Chinese meal(authentic) or the pasta and breads are complete meals. Similar kind of meal is Labanese Meal. I recently learnt how to make a Labanese Platter. It includes Falafel, Pita Bread and dips. Step by Step I shall teach complete meal on this blog, so stay tuned lovelies.

For now lets begin with Falafel. You can have it alone as a snack with a dip or even ketchup. So let's start :

Falafel Recipe - Labanese Platter
Falafel Recipe
Now to the pictures the twist in the story is I forgot to take the pictures, as it was over in seconds :p
Don't worry  next time I make it I will click before serving and that will be pretty soon *pinky promise*. But this is how they will look via Google.

source : Google

So for now try the recipe and let me know your reviews. Aaannnnddd don't forget to click and post the pictures on my facebook page, I would love to see them.

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I'm Loving it - Links I Love

There are so many things that I am loving this week. Let's start :D

Links I love

  • What not wear when Pregnant via Adored Austin : Though this post is done long back but I discovered the blog recently and loved this particular post.All the pregnant ladies out there, don't miss it.  

You can see my previous links I love posts here
Do let me know your reviews on this new series :D Thank you for stopping by.

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Recipe Post : Coriander Pot Noodles

If you are updated with my Facebook page, you might know that I am trying my hands on new recipes that I learnt from cooking class.
First one on my list to try was Coriander Pot Noodles and everyone just looovveeddd it (I can still get its taste in my mouth) I made it in Sunday's Lunch.

Coriander Pot Noodles
This is how Coriander Pot Noodles Final Product looks like.

Recipe Coriander Pot Noodles
So basically, prepare the gravy and then noodles+veggies,
eat separately if you like or else mix them in end.
Yummmy yummy hot noodles are ready to enter your tummy.

This is Noodles+Veggies
This is what Gravy looks like, I know picture is not that clear but would give you an idea.

Do let me know if you happen to try it, I would love you know your experience. Any other queries, do leave them in comments below or mail me at

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