Movie Review: Happy New Year

Yesterday I went for Happy New Year movie. I am big Shahrukh fan and this movie had a combo Shahrukh + Deepika, so I just had to watch it.Oh ! If you are thinking what about story, then it comes on second number for me. Yeah !! I generally judge a movie based on its trailer, star cast and director and if appeals me I go for it else anyways I go for it.

Coming to the movie review, here is my take,

Acting: With such an amazing star cast, how could acting be a problem. Boman Irani as usual attempted something unique and did quite well. Abhishek and Vivaan did complete justice to their roles. Last but not least, Shahrukh and Deepika made a stunning pair; with Shahrukh completely stealing the show.

Story: A very basic story with lots of loopholes but I guess movies like these should be watched without brains. As they show in the trailer, it is a story of group of people attempting a robbery.

Overall Verdict: It is a one man movie. Go and watch it if you like Shahrukh or watch it for brainless entertainer with some good humor punches. A very light and easy going family entertainer. A kind of movie I enjoy, so I completely relished it. In short, a typical Farah Khan Bollywood masala movie.

p.s. : I really enjoyed the dance performances and their constumes :p

I'm Loving it: Links I Love

Sharing with you few links, which I am loving this month.

1.Easy Diwali Makeup and Hairdo Tutorial: I am trying my hands at new hairdos's and makeup. This is one I am loving currently for Diwali.
2. Cheesy Discs: This seems to be a very delicious and unique recipe. In my to-do-list already.
3. Amazon Diwali Dhamaka: Due to festive season there is sale everywhere and Amazon is providing some great deals esp. on popular books and makeup products. You can see my review about the website here.

Note:  This is the series I started last year and could not continue it, again due to my irregularity on the blog. You can view last four links I love posts here   

                                                                        ~Live Love Laugh~

Website Review: Amazon

Another website review means I again shopped online. Yeah !! I purchased few items from Amazon recently and thought of sharing them with you.

Many websites are giving amazing discounts due to the festive season.So I thought, why not avail this opportunity and bring out my inner shopaholic.Anyways, Amazon had a great online sale on books, so I managed to grab few which I have been wanting to read from long.

Delivery Speed:

I ordered for four books on 27th Sept. 2014. Though the parcel was divided in two parts due to various sellers available on Amazon platform, both the parcels were delivered to me by difference of a day. Hence, I received my complete order by 31st Sept. So pretty fast then what I expected.


The products were neatly packed in a sturdy corrugate box with a flip open side due to which I received my order without any damage. So full marks for that.

Customer Care and Return Response: 

Since all the books I received were in perfect condition, I did not have to contact the customer care in any case.

Price Comparison: 

Before buying the books I did an extensive research regarding the prices at which these are available on other websites or in market and I must say the price at which it was available on Amazon was lowest. May be due to the on going sale, but even after sale the books at other sites are costlier. Hence next time I would buy books online only from amazon and not Flipkart (as mentioned in my flipkart review) or any other website, of course till I get a better deal then that at Amazon.

Overall Verdict: 

I would definitely recommend to everyone out there. With good service and variety of products available on website, it will become my most to go shopping website. Also, during the sale season you can actually get some fine deals which you won't find anywhere else.So keep your eyes hooked for any offers or deals.
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7 Easy Rangoli Designs

As Diwali approaches, I start searching for some beautiful yet easy designs for Rangoli. I am a total novice when its comes to drawing and creativity. Though I just can't draw, I want to make Rangoli which I can proudly show-off to every relative and friend of mine *haha*

So solutions for this problem are, either I go for ready made ones using stencils or I find some really easy designs that do not involve much of drawing but looks pretty at the same time. I like the second option more, so this time I searched for few designs which do not require much of hard work but look beautiful. Sharing those designs with you so that those who are like me can take benefit and impress their loved ones too.

Easy, pretty and colorful. If you are a first timer, give it a go. It will look lovely ! 

This one though looks difficult, is a very simple one. Get the print-out of same, keep beside you and draw the sketch using a chalk. I am sure you will get lots of compliments. Also, use some diyas to give it a shine. 
If you don't have much time in hand, go for this one. Small yet beautiful.

This was the design I used last Diwali for rangoli.

I totally love Rangoli made with flowers. they are so simple yet look beautiful, 
For this you can use powder colors, paint or even flowers, whatever you find convenient and easy.

If you are too tired to work hard and yet want to make one, try these ready made rangoli pieces.They take no time and are re-usable.
I hope you like the designs. If you chose any one of these or even make your own design, do share the picture on my facebook page.Would love to see your creativity. Also, suggest which one should I go for ? Which one is your favorite out of these ? 

Note: All the pictures are taken from google and non of them belongs to me.                

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Life Snippets: April - September

I have not done a life snippets post from April, Can you believe it. I have remained so inconsistent with blogging *guilty* Anyways, as they say "Better Late then Never"; Here I am with all the moments that I managed to click throughout those months.

the monk who sold his ferrari
Book and shades, my travel companions. Have you read this book ? Reviews ? 

25th Birthday
25 Gifts I gave my husband, you can read full post regarding same here.

Mix Fruit Ice Cream
You scream, We scream, I-ce Cream 

Birthday Return Gifts

cafe beach side
Curlies @ Goa; 

Take me to Goa again, pleaseeeee !

Junk food
Noodles ! My favorite.

Black and White theme Personalized gifts
Oh ! I made a puzzle for my friend. You can view all the products I personalize here

For my day to day activities, you can connect with me on facebook and instagram.

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Wedding Shopping List and Budget Guide : Bride to be Series

Hey everyone ! With festivities around the corner I am sure everyone is in a happy and colorful mood. Along with all the festivals, november marks the beginning of marriage season too. So that is why, I thought of starting this series during this time. To know back-end details about what this series is all about, read Bride To-Be Series post.

The major tasks during a North Indian marriage includes:
  • Shopping
  • Distribution of cards and boxes
  • Booking of marriage palaces and halls
Now a days, distribution of cards and boxes have been considerably reduced. Since it is considered as time consuming and money wastage, with which I strongly agree. So now people invite via messages, calls or even Whatsapp reducing hell lots of work.

Next comes, Booking of marriage palaces and halls. Decide whether you want a destination wedding or a local traditional wedding. Also, think about the gathering you want and decide marriage halls accordingly.

And last one is my favorite, Shopping.Since I love shopping, so during my marriage preparations this was something I enjoyed the most. From beginning, I made a clear list of what all things are required and amount of money I could spend  splurge on the items. Sharing with you the list, here it goes:

Note: Here I am considering list of shopping only from Bride's point of view. All other stuff required for traditional ceremonies or in laws, is better left on elders. Don't poke your nose in that matter.

Few Pointers:

  • Maintain a diary to note the stuff you have to shop, expenses done or pre-bridal appointments and any other important tasks to be done. 
  • Set the budget for each section mentioned above and put them in envelopes before going to shop.
  • If sale season is around, wait for it you may find some great deals. 
  • Buy as soon as you "love" something because no matter how many stores you visit you will still want that piece. 
  • Make sure you stick to your Budget.
  • Shop with your mom, she knows the best and will always give you an honest opinion.

I would be discussing each of the sections above one by one in detail along with my suggestions and tips. So stay tuned for next post.

I hope you enjoy this post and find it useful. Any other, thing you want to add to the list ? Let me know in comments below. Also,if you want me to write about any other topics apart from these, you can mail me at or just drop a comment below. Would love to share as much knowledge as I can.

                                                                  ~Live Love Laugh~

Website Review: Elitify

This is one of the reviews that I just have to pen down. Though I do not have pictures of the product purchased from the website, but I want my readers to know the truth.

Elitify claims to be India's Premier Style Lounge  which owns some high end products.The website has neat, clean and attractive layout.It hosts some well known high end brands though I am not sure if they are genuine enough after the experience I went through.

My Experience: My husband ordered a pair of loafers from the website back in April. The time span has been so long that I do not even  remember exact date now.

First of all, on website they mentioned one week delivery but after we payed for the loafers we got a mail verifying the ordered and estimated date of delivery was after 21 days. Seriously 21 days! who has so much time in the world.

Anyways after 21 days got over I started calling customer care to verify about my order. They had such a bad setup. Even after giving my order number and other details they messed up the things and stated they have same order number with some other name which really annoyed me and I blasted at them.  After like 10 calls to customer care team, I finally received my order somewhere in May.    

Next shocker, the quality of loafers was disgusting. It was untidily packed and loafers were folded.  I wish I would have taken a picture.

Now since the quality was super bad, I called them to refund the amount and take the package as soon as possible. Again, after my continuous calling, they took 15 days to collect the package and rest of the process of refunding the amount took another 15-20 days and toll on my patience level.

I think they do not deserve to be rated. I would give them minus marks for such a horrible experience. So I would request you all to place orders with that website after lot of thinking and research, so that you are not left with an experience like mine.

Note: This is my personal experience, some might have a good experience with them. So its on you to decide for yourselves. It's my personal take and I take it as my duty to share my good as well as bad experiences with you, so that you guys are not mislead.

                                                       ~Live Love Laugh~

Movie Review: Bang Bang

  • Acting: Hrithik as usual did a superb acting whereas I have never really liked Katrina Kaif. She is just so expressionless. For me, she was there to add some amount of glamour to the movie as usual. Oh by the way, even Jimmy Shergill gives a short appearance and looks smart and hot.

As a pair, Hrithik and katrina looked really really hot.The only reason for me to continue with movie was actually Hrithik. He looked spectacular. His acting,dancing and physique; everything is to die for.

  • Music: More than the music, I really liked the dance moves. Hrithik is at his best. I just do not understand why he does only one movie a year. I would love to see him more on-screen.

  • Story: There was nothing special about the story, it was quite predictable. The exotic locations where the film has been shot will definitely make you say "WOW" but except that I did not find anything extra in the script.

  • Overall Review: Bang Bang is entirely a Hrithik's fan feast. It is a pretty average movie with few advantages like:
  1. Hrithik's power packed action sequences.
  2. Katrina and Hrithik's hot pairing
  3. Travelling some exotic locations while munching pop-corns
  4. And of course, Hrithik's stunning personality which will glue you to the screen till end.

And one drawback apart from the story is its length. The movie is stretched and lengthy but if you are a fan of this hot pair this drawback turns into a boon.

So if you are a Hrithik fan, go watch it else its an easy skip.

                                                                 ~Live Love Laugh~

Bride To Be Series

This post is just an update on Bride to be series that is soon coming up on the blog and I am really excited about it.
Recently, I have had the opportunity to accompany my close ones for there wedding trousseau shopping. While shopping I had this realization that the mistakes I made during my wedding shopping are same as made by my sisters and the the things I was not clear about that time are still not clear to them. So that is why I thought to start with this series, so as to share my experience of wedding dilemma I went through and discuss things which I wish I knew before marriage.


The topics that I would like to share my views on are:

1. Makeup Kit Essentials.
2. Complete Shopping List and Budget Setting
3. Western and Indian Outfit Suggestions.
4. Shopping for Bags, Heels and Jewelry.
5. Complete Pre-Bridal Guide
5. Honeymoon Destinations
6. Courtship Tips & Pre-Wedding Photoshoot
7. What to wear on Roka, Engagement and Marriage & from where to shop.
8. How to throw a Bridal Shower/Youngsters Party

For now, these are all the topics that I have in mind, I would be updating this list as and when I get new ideas or topics that I would like to share with you guys.

Note: All these would include my personal experience in context to the Punjabi Culture since that is what I belong to. With change in culture and environment, of course things get different but the basics that a girl needs to know remains the same and that is what I am trying to share here.