5 Beauty Products I am loving

After doing this course on makeup and hairstyling I opened myself to various beauty products. I never used a foundation before this not even for formal occasions (when I get ready from saloon is an exception). I was always scared to end up all cakey and oily. Also, thanks to my mom I was blessed with a skin that I could easily do without foundation. Kajal, mascara and lipsticks summed up my total make-up routine.

After I entered this blogging world I began experimenting more and tried things outside my comfort zone. From all the products that I tried. below are the five products that have made permanent place in my make-up stash due to their good quality and reasonable pricing.

5 beauty products I love | theitgirl.in

Vitacolor Krylon Professional Make-up [Foundation] : It is a medium to heavy coverage foundation and is not very easily available at every cosmetic store. It was recommended by Makeup artist during this course. In Ludhiana, you can find it in a store in Model Town, Near Deep Hospital (above Bawa). For other places, I think you can find it at store that keeps professional make-up products and supply bulk products to beauty parlours.

Kryolan foundation | theitgirl.in

I use this product only on special occasions like weddings etc. For normal parties I rely on Lakme CC Cream which is almost over now and on daily basis I use nothing at all except a balm or a lip gloss.

Derma Color Camouflage Cream [Concealor]: Again it is a medium coverage concealer and is build-able. It is also available at store mentioned in above point. I use this concealer for formal occasions only.

Derma Color Concealer
I think it has orange base to counter the blemishes

Tip: Never rub a concealer, always tap it on and blend slightly. You can read more tips here.

Colorbar Triple Effect Makeup: I love multi-purpose products. This is foundation + concealor + compact. All you need to do is blend it all over your face and you are good to go. Use compact if more coverage is required else you can easily skip compact too. It is a light coverage product which is build-able. I use shade 004 Cafe.

Colorbar Triple Effect [Foundation+Conealer+Compact] | theitgirl.in

Colorbar 3 in 1 product (004 cafe shade)
Its cafe shade (004)
I also like the fact that it has an inbuilt mirror and sponge.  

Fabindia Daily Moisturising Cream: I am one of those who use body lotion as face cream because seriously I could not find a good day cream for face until I found this product. It has heavy moisturising properties long with Vitamin E so you can safely use it in under eye area as well. It tends to make my face a little oily on upper lip area but its ok since oiliness lasts only for 5 mins.

Fabindia Moisturising Vitamin E Cream

Colorbar Radiant Glow: It is a highlighter that bring nice sheen to face when applied properly at proper areas. I generally mix a teeny weeny with foundation or CC/BB cream for a glowy look. Again I use this rarely and is saved only on special formal occasions or when I am feeling special and want to deck up.

Colorbar Radiant Glow Highlighter

These are all the new products that I have tried lately and am loving them. On top of that the they are worth the price, apart from radiant glow stick. I wish it was priced near 300 so that I could re-buy it without giving it another thought.
                                                                    ~Live Love Laugh~