Life Snippets

August 2013 Version

August has alwayyysss been my favorite month. Perfect Weather, my birthday, my nephew's birthday, a start to festive months ahead, what's not to love. I kinda get positive vibes as the month approaches, may be its all inside my head but this is what happens with me.

Dominos Chocolava cake
Chocolate Treat, I love Dominos choco lava cake though I hate the nutty one.
Anybody knows how to make it at home ??

wholewheat vs brown bread
I always thought brown bread is pure whole wheat bread until I saw this in my kitchen :p

Oh !! Tha'ts me all decked up for my birthday bash :p
Birthday post is next in queue

My "2 mins" recipe : healthy and yummy paneer toast, read recipe here.

My little nephew was waiting desperately for rakhi because he knew he will get his gift after this, see the smile.

                                                                 ~Live Love Laugh~


  1. I completely agree with you about the nutty choco lava, Loved the pictures :D
    xoxo <3