Wrapping 2011

I am so excited for this new year with a new family. 2011 year has been a life changer for me. The only area of interest before this year was Computers but now many other interests due to my changing life.

Few Changes :
Nail art : I tried on many new nail arts (I didnt even know how to apply nail paint properly).
One being newspaper nail art whose pic i dont have other pictures are below.

This one was really simple. I used a tape to do his nail art. Tha black paint is applied diagonally if not seen properly in the picture. (My photography phew !!)

I made two flowers by simply using a toothpick.

Fashion newbee : A person who use to pick the topmost piece of cloth on pile to wear in morning, now mix n matches the clothes and loves to shop (See I am progressing)

Cooking : I only knew how to make a maggie and tea before 20111 and now i can cook a complete meal. Also have delevoped(developed word is used because i had to, no other option) interest in cooking ( just a lil interest not much :p)

Blog : I entered this new world of blogging. Created my own blog and facebook page.

Happy : Most importantly learnt how to stay Haaaapppyyyy and how beautiful life is :D . Believe me love youself , love life and you ll love everything around you.

Fitness :Never focused so much in what I am eating till I realised i am bulgging out from every side. Also to look and feel good, fitness is necessary. Here

Heels: Jumped from sport shoes to heels.

Make up and hair dos : Learnt many make up styles and hair dos, will share with you all soon.

Major change : From a daughter to daughter in law ( love this change) Marriage

IT gal : The only thing I miss is my IT career. I always wanted to work in a MNC. Got a job too but then had to choose between career and love. I made best decision of my life and ended up with my LOVE.

But finally I am turning into an IT gal in terms of  technology (graduated as IT engineer in May 2011) and fashion (yay !!)

Lots of Love and Happy New Year 2012 :D
Stay Positive and keep laughing :D
~Live Laugh Love~

Art of heels

So I am beginning my new year with creating a page on facebook .. yay !! party time. finally i am doing it after thinking about it from sooo long !!  Stay tuned there guys.

I know it is embarassing but sharing with you all. I fell with my 6 inch heels, omg my knees are still hurting . That was the time i learnt wearing a heel is itself an art, so decided to go hands on with art.

I found a very helpful video and sharing it with you guys.

For all those who are learning to walk in heels should check this video.

Few tips that i would like to share is :

1. Dont directly jump onto the highest heel you see, no doubt they seem attractive but they are not easy to walk in.
2. Dont ever put fashion before comfort., because at the end you wont feel good about it.
3. Try walking in heels at home. Dont ever be ashamed of learning anything from scratch.
4. Wedges and platforms are easy to go heels for beginners.


Phew !! finally i got some time to write, all because of my hubby. It was really hectic for me from past few weeks. 29th nov. my life changer day !! ohh !! i still cant believe I GOT MARRIED but i m loving it though in beginning i was really scared with the fact of accepting new life but now it seems I have learnt to go with the flow !!

One issue that has always bothered me after getting married is getting FAT. Indian traditions with all the sweets, oily food and dinners are leaving will a feel of blowing like a balloon. Also i cannot GYM (dont ask me why, winters doesnt leave me with will power to gym thats why i hate winters arghhh ) . I am eating anythin at anytime and in any qauntity (ashamed of writing this but so nice to eat without resctrictions :p). But now i have decided to control it ( My hubby so wants me to loose the tyres and sides) Atleast for him i am going to try harder and also we planning a honeymoon in feb and i want to loose before that. Hope i make it.

Ending with piks of a new style a tried. I have tried a white shirt for first time and paired it up with a colorful cardigan. Hope u guys like it.

I love the cardigan

                                                     Paired it up with brown loafers.

p.s. eleganza is a name of shop i read today and really like it , so its the name of the post :) :) *no logic