Wrapping 2011

I am so excited for this new year with a new family. 2011 year has been a life changer for me. The only area of interest before this year was Computers but now many other interests due to my changing life.

Few Changes :
Nail art : I tried on many new nail arts (I didnt even know how to apply nail paint properly).
One being newspaper nail art whose pic i dont have other pictures are below.

This one was really simple. I used a tape to do his nail art. Tha black paint is applied diagonally if not seen properly in the picture. (My photography phew !!)

I made two flowers by simply using a toothpick.

Fashion newbee : A person who use to pick the topmost piece of cloth on pile to wear in morning, now mix n matches the clothes and loves to shop (See I am progressing)

Cooking : I only knew how to make a maggie and tea before 20111 and now i can cook a complete meal. Also have delevoped(developed word is used because i had to, no other option) interest in cooking ( just a lil interest not much :p)

Blog : I entered this new world of blogging. Created my own blog and facebook page.

Happy : Most importantly learnt how to stay Haaaapppyyyy and how beautiful life is :D . Believe me love youself , love life and you ll love everything around you.

Fitness :Never focused so much in what I am eating till I realised i am bulgging out from every side. Also to look and feel good, fitness is necessary. Here

Heels: Jumped from sport shoes to heels.

Make up and hair dos : Learnt many make up styles and hair dos, will share with you all soon.

Major change : From a daughter to daughter in law ( love this change) Marriage

IT gal : The only thing I miss is my IT career. I always wanted to work in a MNC. Got a job too but then had to choose between career and love. I made best decision of my life and ended up with my LOVE.

But finally I am turning into an IT gal in terms of  technology (graduated as IT engineer in May 2011) and fashion (yay !!)

Lots of Love and Happy New Year 2012 :D
Stay Positive and keep laughing :D
~Live Laugh Love~

Art of heels

So I am beginning my new year with creating a page on facebook .. yay !! party time. finally i am doing it after thinking about it from sooo long !!  Stay tuned there guys.

I know it is embarassing but sharing with you all. I fell with my 6 inch heels, omg my knees are still hurting . That was the time i learnt wearing a heel is itself an art, so decided to go hands on with art.

I found a very helpful video and sharing it with you guys.

For all those who are learning to walk in heels should check this video.

Few tips that i would like to share is :

1. Dont directly jump onto the highest heel you see, no doubt they seem attractive but they are not easy to walk in.
2. Dont ever put fashion before comfort., because at the end you wont feel good about it.
3. Try walking in heels at home. Dont ever be ashamed of learning anything from scratch.
4. Wedges and platforms are easy to go heels for beginners.


Phew !! finally i got some time to write, all because of my hubby. It was really hectic for me from past few weeks. 29th nov. my life changer day !! ohh !! i still cant believe I GOT MARRIED but i m loving it though in beginning i was really scared with the fact of accepting new life but now it seems I have learnt to go with the flow !!

One issue that has always bothered me after getting married is getting FAT. Indian traditions with all the sweets, oily food and dinners are leaving will a feel of blowing like a balloon. Also i cannot GYM (dont ask me why, winters doesnt leave me with will power to gym thats why i hate winters arghhh ) . I am eating anythin at anytime and in any qauntity (ashamed of writing this but so nice to eat without resctrictions :p). But now i have decided to control it ( My hubby so wants me to loose the tyres and sides) Atleast for him i am going to try harder and also we planning a honeymoon in feb and i want to loose before that. Hope i make it.

Ending with piks of a new style a tried. I have tried a white shirt for first time and paired it up with a colorful cardigan. Hope u guys like it.

I love the cardigan

                                                     Paired it up with brown loafers.

p.s. eleganza is a name of shop i read today and really like it , so its the name of the post :) :) *no logic 

2nd class jacket

Yesterday was my cousin sis birthday, mom wanted me to wear something normal since my wedding is in few days and acc to my mom i should not dress very well , you know that "nazar na lage types".

So i wore jeggings, top and my favorite jacket. Since its my favorite jacket i never realised it that papa got it for me in my 2nd standard, 15 years back and still i love the jacket as i did 15 yrs before.

Here goes a pic :

Me me me :p

Fitness Freak !!

I had a nice morning, went for shopping,had lots of fun but then i got a news of my
relative getting medical problems due to her obesity.This gave me sudden realisation that
being fat doesnt only makes you look bad but also opens up way for so many problems(Till
now for me looking bad was only reason to become slim).

I always believe god has made every person unique. There are many things that are given by
god and we can not change it but certainly being fat is not one of those. If we really try
hard we can be fit. Yes, we have to try hard, harder and hardest because this is in our
CONTROL. We cant keep on cribbing about everything in this ine and only life.Be happy,
jump, dance,smile for each new day, god has actaully given us many precious gifts-
shelter, food, lovely family, friends and so many people who loves you and like you the
way you are. I am really thankful to GOD for that. Also we can always find a way out to
make ourselves feel better if we really want to. Life is not that difficult as we make it.
Coming back to point(oh!! what a typing speed)i am sure being fit is not impossible for
anyone in this world. SO STAND UP FOR YOUSELVES PEOPLE.
 Beind sad or depressed doesnt solve any problem neither doest being happy do, but it gives you strength and thats what is important.

I ll tell you incidents which inspired me to write this :

1. After hearing relatives news, dad immediately said life 30 - 40 years ago was very
different, there was so much of physical work that one could digest all oily food , sweets
and junk food. But with time lifestyles changed, point of views changed then why not
eating habbits are changed(Dont only adapt the things which are comfortable for you)

2. Also there is a girl on facebook whom i always used to check out because of her fit
body but now she has growwwnnn soo damm fat after 6 months of marriage ( please god !!
help me i dont want to become fat after marriage). Do anyone have idea why do people
specially ladies get fat after marriage ??? Why Why Why ??. Please let me know so that i
can avoid those things.(Internally am really happy because that bitch who use to flaunt
her body in front of me is now faaaattt *evil laugh*)

Signing off with a happy news. Countdown has begun. 10 days to go and OUR(me and my
fiancee) wedding website is all ready and its locks amazing. I like being colourful , so
is website. You can check ou the website  http://www.eWedding.com/sites/vireshmukta/

I lovee this picture :) :)

Leave in comments and your views regarding why people get fat after marriage ??

Layering is not that difficult !!

As you all are aware i am in kindergarten when it comes to fashion. So I am trying my best to learn tips from here and there. I am not fond of winters much, it makes me lazy, going out becomes a diificult task, dull colours and last but not least i hate layering clothes, it makes me look fat. But now i am starting to take winters positively (they are actually not so bad atleast i can cuddle up with my fiance "eeehh big smile").

So now i have decided i ll dress up nicely without making myself feel uncomfotable and look fat, in short take winters in high spirits without being lazy (atleast can try :p) . I read few tips in cosmo and want to abide by them . So here I am sharing it with you all :

1. Mix a Maxi Skirt and a Mini Jacket :

2. Pile Bright Colors on Top of Each Other :

3. Rock Your Shorts :
Just because summer's over doesn't mean you have to put your cute shorts in storage. Pair them with a tank, jacket and pumps. On colder days, add tights and swap out the heels for boots.

4. Soften Leather Pants with a Cardigan :
Leather pants are tough to pull off, but if you wear them with a slouchy, grandpa-ish sweater, you won't look like you're trying too hard.

5. Pair an Oversized Sweater with Skinny Jeans :
If you're going to wear a big, comfy top pair it with hugging pants underneath. A distressed pair of boots adds to the cool weekend vibe.

6. Wear a Blazer and Scarf :
An oversized black blazer and a perfectly-wrapped scarf

7. Layer a Black Tee Under a Party Dress
You can take a fancy frock from dressy to daytime—just throw it on over a long-sleeved black T-shirt. This works especially well with a fun print.

Thanks to the sources of information : Cosmopolitan and  googled images.

Also in continuation with my fashion newbee post i tried another outfit numbered 4 according to the previous post  i.e. a colored a leegings. Signing off with the pictures. LIVE LOVE LAUGH

Red Leggings , a tunic and paired it with bangles.

Also to made it funky n sexy , tried on temporary tattoo

Pink heart shape earings.

Thank you for visiting :)
Please drop in your valueable comments.


Fashion Newbee !!!

I am a newbie in this glamorous world of fashion (I mean i am just learning art of fashion).Yes true fashion is an art, I always thought fashion to be an easy task but trust me its not easy at all. One needs a lot of confidence to carry an outfit well !!

During my fabulous college life i never gave a second thought to what i am wearing (i was so busy enjoying) till i was in my final year (shows i was not at all intereseted in what i was wearing).I always gazed through my wardrobe 15 mins before leaving wear, what comes in my hand, make my hair, wear my daily shoes .. Done. I cant imagine i was so boring. Anyways i am sure i am going to learn this art soon.

For a start i am going to follow few outfits i have in my mind(simple ones), lets see if i can carry it off[i am sure i will be positive *smile*] :

1.Try a plain white shirt tucked in denims (blue or black) with a belt in bold colour(like red) and black heels.
2.Accesorize any of your normal daily wear with bangles, neckpeices or belts (whatever u like)
3.Wear LBD in some different way like with contrasting heels or tights , broad belts or anything creative you want, just add a pop of colour to it.
4.Once try a coloured leggings or jeans or jeggings.
5. Try a bold colour jacket. 

P.s. Whatever you wear just be sure you are comfortable with it.
Click pictures of each outfit, see the difference. So who is gonna try these outfits with me ??

Guess what i have already started with the task. So curious i am , so here it goes :

Shirt and denims with broad knot tied red belt. I know photography should be improved will take care of that next time . (Heels are missing)

First time wore tucked in shirt always it will make me look fat
p.s. Actually the shirt i am wearing is my brothers long night kurta


Fitness !!

My D-day is closer and i dont how these brides get so slim before their marriage and become a problem for people like me. People say one loses weight before marriage due to all tension but it seems I have taken no tension at all !! :) :)

Anyways my college got over in may and marriage was in novemeber, so like others i decided to loose weight till my marriage. But i failed(when will i start controlling my food habbits) and got really pissed off, when out of blue my fiancee made me realise the fact that even if i didnt not loose much atleast i did not gain anything in six months vacation(feels like such a big achievement *Think Positively*). I know my fiancee is really sweet, I eat his head over same issues again and again, still he never get irritated *touchwood* so unlike me.

So now i have decided make few changes in my lifestyle (new life new goals):

1. Never make food souce of happiness (its taste doesnt even remain for more than 15 min), its just source of making your system work well (Most imp).
2. Dont overeat on marriages and dinners at relatives place(Everything there is delicious,unlimited and free, but in the end its your stomache which will suffer).
3. Differentiate between your hunger for food and being thirsty.
4. Dont eat at all after 7pm (Any special occasions are exception)
5. Atleast one fruit a day , it can be any fruit.

Lets start with this first, with time will adapt more changes for a healthy life.(Any suggestions you have please post in as comment)

To make myself feel more good about myself I am posting two pictues showing big change in me :

Me Now !!

Me Before 3 years

Countdown has begun !!

My post for a month are totally gonna be related to MARRIAGE because less then a month is left for it(OMG!! cannot beleive it, I AM GETTING MARRIED)

As soon as someones marriage gets fix everybody starts giving their piece of advice even if its not asked for(sometimes i am thankfull and other times its so irritating!!).But i believe go with the flow !! and am sure its gonna be rocking.

I am very well aware of the fact that marriage is a big responsibilty but i am loving it, you know new house, new family, new friends, new place WOW !! Its going to be rally cool !! But leaving my home , its so insane and emotional.

29th Nov 2011 is the date and the countdown has begun with lots of mixed emotions.
I am happy,sad,curious,nervous and super excited.I feel i am not so mature enough to take all the responsibilities but with support of my fiancee i think we'll make it.

We(me and my fiancee) have started making a website of our wedding using ewedding, within 10 days it will done ( you'll get to know about it in post soon). Please give me suggestions of what all can be included in it.(I just love all things related to web designing)

Without pictures post seems so boring atleast for me !!
I just love leggings and tights, it adds a oomph factor to a normal outfit.

Wish i could have a better picture of leggings !!

This tunic can also be worn as dress.

Hard Work or Smart Work !!

My father has lot of stamina(why didnt he pass this qaulity to me *sigh*) , so he always prefers hard work over smart work. What can be done in an easy manner he will always do in a manner thats toughest. It has a plus point as well as minus. Plus point it keeps you fit and increases you stamina , minus point it wastes time and the ones who dont have so much stamina as my father does feels literaly being tortured and get irritated.
Since i have not inherited this quality from my father i always prefer smart work (proof of my laziness) provided the outcome of both is same. If the result of hard work is more then i ll stick to it (greediness :p).Thats my opinion whats yours ?????

The idea of the blog comes from the fact that today is sunday and my father believes in household cleanliness on sundays, so it was really a tiring one. But to keep us entertained and get in mood of sunday we get lot of street food at home to eat. I know its unhealthy but brings lot of joy *happy happy* and i love it.

Outfit :
I am no fashion blogger yet !! but ya i go through many fashion blogs and love to dress up. So just tried a new outfit by getting inspired from your mix and match series which i saw here. this is my first try, i know i look very bad in it but at least i tried sooner i shall learn the art though :p

This my 8th class fish cut skirt(as called in india) which as i wore as a dress, paired it up with black heels and a belt. tried on two belts let me know which one is better (brown or black) :p
Hope you had a good sunday too !!