New Fashion Trend : Eco-Friendly Eyewear

Going “green” is a great way to help the environment in which we live and today there are eco-friendly options for almost everything including eyewear. By using the words eco-friendly eyewear I am referring to glasses made from recycled and sustainable materials or those which have been fabricated exclusively using environmentally conscious methods. 

Eco-friendly eyewear

The environmental consciousness is growing and so is the demand for new products and technologies, so let me tell you a little more about eco-friendly eyewear.

Eco-friendly glassed account for style too

Eco-friendly eyewear means saving our environment and behaving responsibly, but it also means that the models currently produced are also stylish and up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. These glasses come in all shapes and colours and are designed to look and feel great. So, by purchasing a pair you are not only doing something for the environment, but you do not need to sacrifice your style.

Eco-friendly glasses are manufactured responsibly

Almost all eco-friendly glasses designers and manufacturers utilize recycled materials such as consumer plastics and former tyres. There are also a number of companies that package and ship their products in recycled materials in order to go one step further. 

Dispose of your old glasses in a responsible manner

Once having found and purchased your perfect pair of eco-friendly glasses, why not responsibly dispose of your old pair? Charity organisations welcome the donation of old glasses whilst others ship them off to third world developing nations so that they will be given to someone who perhaps cannot even afford to purchase a pair of glasses. Around four million pairs of glasses are thrown away each year, so why not to make the difference?

Feel and look great

By purchasing your next pair of glasses from a company that produces eco-friendly eyewear you will not only be able to find a pair just as stylish as that one manufactured by your favorite designer, but you will also have every reason to smile when wearing them. This is because you will know that you are helping to save our environment for future generations to come.

If you are asking where to purchase this kind of glasses, the answer is extremely simple. You can either go directly to the nearest eye-wear shop and ask whether they sell eco-friendly glasses or you can find them online, remember to have a look at websites with free classified ads, you may find there a pair you like at a lower price. By carefully considering all of the wonderful advantages of this eye-wear you will surely find a best pair for yourself.

This article is written by Aisha Singh.So did you like it ?? Have you tried eco-friendly eye-wear yet ? 

Aisha Singh: Aisha Singh is an Indian journalist who lives in the USA and writes on behalf of local and international websites and magazines since 2010. She was born and grew up in New Delhi and discovered her passion for reading and inventing stories very soon as she was a little child. After moving to Minneapolis, she already knew that she would continue her studies and studied Journalism at the University of Minnesota. She loves writing, reading and travelling all over the world.

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Movie Review : Goliyon ki raasleela Ram-Leela

The day I saw its promotional video I was hooked. I was desperately waiting for its release and it surely did not disappoint me.

Source :

  • Story : The story is based on Romeo-Juliet in exact words a modern version of Romeo Juliet. So I kind of knew the story and end.
  • Acting : Best Performance by Deepika and Ranveer Singh till date. Their sizzling chemistry blows off the screen. They are looking super hot and Deepika has become my latest girl-crush *drooool *
  • Music : I loved the music specially the Ram-Leela title song and Priyanka's stunning dance in it. This is what is called an item number. The balancing she has done is superb. She made the song look hot and sexy without making it look vulgar.

Hotness personified. Source :

  • Overall Review : Ram-Leela is kind of movie that would get extreme reactions. Either you will love it or you will hate it. For me it was love at first sight. Ranveer Singh, extreme hotness so is Deepika.What makes movie special is its dialogues, acting, choreography, music, direction and larger than life sets. In short apart from the very common story everything was outstanding. For me its definately worth a watch. 

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I'm Loving it - Links I Love

There are so many links that I am loving this week. I am dying to share them with you. So without wasting time, here they are :

  • How to make Poof without Backcombing: I always wish to try new hairstyles as much as possible because they basically change the whole look. Though making poof is a really basic one but backcombing seems to damage my hair a lot; so I wanted to learn one without backcombing and this is easiest I could find.

  • How to do contouring : Contouring highlights the features and imparts perfect cuts to face. Something I really wish to master. If you know any other links which help to learn this technique please share in the comments below.

Note : Images are not mine. I don't claim any ownership to them.

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Traditional Looks : Vol. 1

I am a true fan of Indian Traditional Wear. I love saree and suits but not on daily basis. My comfort zone lies in a kurti and legging combo as boring as it may sound. Recently I got many opportunities to go all desi and I did but I did not have my photographer aka husband around to shoot outfit pictures and I kinda hesitate asking my mom in law to do that for me. So today I am going to share the single clicks that I managed to take of traditional outfits. But I assure I will try and get as many more pictures as I could next time.

So here goes my traditional looks as promised in last post : Life Snippets.

This is what I wore on Karva chauth :D I forget to click back of blouse, it is sexy one with net
Blue dress cum suit, I love its color

Traditional dress on my sister's marriage

My favorite picture, Pink saree
I love this one :D
 I hope you like the post, do leave in your reactions below in commments section :p

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Life Snippets

October 2013 Version 

October was very busy for me. From festive occasions to household chores to driving course, everything took plenty of my time leaving me with guilt of ignoring the blog. Looking at the positive side of this, it made me realize how bad I am at Time Management and how difficult it could be for working moms to run their blogs along with all the responsibilities *Applause for them*.Time management has got be an addition to my new year resolution list.

Have a look at October Snapshots meanwhile I will work on myself and blog. Cya soon !!

Red chudda
Another reason for me being busy, my friend's marriage. We bought very pretty bangles for her :D

Cadbury Hot chocolate
I am a cadbury girl hahaha :D but only when it comes to chocolate since this did not taste that well. I cannot drink plain milk so I keep on experimenting. Btw Bournvita 5 star chocolate flavour tastes really good.

 Dominos Calzone Pockets
Calzone Pockets; yum yum. I am hard core dominos fan *wink*

Dinner date
Dinner date, I really liked the serving style. Peanuts in glass, freshener in packets in gold box and leather base for plates. Nice and different !

Forever 21 clutch
My latest addition to clutches :D

Green Suit
Posing :p

Karvachauth Party
Didar-e-chaand : Karvachauth party. Will post more pictures soon btw I wore a saree 

Kitty Fun
This is packing I did for gifting kitty price money

Fun with nephew
Leaving you with smiles; my naught nephew. Love him soooo much :*

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