10 Healthy Snacks Ideas for Vegetarians

The moment I decided to stay fit and healthy I knew its not going to be an easy journey and I'll have to face a lot of obstacles.One of those obstacles was to find some healthy snacks options.
I have a habit of moving around the house and munching a biscuit every time I pass by those cute jars, followed by a glass of water. No, there is no harm with water but having water with salty and oily food bloats me up and fills the tummy leaving no space for nutritious food.So, by the lunch time I am almost full and end up eating less vegetables and roti which leaves me with an assumption that I am dieting (hahaha I know, how stupid and funny it sounds !!)

If the story sounds familiar to you, read on to find out some healthy alternatives so as to get rid of this unhealthy habit a soon as possible.

  1. Popcorn : Without butter and extra salt, these make a healthy snack for a movie-time or infact just anytime around the clock.

  2. Salads : Want to have something to much on with drinks, have a plate of carrot, yummy !! Make salads a interesting meal by adding variations to it. Will post about it soon :D 

  3. Milk : Instead of having milk with breakfast, have it as a mid morning snack, it will satisfy you till lunch time and keep your metabolism up.
  4. Roasted Peanuts : Whenever craving for something salty, do not go for a packet of chips rather have a handful of peanuts.They are filling as well as have essential nutrients. 
  5. Almonds : Make it a habit of keeping few almonds always in your bag. Whenever hungry just have 2 or 3 of them and they will satisfy you enough so that you can wait till main meal. 

  6. Yogurt with fruits : Ohh !! This is best option for an healthy heavy snack. You can even opt this for a healthy breakfast option.

  7. Fruits Alone : Do not like curd much, opt for any fruit you have in your pantry to snack on. Apple and Banana are easy to carry as well as eat. Or else, chop the fruits, whatever available, and eat them first thing in morning.Its the best time to have fruits.

  8. Steamed Corns : Again, without any extra butter and spices, eat them as it as to enjoy them. Just steam the corn kernels, add a little salt and chaat masala. 

  9. Oats : A very simple and healthy dish to have. Many of you find it tasteless and dull,so let me share a tip to make it yummy and spicy. Add lots of vegetables to oats and to make it more spicy add maggie masala; it gives a really yummy taste and you will love to eat it.  

  10. Sandwich and Brown Bread : Either make a sandwich or eat brown bread as it is, it makes a good and healthy snack. Toast brown bread, add a little honey or else just add few herbs and have it.Simple and delicious. If wish to have something heavy, use the veggies available and make a sandwich. 

    So what is your favorite snack ? Any other healthy snack idea, do share it in comments below.

    p.s : For all the party and social animals, I have something for you too. Read : How to control calorie intakes while eating out.

    ~Live Love Laugh~

30 Days ABS Challenge

I have completed my Shopping Ban successfully (Wooooo) initiated via tanvii and I am glad about it. Now me and my husband are sure of the fact that I am not an impulsive buyer.Anyways, moving further tanvi gave another chance to confront myself by introducing 30 DAYS ABS CHALLENEGE.  The moment I saw this mail I was sure I will take it up; though a day late but I have started following it.

Along with this I have done my own modifications.

  • 5 days of neat homemade food.
  • Sunday a cheat day but portion controlled,else week's effort will go in bin.
  • 2 liters of water each day.
  • One fruit everyday.

If you wanna join in, drop me a mail at eleganzamyway@gmail.com for regular updates or share in comments below or post on facebook; anyway you like.

                                                       ~Live Love Laugh~