Distancing away !!

Do you even remember the main purpose of you mobile phone. Is it messaging ?? No . Is it playing games?No. Is it playing music ? No again or Is it capturing pictures ?? No No No. Now you know what I am talking about,Yes,purpose of mobile is contacting your dear ones as and when required; not asking one what have you had for dinner or lunch.

I personally feel a mobile takes away a person from the one sitting next to him. It is happening to me.Most of the times I am found on BBM chatting to a person sitting far away rather than chatting to one sitting in same room. When get bore I start playing games on my phone rather than doing something creative and learning something. It is kind of addiction.Check my Facebook updates time to time. OMG !! Sometimes I feel where am I lost and technology is ruling over me Does that happen with you too ?? What steps are you taking to let go off this addiction ??.

I feel I should come out of this virtual world and move to a real one. So I have decided to spend less time messaging on mobile and playing games. So on one fine day me and my husband decided to go for a dinner date again and I left my mobile phone back home, so that I can spend some quality time with him and their is no one disturbing us :D . Isn't it wonderful ?

Coming to outfit, this is what I wore. Red jeans are my favorite this season, I can keep wearing it again and again and still not get satisfied.