Best Budget Philips Straightener to buy

These days I have been searching for a good straightener to invest in. I googled a lot and wanted to share the information I gathered with you guys.

Best Straigheners

I will specifically talk about Philips because in India I think it is more favorable brand since it is budget friendly and trusted. Babyliss, Remington and GHD are also good options to invest in but are a little expensive and the main issue is there is no customer service easily available for them except in metropolitan cities.

On the other hand, cheap straighteners which are not from trusted brands tend to damage hair. So I suggest you to invest in straighteners with ceramic coating at-least from a trusted brand to prevent your hair from frying. Also, invest in a good heat protectant for some extra protection.

  • If you want to have a 2 in 1 product like a good straightener which can also be used to curl at times, invest in one which has slim plates and rounder edges. The ones with broader plates cannot be used for curling.

Recommendation: Philips HP 8310 Hair Straightener
It straightens to a decent amount if you have wavy hair and removes the frizz to quite an extent.The ceramic coating and ion technology protects hair from the damage that can be caused by frequent heating. One con I found in this one was it does not have a temperature control hence you have to shut off the device as and when needed.

  • If straightening is your main concern and you need poker straight hair frequently, go for ones which have kerashine along with ceramic coating and ion technology. Also, opt for broader plates, since they can make ironing a lot easier and merely 10 mins task once you expertise it. 

Recommendations: Philips HP8317 Kerashine jojoba straightener
It keeps the hair healthy and shiny but since it has broader hair you cannot curl the hair. Broader plates are more suitable for heavy hair.

  • If you have fine medium length hair and are first timer at straightening. Also, if you do not want to spend much on it and want to own a straightener only for removing some frizz and need light straightening go for a sleek budget straightener.

These sleek budget straighteners perfect for short to medium length fine hair. Also, they are compact hence can be easily carried around.  

  • There are lot of multistylers also available like philips. From the review that I have read, the straighteners among them are useless whereas the curlers work fine. So I would say why to spend so much on a multistyler when you can buy a curler at half the rate which does the same job. Also, personally I would suggest in investing each of the styling tool separately with protecting properties rather than going for a multistyler which does not have a any hair protecting features. 

  • Next I would like to talk about Philips Air Styler. First of all, it is not a straightener hence do not invest in it thinking it would help you straighten your hair. All it does is detangles, reduces frizz, dries and smooths your hair.I have recently purchased it and would review it super soon. But I have just mentioned it in this post to clarify it is not a straightener. Hence, invest wisely.    
I hope this post helps you find a perfect straightener for you and for any query please leave a message in comments below. Also, I would love to know which straighteners do you use. Do let me know in comments section.

Note: All the images and links are via but it is not any kind of sponsored or affiliate post. Everything mentioned above is my personal opinion.
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Pregnancy Series: Third Trimester

I was quite restless in my third semester, since my weight increased exponentially in this trimester. Carrying my body weight seemed quite a task. Also, due to lot of movement sound sleep was kinda impossible.

1. Gained almost 10kgs in this trimester.
2. Intensive pain in legs and heartburn.
3. Vomiting was quite occasional.
4. Lots and lots of baby movement. 
5. Had a downward pressure in 8th month as if baby is going to come out right now.
6. I had acne all over my forehead which miraculously faded away after my delivery.
7. My face bloated to twice the size. Though my hands and feet were quite ok. 
8. I had glow in my first trimester but after that I looked pathetic. Since they say baby girl steals their mom's beauty and mine certainly did, haha !

Doctor's Advice:
1. Eat healthy.
2. Regularly take calcium and iron.
3. Keep a check on baby's movement.
4. In 8th month, since I had downward pressure doctor advised me to not to stand for a long time.
    Hence work for 15 minutes and rest.   

1. Hungry at sharp 3 in midnight. So I kept something handy for midnight hunger pangs. Like a banana or few almonds. 
2. Sweets made a comeback but still salted stuff was my favorite.
3. I literally craved for Mc. Donald's french fries.
4. Had every fruit and vegetable with extra salt. Sometimes I would just had a pinch of salt alone.
5. I craved for fruits and coconut water.

Having a high Blood pressure is not good for pregnancy. Hence make sure if you are craving for salt like me, keep a check on it. I had a B.P. machine at home hence kept a regular check. Also, at times I would suppress my salt craving since excess salt is bad for health and leads to bloating. 

For me stretch marks became quite prominent in this trimester. 
Not sure since I could not try it but I have heard applying bio oil from 4th month regularly decreases the stretch marks to quite an extent. Also, make sure not to scratch the itching area. Just rub a soft cloth over it. 

Coming over to outfit. Below is the suit I wore in my last trimester for a religious occasion.

                                                                       ~Live Love Laugh~

Disclaimer: Everything stated above is my personal experience, do consult a doctor before you follow any of the tips mentioned above.

Pregnancy Series: Second Trimester

As mentioned in my previous post, I thoroughly enjoyed my second trimester. My husband and brother in law satisfied all my cravings, provided what I wanted was available and timings were apt. Since sometimes I wished to have french fries at 2 a.m. For such craving we use to find an apt alternative available at home and very next day I use to indulge in whatever I like. Also, I started going for walks after dinner during this time.

I gained almost 5 kgs back which I lost in my previous trimester. Hence after second trimester my weight was from where I started. By the way, I gained the maximum in my last trimester. Haha !!

1. Did not like sweets at all instead I craved for salty food.
2. After vomiting throughout my pregnancy I wanted to take a sip of cold drink.
3. Not much fatigue and laziness. Better than first three months.
4. I still use to vomit at-least once a day. Early morning vomiting was fix.
5. Instead of sad I use to  be super duper happy without any reason. Pregnancy hormones, I tell you !

Doctors Advice:
1. To eat as per my hearts content. Eating for two was illogical. Just make sure to eat a little after every two hours.
2. Have atta maggie instead of maida. Doctor also allowed me to have cold drink in limited amount. Just take care you do not consume caffeine in access.
3. Have two glasses of milk a day. It could be cold or hot. It could even be lassi or any milkshake or even curd or Paneer.
4. Had heart burns at night. Sometimes I could not sleep because of that. For that I need to take care of my diet. Reduce the amount of maida and breads. Also, having dinner two hours before bed time helped.
5. Start sleeping mostly on left side so that nutrients could reach my baby.
6. Take sufficient amount of rest in morning. Specially lay down after meals for at-least half hour on left side.

1. Craved for french fries every day.
2. Cold drink and maggie with lots of vegetables. There is a cafe Cake Square near my house, which made onion chilly maggie and I wanted to have it every single day.
3. Few things specially made by my mom.

High Point:
I felt my first movement in my 5th month. I was the best experience of my life. Something moving inside your body is so exciting and amusing.

This printed maxi dress is one of the outfits I wore in my second trimester during my nephew's birthday.

maxi dress printed

printed maxi

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Disclaimer: Everything stated above is my personal experience, do consult a doctor before you follow any of the tips mentioned above.


Pregnancy Series: First Trimester

My baby is five months old, so please do not think I am pregnant now. It is just that I was not able to blog those days but I still want to document my pregnancy journey, so that someday my girl could read what all she had done to me.Also, I want to share my experience with you guys.

For me first and last semester were a little tough whereas the second one was quite awesome.
In my husbands words I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy except the last month since I got quite restless then.
Until I experienced it myself, I could never really understand the concept of cravings since I thought one could always control there cravings. But seriously pregnancy causes you to have some weird cravings and you just have to satisfy them else its the only thing that your mind will be busy with till you put them in your mouth. There are times when you love something and then you just don't want to touch it the very next moment. It really happens !!

1. I hated sweets. I felt like vomiting even on sight or smell of sweets.
2. Did not feel like eating anything. Mostly, I had fruits.
3. Felt sleepy all the time.
4. Morning sickness, fatigue and laziness.
5. I use to vomit at-least thrice a day. One as soon as I wake up was fix.
6. Last but not the least, Mood swings. I cried on anything to everything or sometimes even on nothing and was happy without any reason the very next moment. Mostly, I felt sad and depressed, thinking of all the changes that were about to come and how I would handle them.

Doctors Advice:
1. Eat whatever I feel like and how much ever I like. Just make sure to eat every 2 hours, it could be even two biscuits.
2. Avoid sugar-free stuff and ajinomotto
3. Mood swings are very common during first trimester.
(Hence, I got the certificate to shout at anyone any time I want to, perks of being pregnant)
4. Drink lots of water.
5. Have folic acid regularly.
6. Weight loss does not matter until and unless the baby is healthy.

1. I had a weird craving of having water from pink sipper. Ya, I actually got one for my satisfaction.
2. Apart from that I did not crave for anything since I did not feel like eating at all.

High Point:
My first scan and hearing the heart beat for the very first time. the feeling that something is growing inside you is amazing.

I think apart from vomiting there was not much I could feel in my first trimester. I did not gain any weight instead lost 5 kgs due to vomiting and eating less.I took all my medicines regularly and on time. This time was harder for my husband since he had to tolerate my mood swings.So go ask him.

Below is one of the outfits I wore during my first trimester during an outing. Oh! by the way, yes, going out of station is fine till the time your health is ok just take take of jerks and what you eat. Lastly, always consult your doctor for everything.

orange and Beige

how to wear orange
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Party dress

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                                                                  Mukta Jain

Disclaimer: Stated above are all my personal experience, do consult your gynecologist before following any of the suggestions above.  

Product Review: Tangle Teezer

I have been eyeing this tangle teezer from a long time now but was waiting for a great deal on it. Since I felt the amount is quite high for a comb. Recently there was a good sale on Nykaa and I immediately purchased it.


I have seen a lot of international reviews of this product on web but could not find an Indian one. Also, I could not decide which one to buy so I bought which appealed to me most.To know why I bought this one and its review; read below.

Product: Compact Tangle Teezer- The Instant Detangling Hairbrush

Packing: It comes in a sturdy box nicely bubble wrapped.


The one I ordered was compact detangler in pink and black color. There are many versions available and I chose this one particularly because first, I love pink and second, I needed something compact so that I carry it easily in my bag.

Compact Detangling Hairbrush Pink and Black

Price: I got it in sale for Rs. 670/-

Compact Tangle Teezer with Lid

Overall Verdict: I absolutely love it. It is worth the money you spend. Seriously, you won't believe until you use it. I highly recommend this product to every one who face hard time detangling their hair and face hair loss while doing that. You can also use it in shower to comb while conditioning though there is different version available for the same. But I think this is an all in one version of this product.

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