Pregnancy Series: Planning and Announcement

I am not giving any excuses but because of the major news I have shared blogging has taken a back seat in my life. Seriously, handling a baby is no joke. I will share complete journey with you in my coming posts. Lets start with my initial reaction and how I just could not digest it.

First and fore-most it was a total planned and wanted pregnancy, so no drama about how and what happened. I skipped my chums and bought two tests kits which gave positive results. I still cannot forget (04-04-2014) that night, the expression on mine and husband's face, it was happiness accompanied with nervousness and excitement. Aah-meh-zinng time it was, seriously. A moment like this can never be described in words if you know what I mean.

Anyways, we got confirmed test from laboratory and followed by a visit to gynecologist. Throughout the pregnancy I got free advises and suggestions, but what I did was to confirm those with doctor and follow only those which my gyno agreed with or which my 6th sense allowed me to follow. So, patiently listen everyone but trust your doctor and instincts that is it.

My " free-suggestions" (follow only if you like to else move on to outfit):

1. If you have a planned pregnancy, make sure you consume folic acid from the time you start planning, since it is required in initial stages of development of the baby and till the time you know you are pregnant time is half passed. So make sure you consume adequate amount of  Folic acid after consulting a doctor.

2. Take good care of what goes in your mouth. Yes, even when you start planning. Avoid alcohol, smoking and eat healthy.

3. Prepare your mind that your life will completely change and so will your body. It is a tedious and life changing process and does not end with delivery in fact, responsibility doubles after the baby arrives. So get ready for the roller coaster ride ahead.  

In end, go with the flow and enjoy the time, it is not going to come back. Seize every precious moment. Now moving on to the outfit, this is what I wore to one of my pre-pregnancy days party time:


                                                                 ~Live Love Laugh~