Valentines Week Ideas

Here I have a big news to announce and as Valentine's Day is on its way I thought this is the best time to declare it you guys.I have started my own venture named GIFTS GALORE.

It is a one-stop solution for all your gifting problems. From valentine's day to return gifts for birthday parties, anniversary parties, customized/personalized gifts and much more; list does not end. You want to gift something different, creative yet useful; we have it all. Just let us know your needs and we'll do whatever it takes to make your gift super special.

Now below I have complied just few options one can gift on every single day of valentine's week.

You want more ideas, contact me anytime.
Mail me at or Add me on bbm 746E41A2.
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How to Love Yourself

First of all, loving yourself is not selfish at all. Until and unless you don't love yourself, no body else will. It does not mean stare in mirror and see how beautiful you physically are. It means look inside you and see how beautiful you are inside out.
Loving oneself requires an attitude change. And once you know what to do and how to do all you need is some practice and self confidence/esteem will follow you leaving you happier than ever before.

For me I have figured out the way and its "stop comparisons".Now, I am proud of who I am. I do not want to become like somebody else.I want to run my life the way I want to and I don't think I am asking for much.So here I go a positive step towards me and life.
What about you ? What do you need to change to love yourself ? This Valentine's let you be your own valentine and see the magic happening.

On another note. This is what I wore for a dinner night. Though not that visible; there is self pattern on the jeans. These are new additions in my wardrobe and they have a superb fit.



~Live Love Laugh~

DIY: Makeup box

During wedding one of the major unavoidable expenditure is on The sweets box and invitation cards that are to be sent to near and dear one's.And what happens when we receive a box we shift sweets to a container, keep the card aside and throw off the box in bin. The box which was made with effort,love and lot of money ultimately finds it place in garbage.

I received one such box which was hot pink in color and sturdy. I basically did not want to throw it so this is what I did; converted it in a makeup box yaaaaayyy !! Have a look.

Before that, 3 points to keep in mind while doing this DIY:
1. Make sure the box is sturdy enough.
2. More the number of compartments, more organised the stuff will be.
3. Opt for some bright color or decorate the outer area to make it more girly and cute. 

I forgot to click the before pictures to show how the box looked before I did all my alterations. But I shall explain to give an overview of what have I done. Left partition had sweets and right one had 2 Invite cards placed on top of built in box.
For the left one all I had to do was take out all the sweets and for right one I hat to cut the built in box using scissor and the placed a plain thick sheet below.

And now I have all my lipsticks etc in left compartment and right one has cotton balls, brushes and sponges. So all in all when I need to get ready I take out the box, select what all to use and done.I am ready.

                                                           ~Live Love Laugh~

5 Easy Nail Art Designs- the IT Girl Loves

While surfing during my free time I came across number of nail art designs. I really like doing them they fetch me some great compliments and are a good conversation starter.

Have a look and in case you try any of these do let me know how they turned out to be. I will be sharing mine super soon :D

Note: Pictures are not mine, I found them while surfing various websites as mentioned above.

Nail Art
Cute ??

Nail Art
I have tried it before but failed.Thinking of giving it a shot once again.

Nail ARt
Colorful Stripes. 

Black and Silver
Simple, pretty and chic :D

Pink Nail art
hmmm, this is a little tricky, Have you tried it before ?

Also, check out Dog Paws Nail Art and Newspaper Nail Art  for more designs.

                                                         ~Live Love Laugh~

Saving Chart: Save Money Everyday

As mentioned in the previous post one of my to do's this year is to save. I have decided to put a specified amount aside everyday and have created a chart accordingly.

Taking out 100 rps a day or 500 on few days, won't hurt my pocket but in year end I would get 1 lakh; wooohoooo Isn't it great. See for yourself and start saving.

Now what to do with that money hmmm ummm *rolling eyes*
We will see in year end, lets save for now :p

                                                           ~Live Love Laugh~

Wishlist: 10 things To Do in 2014

2013 has gone by leaving me with uncountable memories and moments to treasure. But I want my 2014 to be more special than 2013. Thus I have come up with this To-Do in order to keep everything on track and stay focused.

It is a simple list that comprises of the tasks which I would love to do and will make me happy and satisfied when accomplished.These are not resolutions but small steps that would make 2014 worth it, leaving procrastination behind.


  1. Beach Trip: Any other trips are most welcome but I certainly want to stroll aside a beach and watch sunset with my best friend aka darling husband.
    p.s. : I would love to go on a short trip with girlfriends too. Lets see if it happens or not.
  2. Try a new look: I really want to try a different kinda look. Maybe a hair color or a tattoo or more experiment with makeup or anything it could be. But something that I have not tried and is exciting enough.
  3. Be healthy: Be more fit and healthy is what I want this year. It involves opting for healthier choices on daily basis and then slowly a lifestyle change for Good. Loosing weight and getting lean is an added bonus to this change which I would love to have.
  4. Blog: Want my blog to reach new heights. Have some more meaningful content on the blog. Enlighten myself on technicalities like SEO and more designing. Thus growing my blog bigger and better.
    I have decided to blog twice a week i.e. Wednesday and Saturday for improving consistency and devote some more time and love towards blog.
  5. Focus on Work: I have started a new venture Gifts Galore. It is a one stop shop solving all your gifting woes. From personalized gifts to gifting ideas, it is a place where I would suggest, design and work hard to turn your gift into a special moment.
  6. Observe More and Learn new things : My husband is a good observer. I want to be as good as him. Learn new things, observe more and be more aware.
  7. Stop Comparing Myself: Constant comparison takes joy and enjoyment out of life. I am found guilty of comparing myself number of times and I want to change that. I know I cannot quit this trap on the first go but I can definitely try.
  8. Cook More: Though I enjoy cooking I am a lazy bum when it comes to chopping and other household stuff. I will be more active and cook more this year. Thus lots of recipes on the blog :D
  9. Dress Up more: I enjoy dressing up but again laziness gets in way and wins over. This explains the lesser outfit post. Most of the times I stay in pajamas or legging kurti which is comfortable but not stylish or fashionable. Hence, this year I want to take full benefit out of closet and try different trends.
  10. Save: Saving money is important in life too. I have made a Money-Saver chart for myself that would keep saving issues on track. Will share that with you in next post.

                                                          ~Live Love Laugh~