Two Thousand Thirteen is Over

2013 changed me as a person. I am more confident, mature and aware. My perspective towards life is changing. I do not know if its a side effect of growing up but whatever it is I am liking the change. Though the child in me would never die but now I know who is worth my time and love and who is not.Lets make the life simple.

Anyways moving over to the blog. There are lots of changes I have done in this year some were hit and some flop but nevertheless I have not stop trying. I will do what it takes to grow this blog, after all its my second third love. I started new series, experimented layouts, bought a domain and much more and I am sure 2014 is going to be more special and great. I have lots of dreams for this blog as well as my career and personal life. Wish me luck.

Signing off with few pictures that are not outfit post but close to my heart. See you in new year. Tataaaa

He is my second love, my nephew :D

Karva Chauth is very special to me. A day to celebrate marriage :D

WE <3

Dinner Dates

                                                                ~Live Love Laugh~

Life Snippets

November 2013 Version

Stay at my mommy's house is a reason for the delay of Life Snippets but nevertheless here are some pleasant memories November left me with.
Not much to say, let pictures do the talking.

Anniversary Life Snippet
Anniversary Flowers from my favorite people

Forever 21 Boots
My first pair of Ankle Boots, Love them.

Chocolate Doughnuts
Another Doughnut Party :D

Coffee date
Now a days I like coffee dates more than dinner dates :p

Fitness update
Fitness diary for November, No improvement :(

Dominos: Khushiyon ki home delivery One on One, did you avail the offer ? Pleasure of eating one free pizza is greaaatt lol

GAIA Green tea
Tried GAIA Green Tea, its good. I generally opt for Organic India but trying new companies now, which is your favorite ?

Crispy Maggie Kebabs, they had maggie stuffing. Delicious.

Pizza Time, Recipe here

Diwali Rangoli

Shopping Bags
Last but not least shopping therapy. My favorite budget brands though Mango and Zara are missing.

                                                            ~Live Love Laugh~

Outfit Post: Anniversary Post

29th November was the day we met. Yes !! Our Anniversary (me + husband = <3)
Completed two years and it has been a hell of a ride. Smile, Laughter, Joy, Tears, Compromise, Sacrifice, Responsibilities and oodles of Love, this is what 2 years of togetherness bought to us. I did not update anything regarding the same on Facebook page - Eleganza because I did not do anything fancy. All I did was go on diner date, spend some lonely time with husband and dress up.

Ohh btw I did go Delhi for a pre-celebrations and did lots and lots of shopping. Wait for Life Snippets series to know more about the same.I love celebrating the special days like birthday's or anniversary's but due to prior commitments when I am not able to do that on same day I opt for pre-celebration or post celebration. So in all celebration is important no matter what all adjustments have to be done after all celebrating every moment is what I believe in :D  

Oh enough of my ramblings lets move to the outfit; casual, cozy and chic.


Since I am doing outfit post after long I forgot how to pose :p lol will try new poses next time for sure. I have to improve so much hmmm

Ohh btw since its an anniversary post, signing off with this picture

                                                       ~Live Love Laugh~

Website Review : PrettySecrets

When it comes to online shopping I am very choosy. I have number of criterias to judge if a site falls in my online shopping list or not. You have already read my online shopping sites in India vol.1 and slowly and steadily I am building my vol.2. A site has to be worth it to share it with you guys and PrettySecrets is one of them.

PrettySecrets is an Online Lingerie brand and shopping store in India that has made it to my favorites list.Why ? Read on to find out.

1. Wide Variety: Huge variety from shape-wears to lingerie to dresses to nightwear in multiple prints and colors. Generally an online store collaborates with various brands and sell their stuff online whereas at PrettySecrets along with various brands has its own brand named "PrettySecrets" which covers very unique and hot collection.

2. Size Guide: A very elaborate size guide so that whatever you buy fits you perfectly. This guide also helps you to know your exact bust size.

Out of the huge collection I ordered for a Black-Gold Safari Shift Dress, Shapewear and PrettySecrets White Washing Basket.

Delivery Speed: 

Delivery was super quick. I ordered stuff on 29 Nov. 2013(Friday) and it was delivered at my doorsteps on 3 Dec.2013(Tuesday) which included weekend. So 5 out of 5 stars for that :D

Customer Care Service: 

okay !! No body ever called me up to check if the package reached me safely or not.
But they did !! yes the people out at PrettySecrets are that sweet.


A very important aspect for me when buying clothes online especially lingerie is quality. This was the point I examined them on and they did not disappoint. Tummy Tucker and Dress is made of very fine and superior quality; hence they PASS my test.So again 5 out of 5 for same.(Basket is yet to be tried, will review that soon)


They have the cutest packaging on earth. Everything was separately packed in transparent sheets and then placed together in cute pink box. Accompanying it was a thank you note which makes the association personal.And Yes !! the content details are not mentioned on the exterior to keep it private.Hence no one would know what have you received :p (you can check in picture above)

Return Response: 

PrettySecrets did not give me chance to return. Everything was just perfect. Accurate enough to what is mentioned on website.

Overall Verdict: 

An absolute YES !!
If you want to buy lingerie, dress, shape-wear or workout wear or nightwear or swimwear (and much more) I would certainly suggest you this website. It has variety, quality and stands true what it says.

Note: I was given a voucher to shop. I really like the fact that they did not chose the stuff themselves by which they could easily send best of their products and gave me the freedom to choose and test the products the way I want to; proving how sure they are of their quality and products. Brownie points from my side.*thumbs up*

Have you ordered anything from them before ? If yes, how was your experience ? Do leave your reviews in comments below.

                                              ~Live Love Laugh~

Decor Series : Indian Wardrobe Design

I have always been interested in interior designing or fashion designing but I feel I am not that creative and require a lot of extra effort to make some thing look really stunning !! You know the way you guys match a statement neck-piece with an outfit or heels with a dress so easily whereas I have to go through lots of inspiration pictures and trial - errors to actually make something unique workout. You get what I mean to say ?

Anyways lets shift to main topic. We are designing our new home and it involves lot of things to be considered. I would be making an online diary of the journey so that anyone who is in the same shoes as I am in now can benefit from this series or can suggest me some good ideas.

We are done with the outer structure and have started with selection of tiles and wardrobe designing.

Here are few inspirations from which I have designed my own cupboard. It is inside room, hence slider and medium sized. Though I wanted open doors but I think that is quite out of fashion also it consumes lot of space.
Design for bigger wardrobe

Another One

I require a lot of hanging in my closet like a long one in picture for full length suits or gowns and short one for tops and jeans
Maximum storage wardrobe for Women

Maximum Storage wardrobe for Men

A wardrobe design that I loved the most, the doors the color just everything.

Liked the concept of slider doors going inside the wall. Elegant Finished look.
Another Elegant design
Similar to what I designed for myself.
Inspired from all, this is what I designed for myself. Suggestions are welcome. If you think I have missed storage for something, do let me know. Also, in case you are wondering where will my husband's stuff go; he is getting his own complete wardrobe designed in bathroom. Will share that as and when the work starts for the same.

Layout for the one I designed. Sizes are done according to my needs :D
Ohh and this is going to be a three door slider one

Do let me know if you would like to see more such posts in future.

p.s. : Images do not belong to me until and unless they have my blog name or logo mentioned on it.

                                                            ~Live Love Laugh~