Online Shopping Sites List

Online shopping is an addiction and trust me there is no way to escape it.I have shopped a lot recently from online stores, so thought of sharing few tips as well as sites that I shop from or browse through.

Note : All the tips and sites that I am going to share are my own opinions, do confirm at your own end before placing order.

1. Confirm the size twice before you order because replacing and exchanging is a big hassle, trust me.

2. Do check about the material ; in case you have not heard of it ask your friends or just google or call  customer care to clear your doubts.

3. Buy only what is required, no matter how attractive or cheap the product is.(Only if you are following a budget,else shop whatever you like)

4. If the product does not fit well, right away return it, don't be lazy please or keep it for future (when you will reduce/gain)

5. Carefully go through all the return & delivery policies; as well as terms and conditions.(Yes, its important, no matter how long it is)

6. While ordering from international sites do keep custom charges in mind.

Coming to the sites that I browse through,

  • 99labels : Offers on all kind of products defer from day to day.
  • Bagskart : For variety in bags etc.
  • shopnineteen : For clothing, bags and accessories.
  • asos : It has nice sttuff, only problem comes in international shipping. Late delivery or sometimes no delivery but yeah they do return money if not delivered.
  • koovs : Another store for online clothing.
  • N-galoriginals : For some sexy stuff, click to find.
  • Zivame : For lingerie and cute sleepwear.
  • fashionandyou : A very famous website for all kind of stuff. Offers differ day to day.
  • Donebynone : Nice handbags and accessories in nice range.
  • Dorothyperkins : Another site with nice products, but do take care of shipping again.
  • urbantouch : For beauty products.
  • Majorbrands : For branded stuff
  • Fab Alley : For bags, jewellery and other accessories.
  • Quirkbox : For all the quirky stuff.
  • Its our studio : For funky accessories
  • Art and Decor : For home decor stuff.
  • Shopo : Different designers display their stuff here.
  • Kiosha : I love the site for the handbags.
  • Fashos : For shoes and heels.
  • Poshbags : Bags bags and more bags !!
  • First Cry : Everything you need for your angel.

p.s : Everytime I think of publishing it, I come up with new sites. So this time I decided to publish it once and for all, in case I find more I will update it.

Pizza Time !

This is the easiest recipe that I know. Yeah !! really even if you are unaware of basics of cooking you can try this. Go start now and  surprise your mom with a yummillicious pizza at your home.

Ingredients :
Pizza Base
Any Pizza Cheese
Pizza Sauce
Green,Red and Yellow Capsicum
Oregano and Chilli Flakes

Note : You can use any other veggie as per availabilty and your taste ; chop them down or cut round pieces. Quantity depends on number of pizzas you want to make. After you chop your vegetables mix them and see are they good enough to spread them on all bases you have; if less chop more and if quantity is fine you are good to go.

Method : Spread pizza sauce on base, in case you don't have one spread tomato sauce (but pizza sauce adds more flavor). Now add a thin layer of grated cheese on it. Spread all the veggies you have chopped.At last spread cheese again. Sprinkle oregano and chili flakes.

Now grill the pizza in microwave for 6 mins and let the cheese melt. Add half tspn butter in non stick pan. Remove pizza from microwave and add it to pan. Keep it on low gas for ten min to make it crisp and voila pizza is ready!!  Slice Share and Splurgeeeeeee !!
(If you have a OTG then you just have to bake it in oven for 20mins and its done, no hassles like I have done  *I dont have an OTG*)

                                                   ~ Live Love Laugh ~

Special Post

Since I have already mentioned word "special" as my posts title it has to be only about my husband. There is no one more special to me than him. When i say he is sweetest and most caring man in this world, trust me I can bet upon it.

My first birthday with him was fantastic fabulous amazing one. We had a party with friends as well as spend some lovely alone time together which was summed up by an amazing family dinner. So in all a perfect birthday with almost all the important people in my life (No I am not forgetting my own family that is why almost)

Out of all the gifts the best one was from my mom-in-law. She gave me a surprise, she sang a song for me; isn't it too sweet and lovely. She has such a melodious voice that once she starts singing you never want it to end.

(How did my husband surprised me,and the place we visited lets leave it for next post.)

Coming to my birthday outfit, I loved this maxi dress at first sight. Isn't it just beautuful. This is the first time I tried on a maxi dress, and seriously I gave me a such an elegant feeling.Do let me know how does it look, your views matter a lot.

(Oh !! i forgot to tell you, while I was entering disc wearing this dress on my birthday night, the security checking lady complimented me. You know a lady who sees ever other day all gals decked up complimenting me made me feel more confident and nice *blush*)

Since I wanted dress to grab all the attention, I just accessorized it with big loop earrings.