Back with Major News

I don't believe I have not written for complete 3 months because I really don't know where months flew away, seriously ! The reason for not writing on the blog is MAJOR enough, so I know you guys will forgive me super quick after the pictures I share.

I am BLESSED with a SUPER DUPER CUTE GIRL - LOVE OF MY LIFE. For those who follow me on instagram already know it all.

I would be sharing all my experience from day 1 till now soon on blog because its all still crystal clear in my mind till now, so stay tuned for all new posts I have planned.For now I am sharing few pictures of her with you.

Also, super late but a very happy new year to everyone out there. Indeed, mine is going to be super fun and a roller coaster ride which you will be part of.

Her tiny hands !

Her Tiny Winy Feets 
And that's my little girl "Saanvi Jain"

                                                                 ~Live Love Laugh~
                                                                         Mukta Jain