1st Anniversary Giveaway

I know guys I had to introduce this giveaway in second half of yesterday but I am really sorry i was caught up among the guests visiting my place because of Karva chauth *Lets leave it for next post*

Anyways, Lets pretend its yesterday :p please please...

I chose second half of the day to announce giveaway only because I wrote my first post in second half of 29th-Oct a year before. I have no idea what m i writing so lets jump directly to the main topic the super exciting giveaway.
Lets see what do I have in store for you :

Maybelline Compact Powder

Cute Bow Clips : you will love them

Golden copper glittery nail paint

Pink glittery nail paint

Temporary Tatto sheet 


I hope you will like the gifts and enter the giveaway asap !!
Important : DO leave a comment once you have entered.  

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I hope you will enjoy the giveaway.

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First Guest Post : Fictious Fashion

Today is my blog's anniversary, Yes we have completed one successful year !! *Yayyyyy*
I am thankful to all my lovely readers and supporters for all the love they have shown and also invite them to my first giveaway ever which I will introduce in second half of the day.

Starting with my list of surprises for the day, first I have a guest post on blog. I lover reading her blog, there is so much energy and fresh vibe on her blog. I prepared a questionnaire for her to fill which I must say, she has answered with complete honesty and truth.
So here I introduce you to gorgeous and fun loving, Akanksha Chawla from Fictitious Fashion.

About Her :

  • About Yourself: If you hear a girl humming a funny tune, smiling on the streets for no reason, hogging on food while counting the calories then you’ve most likely found me. Apart from casual cravings and laughter, I love to write (blogs and articles), cook different cuisines and try things for the first time!
  • High point in life :  There have been many. Everytime a package (online shopping/sponsor) comes, I’m high; everytime I see food, I get wide-eyed and everyday when I think about my dream city- New York, I get high on life.. So its basically everyday, besides these silly things!
  • Low point in life: When there is no me-time. Also, there was one biggest low point in my life when I couldn’t choose a career line: I’m in the same position as of now but I’ve made it a point to give my best in what I’m doing currently. :)
  • Your style statement: It would always have to be comfort and quality first. A mix of trends and a touch of naughtiness with a glimpse of elegance would be my style.
  • How many pair of bags and foot-wears do you own? (approx.) My wardrobe has got a huge size shift since blogging. Currently I own 12 footwear and 11 bags.
  • Favourite shopping destinations for:  
    :  Forever 21, aldo & oasap.com (my sponsor) for western and Bg’s for   bling & Indian touch. Western apparels: Zara, mango, promod, madame and Oasap.comIndian apparels: Meena Bazaar, sabhyata and Biba ·Foot-wears: Clarks, catwalk and oasap.com
  • Favourite or Must have make up products : I’m a fan of staying natural but I’d swear by Maybeline/Fabindia’s kajal and kiehl’s lip balm.

About Blog :

  • What made you start your blogging journey ? I started blogging with a friend, just for fun! Pretty soon we realized that our interests didn’t match so I started Fictitious Fashion to bring something new to my life. I can proudly say that blogging has brought a delightful change to my personality, wardrobe and life.
  • Blogs you admire (Indian): Stylish by Nature, by Shalini
  • Who takes your pictures for blog? Mostly my brother, Mr. A and sometimes parents.
  • Isn’t taking a picture of outfit outdoor is difficult task with public staring? Do you hesitate or feel awkward doing that? Initially it was awkward and I used to wait a couple of minutes before the place was empty but now it doesn’t matter. I feel like a model and people most often stare for a few seconds, thinking that a photoshoot is going on, and leave. I’m not sure why but this makes me feel special and happy now!
  • Do you dress up specially for blog pictures at times ? My style was totally different before blogging. I used to go out for fun and then take pictures for blog (sometimes). Now I go out to have fun, keeping in mind that I’ve to make an outfit post. So, all my clothes are now in sync with a blogger image so I mostly dress-up especially for Blog.
  • Any fashion advice: Make comfort your friend and dress according to your body type, occasion and style. Imbibing fashion in your lifestyle is great but make sure to create your own look by playing around with colors, patterns and styles.
  • Are you planning to make career through blogging? If yes, then how?Yes, I am planning (read: planning) to make a career out of blogging. I’m writing for several magazines, tying-up with sponsors and reaching out to my lovely readers for my passion and love for what I do. After all, if it weren’t for the readers, I won’t be running a soul. So I’d like to Thank everyone for their love and support!

About Fitness :

  • What do you do to keep yourself fit? Being a food-freak, its very difficult to maintain my shape but I give my best every day. I drink a glass of water every half n’ hour, eat 2-3 fruits daily, avoid junk food, don’t drink aerated drinks or coffee, avoid drinking water in between meals and the most important being~ drinking 2-3 glasses of lukewarm water every morning and doing cardio & pilates alternatively every day. That’s it! :)
  • Any fitness advice: Though this comes under personal care and beauty but your hardwork with food and healthy lifestyle won’t show if you don’t take care of yourself externally, afterwards. Whenever you go out, make it a point to cover yourself from head toe to protect yourself from sun and pollution. No one has to know who is behind that stole. Apart from what I do to keep myself fit; choosing happiness over worries is surely the best remedy for inner glow :)

    This is what she added *big smile *:
    Thank you Mukta for inviting me over to your blog. I love your honest opinions about everything in your blog and your sweet sense of style!

Thank you so much Akanksha for your lovely time, It was great knowing you !!
So guys did you like the guest post ?? Also in case you want to ask any question to her you can leave in a comment. Who else would you like to see as next guest on this blog, any suggestions, you can leave them in comment or mail me at muktajain3008@gmail.com.

                                                 ~ Live Love Laugh ~

New Year Resolution 2013

I know guys we have more than two months to hit new year but I am making resolution before hand so that when we enter 2013 I am done with it. Yes, only I can think of such weird ideas but that makes me ME.

I am trying to learn driving from like 5 months and still no success.  I disparately need to learn driving before I enter 2013. Its a fear in me that makes me shut my eyes every time I am in traffic.The most difficult part is judging the space for a four wheeler, which is much difficult than judging spacing for two wheeler. OMG how can everyone do it with such great ease.
Anyways,When everyone else can do it, why cant I, all it needs is practice. Right ??

Next one is always an issue in my life.F.I.T.N.E.S.S issue. Sometimes I feel why me ?? My diet is so normal but still I am bloated. Every time I go shopping sexy clothes don't fit me, ohh I feel so bad !! But now no more I am on a strict diet till December(means no junk) !! But I know where I am lacking is hogging on junk every night. I wonder how to stop it. Sometimes I crave for it, sometimes I am forced and sometimes I feel "abhi toh time hai enjoy karne ka". Now no more silly excuses, I so need a fit and healthy body. And I am working on it :D

Now coming to the pictures there is a task I am running on Facebook, You can have a look here
In context to that task I tried on an outfit, casual and comfy. Have a look !

I am in love with this bag and wedges !! 

Inspired from here :
Pic via Google.

~ Live Love Laugh ~

Marriage is NOT end

Note : This post is specially for those who believe marriage is an end to life and freedom.

For all those who feel marriage is an end, trust me its NOT perhaps its a new Beginning. Though there are compromises and adjustments but if you have a loving husband and mom-in-law (#more imp than husband), then there is nothing to worry about.

Pros :

1. Best Time of Life : If you have the most loving husband in this world; that you have to pinch yourself at times to believe that its not a dream but reality then trust me, you are one of those few lucky ones. Live each and every moment with your partner, its probably the best time of your life that you will cherish once you get old.
2. Settled Future : Now that you are married, you know whom to make bankrupt (hehehahaha). Partially, your husband shares the responsiblity of giving you a secure and bright future. So 50-50 resposibilties.

3. Responsibilty : Marriage makes you responsible and mature, which is a good thing. You can not stay immature all your life.

4. Guide : Your husband becomes your guide, adviser and best friend. You can discuss every shit with him knowing that he won't judge you ever. He cares for you and guides you at every stage of your life. Stays by you till end !

5. New Life : You have a totally new and exciting life to look forward too. A chance to create endless memories with your loving one and new family.

Cons :

1. Fat after marriage : After marriage relatives incite you for lunches and dinners where you are MADE to eat lot which in turn is bad for health. Also, late night dinners have major impact on your health.If you have a control on yourself, you can easily stay fit by just making few vice choices.

2. Any good news : As soon as you hit anniversary elders start pressurizing you for child. But discuss with your husband and plan only after you ready for it.Its a big responsibility. Also you can not run away from this, one day you have to start thinking about your own family. So there is no escape but all you can do is take your time and set up your mind. So this con can easily be turned to a boon if properly planned.

3. Aunty: As soon as you get marriead people start treating you as aunty. Like why ? what on planet is wrong with you. This is what I dislike the most. Anyways, Keep a don't care a dam attitude and move on.

Clearly, all the cons can easily be overcome. So pros beat the cons Yeaahhh !! have a happy married life.Marriage is a roller coaster ride that makes your life all the more interesting and exciting.

#Note to self : In future if I feel angry at my hubby, i will make sure to re-read it to change my mood and save him (:p).

p.s. : This is my 50th post and to make it special I wrote about marriage because during my teenage even i feared it but now I believe, it could not have been better than this.

                                                                      ~ Live Love Laugh ~