Few things are Unchangeable !!

Aren't there few things/habbits which are as it is and are subject to no change.Do you have any such habbit ?

Let me tell you few basic habbits Indians possess (of course !! I am included :D), no matter which part of country they are in or what language they speak, there is something which unites the INDIANS together*hahaha* 

Disclaimer : No offence to anyone, these are just my observations and are for sake of some humor.

  • Enter a restaurant, order for soup and divide by 2.
  • Every lady or girl loves gol gappe and chocolates.
  • Shopping acts like a therapy. Sad --> Shop ; Happy --> Shop.
  • Today is Sunday, Sunday is a holiday; result : so no cooking. Since it is a holiday you have nothing to do so have heaviest breakfast possible preferably aloo puri.
  • Everyone is aware how important exercise and diet but still why to do it ? 100 % people are aware of this fact but only 50 % are conscious, Isn't it ? 
  • Things you desire most will always be banned.
  • The queue you stand in will always go slow compared to others.
  • Another fact :  Eating fast food spoils health, next day you are found eating pizza.
  • There are few rules and guidelines to do a thing simply, but we will always break rules, push ourself in difficult situation and end up doing same task in most complicated way possible.
  • If you know how to shop online you will spend your entire month salary shopping sitting at home and if you are not aware you will spend entire day browsing through items.
  • Buy a new item, by default show off .
Aren't these facts ?? Do you relate to any of these ??

Enough of chatter, Lets come to outfit, this is what I wore to a short trip to solan with friends. I wanted it to be comfortable and chic because we there was lot of travelling involved. Leggings have a jungle print on them and it was hard enough to pair them. Can you suggest more options to wear these leggings with ?

                                                 My new transparent flats, they go with any outfit.

~ Live Laugh Love ~

Dressing up (contd..)

I asked question "Do you dress up for others or for yourself ? You dress up so that it makes you feel good or to look nice for some one else to admire you?"

So the story behind why I asked such question :
I was dressing up for a dinner date, I wanted to wear my red jeans, so I teamed it up with yellow top ; and guess what for my surprise my husband did not like the combination, like yellow and red its is such an obvious combination, No ?? *shocked* I was so pissed off and thought why can't I wear what I want, and there originates the question.

This is what few bloggers had to say, and it actually helped me to set my mind.

Sunkissed : Most of the time I dress up for myself but every once in a while when I know it would make my boyfriend happy, I wear something that he would like me to wear :)

Style - Delights : I usually dress up for myself.. But some times, I dress up for or change the outfit for my husband :-) Usually he loves whatever I wear, but it feels nice sometimes to bend to the wishes of someone you love!! 

Fashionpolis : I dress up for myself. But recently I wore a saree for my best friends wedding since she asked me to wear one. 

At end these responses answered my question really well, I was offensive about others opinion on what to wear, but now I will occasionally dress up the way they want me too and try not being offensive. Thank you guys, blog makes you learn so many things Really, Isn't it ?? 

p.s. : Anyhow, I decided to wear the combination when I plan a girls day out. There is always a way out to do what one wants *big smile*

So here comes my dinner date outfit :

                                                           ~ Live Laugh Love ~

Dress up : for yourself or others ??

Question :  Do you dress up for others or for yourself ? You dress up so that it makes you feel good or to look nice for some one else to admire you?

Morning you start thinking what to wear, finally end up with an outfit. Dress up and are ready to go. As soon as you step out, your husband/mother/brother (any close one for that matter) says the outfit is not looking good. But you love the outfit. Will you change it or not?
How I came up to the question ?? Will let you know in next post. Please leave in your answers for now, and wait for next post to come.

Fitness :
Two weeks of gym came to end with no results :( I am not able to control late night dinners, so difficult, specially when I belong to punjabi family where twice a week we end up eating in restaurant . I think I have to put some extra effort, So from today I am going to follow this schedule for 5 weeks from now, let see see where I end up. Daily updates on my facebook page. Follow with me, lets see how much we loose ??

Dressing up nails :
I always try my hands on easy ones, but they look cute. Isn't it ?? Today I have tried DOG PAWS nail art. Do let me how they look ?

How to do it :
Apply base coat.
Apply the nail color you wish to.
Make a triangle , acc. to length of your nails.(Make it small if you have short length nails)
Make four dots, first and last being small. (As shown in image, imagine the dog paws :p)
Top coat and finish.

Credit : Cutepolish

Take 5 !!

These are my personal opinions, feel free to share your own opinios :

First, every other girl in this world is not size zero, there are girls who are curvy or healthy or even fat. They deserve equal amount of right to dress up. So, all the online stores please do not sell clothes only in Sizes small medium and large, there exists XL, XXL etc.
Also not every girl is beautiful by her physical appearance, please do not judge by it. There exist something called Inner Beauty that is far important then the outer beauty. RESPECT GIRLS.

Secondly, any pills or tablets or any other magical thing will not help you loose weight. Hard work and workout is the only option. NO ALTERNATIVE.
Do not think people are luck enough to get healthy body, NO, they have worked for it and earned that shape.

Third, No fairness cream will help you glow or become fair instantly. Eat healthy and adapt your skin tone. There are few inherited genes that can not be changed completely but can be improved by taking care of your skin in an healthy manner.

Fourth, Going out for shopping with your buddy,mom or anyone, you like something and they don't, Take it. If you like something and find it in your budget just pick it without thinking, else you will keep on thinking about it even a month after it is sold out. Doesn't that happen with you ? DO what you like, wear what you want to.

Fifth, Why the hell does jealousy exists or a wish to live some one's else life exist ? Are you aware what their life is all about. Be happy, content and satisfied with yours. Just Live It up !! Cheers !!

I believe luck matters but without dedication and hard work nothing is possible.

Coming to pictures, this is a long top that I use to wear in college. This is how I turned it into my little white dress. I always tend to glow when I am with my husband, Magic ?? Yeah :D :D

Close up add *wink* 

                                                                    ~Live Laugh Love ~

Must read for Teenagers

Today was my first day at Gym after a gap of like 6 months and seriously I felt like I was in heaven, on top of world. Doing what you like always makes you happy Isn't it ? , Exercising  is one such thing for me.

Wondering why sweating makes me happy :

--) It takes me one step closer to wearing my favorite clothes once i get slim (*big dream*)
--) It makes my skin glow. Seriously, it does trust me.
--) It keeps me active and positive throughout the day.
--) It makes me feel like I am pampering myself by taking care of my body (going to parlour is not the only option to pamper your body, right ??)

My personal tip : Thinking of going to gym from long time but but difficult to take action.
Go, Join the gym, Do not quit the gym before a month at any cost, after that you yourself will get addicted to it. Give it a try once. SERIOUSLY.

On other note, I would like to share with you guys a incident specially for teenagers.
I recently heard a case of a girl committing suicide, reason, his boyfriend dumped him for another girl. How stupid people can be ? Yes, I am calling the girl stupid not the guy. Common on, She did not think about her parents for once ? Ended up her life for a stupid college crush who did not even value her. I pity these kind of people who does not realize the value of life and love of their close ones.

I sincerely request the teenagers to not take any such stupid steps only because you got fail in paper or your crush dumped you. There are ups and downs, be strong enough to face them and do not act FOOLISHLY EMOTIONAL. And remember Time heals everything, Life goes on !! "Live Laugh Love"

No offences to anyone.

Infb remix :
Coming to outfit, I did not have anything neon in my closet. But then I stumbled upon this suit.There are no rules like traditional clothes not allowed, so why my mind always search for western clothing.Does that happen with you ? So thought of giving it a try. Do let me know your precious views :D

Neon yellow Asymmetrical Suit

My wet hair look :D

Posing :D

Quick shots

My cute colorful floral flats

 P.S. : Noticed the difference, I started off conversation just like that without writing heylo angels, want to know reason read this article  on Infb. See I am so open to positive changes.*wink*