Website Review: Flipkart

Hey everyone !! How are you all doing ? I am sorry for being away for so long; was caught by number of things in personal life and hence blogging took a back seat. Anyhow, will share them all soon with you one by one, for now, lets move to the post.

I have been online shopping a lot from past few months so stay tuned for lots of website reviews. First one to come up is This is one eCommerce website of which I have never heard bad of. Lets see my take on the same.

I ordered two books from Flipkart. While searching for a book I found flipkart has a huge variety at minimum prices as compared to other online retailers.

Delivery Speed:

Now this is something for which even if I had to buy something for marginally extra price I would do that because the books were delivered to me the very next day. Yes, I placed my order on 11 Aug afternoon and I received my parcel on 12th Aug afternoon. Super cool, right ?


Coming to quality, both the books were tightly sealed packed in a transparent sheet and were in a neat brand-new condition.A sixer in this department too.


Return response and Customer Care Service:

Since everything was upto the mark I did not get the chance to return anything or talk to the customer care so can't really comment on that.

Overall Verdict:

Thumbs Up from my side to this website. Super fast delivery, neat-sturdy packaging and lots of variety to chose from.I would definitely shop from them again as soon as I finish my books :D

p.s.: I would be updating on my Bali Travel Journey Posts soon, sorry for such a huge delay but I really want to document it on my blog and would be doing that super soon.Stay Tuned !!

Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored/paid. It is just to share my personal experience with the website.