Republic Day - Saree Look

I am late but still a very happy republic day to all . One of my own analysations , republic day not so much posts on it but let Valentines come evryone will have a post for you (Maybe preparing for it from now ).
Also I have seen so many Valentine giveaways but have you heard of republic day giveaway :p. Anyways  thats my personal opinion and even i stand in the same list of people but for a change let me give you traditional outfit post in regards of Republic Day !!

This is what i wore for my college farewell like 4 months back , so check out :

Thats my moms saree and i soooo love it . Isnt it beautiful ??

A closeup , love the sequence.

Me and my 3 best buddies.

I got stitched a halter neck blouse , flaunting its back. 

A silver halter. 

~Live Love Laugh~

p.s : I miss my college life a lot  though very happy with my present life too .


Heylo pretty girls ,

Today I 'll be a little philosophical so read on and i hope you dont get bore :p.
Complexities , regrets and jealousy are few negative emotions that exist in every human being and so does in ME. Yes I feel jealous, regret few things and have a complexities but thats supposed to complete a human life. If everything becomes perfect in life , you wont have that craziness for life . Also I ll get soooooo bore from life :p

For me the biggest complex was me being fat but now I don't care. Now that doesn't mean I' ll eat anything anytime I want and blow up like a balloon but I ll not become so self conscious and will accept my body as it is . Wear clothes that will make me look 'n' feel good and confident because the way you feel is the way you look .

Trust me try it . Don't let your complexity overburden  you rather do something to get that negative emotion out of your life .You'll feel a lot better and will have a positive thinking.

I tried and wore this long cardigan which i thought makes me look very fat but I myself felt good and cozy in it so tried it. I think it turned out well and I dont look that fat , its just my belief :p (Wah !! I can make myself feel so good. hahaha )

                                                                       ~Live Love Laugh~


Classic Combii

Heylo angels ,

Today was a very unique day . Firstly I cooked for the first time today in my new house.  I made red sauce pasta and tomorrow i am planning to make a pizza and black forest pudding ( I am making all this because my parents are not in town so we are partying for a week :D yayyyy !!)

Secondly I did a blunder. I got 200 rupees back from a discount and i lost it somewhere in shopping
(See what shopping does to me , so careless of me)  I was so happy to get the discount but it was not in my "kismat" so gone.

Anyways ending with my stupid stories, have a look at pictures.
This is what I wore to my mommys house (my nephew bhavyam doesnt recognise me in sarees and suits , so wore jeans ).

Photographer : My dearest hubby :D

p.s. : Combii in my language means combination

~ Live love laugh  ~

Lohrii Dhamaka

Hey pretty girls,

I had an amazing lohri. It was my first lohri after marriage. I think most of you must be  unaware of lohri because its a punjab festival.

Lohri is an extremely popular festival among punjabis(Ohh !! I am a punjabi girl did you knwo).On the day of Lohri kids bring wood sticks from their grand parents and aunties and like a fire camp burnt these sticks in the night with people enjoying, dancing and playing around fire . Also full day is spent flying kites.It is sooooo much fun !!

All day long we were on roof flying kites (yay!!). We danced , also we had lunch on roof since nobody wanted to leave kites even for a second. It was on 14th jan and I know I am bit late but this is what i wore:

Starting the fest :D :D

My husband loves this festival so he agreed to click only one pick coz he was too busy that day :p

Me and my hubby :D

Me and my sis in law(cousin)

Me and my brother in law (cousin)

Look at picture, its almost sunset and still everyone was busy in kites and me in posing.
(Tired by now)

Live Laugh Love

Hello Kitty

Hey pretty girlies ,

How are you all doin. I know it might be fantastic with such a awesome weather.
Back with my new nail art . Ohh by God it was a difficult nail art.
While i was trying it I thought of quitting it then suddenly a forwarded message buzzed up saying
                                                   "If its not tough its not worth it"

After reading it I forgot completely about quitting it and started to try it again. And finally as people say try and try till you succeed , I SUCCEEDED to some extent :p Yay !! have a look at pictures and let me know if I succeeded or not.

Hello Kitty :)

Do tell me how is it looking  :D

Also i want to tell you people about a giveaway check out its really cool .

Shape Up for Singapore

I am going to singapore for my honeymoon after a month i.e. on 10th  february (super excited). So there are many lists to be made, shopping to be done and most important loose weight in order to look my best. (Already waiting for my trip)

Lemme know if you have any suggestions regarding the places to visit there or any easy way out to loose weight in a month :p

This is what i wore today :

                                            Love the pink shade of nails.( Try n focus to see it lol)

Also starting my fitness regime for a month if anyone wish to accompany me are welcome :
NO SWEETS (includes any extra sweets we have after meals, chocolates and added sugar)
Atleast one fruit a day
8 glasses of water ( or 2 bottles of water). yes, also no cold drinks at all.
No Oil on chapatis.
Very Light Dinner (most important.)
2 glasses of milk a day

Breakfast :
Milk without sugar and poha or daliya or kelloges (no parathas)

Lunch :
2 chapatis with whatever is made at home.( mom will kill me if i ask her to make something else for me or reduce my no of chapatis)

Snack :
Any Fruit

Dinner :
One chapati.

Try eating no junk food (least possible for me but will try my best)
Starting it from tomorrow. Lets see how much i can follow. wish me luck.

Live Laugh Love