Relationships all around the world !!

Heyloo Angels ,
How are you guys doing ?? Awesome or Fantastic ?? *Big Smile*

Have you ever been gone through tortures(melodrama queen)  and still smile to please everyone around. This is what happening with me now a days !! Yeah really. There was kind of relatives get together, since I am new to family, I do not know many relatives but still I became part of it to know everyone around (how sweet of me)
But but but long pause, i got so frustrated. The only things ladies were talking about was of random people and their random stories.OMG !! Long long relations ladies can just build up in just matter of seconds, what an art !! example, Meri dadiji ki beti ka beta is your something something and something. OMG it is so dam confusing. Thay can talk about their neighbours, neighbours of neighbours, their maids, someone you dont even talk to or doesn't even know if they exists. IT's ALL A BIG BOUNCER FOR ME.
I do not understand these talks neither i try to because for me it not at all important, my close ones are important and that is all what matters to me.
Never mind, I found a solution for myself, DO NOT listen, Nod,Smile and Run. Ahh!! Love the way how smile solve all the problems effortlessly.

Chalo forget now let me tell some good news :
1. I won a giveaway again and have already ordered from romwe. Already waiting for my freebies now.
2. Joining Gym from 1st april (No. it is no April fool I am making tou guys )

Coming to the outfit, this is a dress I am completely in loooooveeee with. I wore this on Valentine's (I know I know, I am posting about it very late, but better late than never)

Pink ruffles dress

pink dress for dinner

Dinner date outfit

pink outfit

Location : Star Virgo Cruise (Singapore)

I hope you guys like the post.
~Live Laugh Love~

What Face Shape you have ??

I felt to share this test with you. I have illustrated all steps with my own example.

Step 1 : Look closely in mirror pulling your hair backward. Guess the shape from six basic shapes and match it with six basic shape. The one you closely resemble (you can or can not be exactly oval or round) note it down.

Image credit :

Result of Step 1 : For me I found it was either oval , round or heart (my observation)

Step 2: Compare it feature by feature as illustrated below :

Oval face shape:
Wider forehead and prominent cheekbones
Face gracefully tapers to a narrow oval chin

Round Face shape :
Width and height of face shape is almost equal.
Wider at cheeks.

Long Face shape :
Forehead, cheekbones and jawline have almost same width and prominent chin
Since its long it has elongated look

Square Face shape :
Forehead, cheekbones and jawline all about the same width with squared jawline.

Heart face shape :
Wider forehead with a tapering chin

Diamond Face shape
Short forhead and wider temples(side of head behind the temples)

Result of Step 2 : Heart shape rejected since i have no tapering chin, I have an oval chin, so I am left with oval and round.

Step 3 : Mathematical measure :

Measure the length of your face with a ruler.
Divide the total length by 3. (name it first number )
Measure the length from the bottom of your nose to the bottom of your chin.(name it last number)
If the last number is larger than the first number than chances are you have a long face. 
If the last number is less than the first number than chances are you have a round face.
If the last number is equal to the first number than chances are you have an oval face

Result of Step 3 : In my case, face length is 7.5, divide by 3 it is 2.5.
Length from bottom of nose to chin is 2.5 too.
Since both are equal, I end up having oval face. Yaaaayyyy !! I finally found my shape.

Did you like the test ??
I know it seems a lengthy task but trust me it is not. Try and let me know what face shape you have. Once you know your face shape you can google and search the haircut or shades that suit your face shape.

Go ahead find the right one for you gals and let me know how did you find the post !!

P.S. I personally learnt the method from here

Next post preview :

Do let me know your views ??


This post is completely random. There are so many random thoughts that I wanted to share with you people. So here they begin :

1. Always save : I am not talking about save for older age or something. I am just talking about save some money so that you can spend it when ever you are tempt to shop *wink, after all we are girls !!*. Also, use that money to buy presents for your loved ones. It makes the present more special.You remember I mentioned about the surprise in this post, I managed it all out of my saving. It was fab. From college time I am saving 200 rps from my pocket money and add them into a account. It feels great.

2. Stay Indian : While I was on trip to singapore, I can spot an Indian from a mile distance. How ?? Let me tell you.What ever currency you take, you start converting in Indian currency as soon as you buy something. In any part of world Indian is, he/she will still divide a soup by 2. If any Indian has taken buffet, he/she will try every snack or vegetable no matter how full they are. Anything seen around will  be compared to India. Still I love being Indian :D (It is just for humour don't take it seriously)

 3. Fitness : Importantly, this is not just a resolution for a week or month or year.It is a part of life. Incorporate excercise and healthy habbits as part of life. You can only enjoy your life once you are fit and healthy. Do not ignore it at allll !!!

4. Marriage : Its almost 4 months that I got married :D and trust me its the most beautiful part of life (after college ofcourse !!). I dont know why people fear marriage and make jokes or fun about it. But for me it's most precious, beautiful and pure relation made by God (after my parents and brother). Don't fear marriage just live every moment of it. This all does not mean that there are no bad parts, there are, but being with a lovely partner and family makes me feel blessed and forget all bad parts marriage can bring *blush my husband will be so happy after readung it hahaha *. But one bad part is it makes you fat *uaann uaann* , the lunches and late night dinners and of course Honeymoonnnnnn *though no regrets for it*

Now after all my *bhashan* I will show you what I wore to one such dinners. Generally I wear suits and sarees to dinners since I am *newly married* but this was a dinner by family friends so I dressed up in western wear.

Have a look and let me know how the trousers look *scared tried them for first time* ??

                                                                         ~Live Love Laugh ~

Happiness all around

Clap your hands up in air if you feel happy like me !! (hahaha)

Heylo Angels,

Okay this is a very happy post because I feel happy without any reason (best part, hahahaha). On my face page I requested the readers to give me some ideas for my husbands birthday. Thanks people for helping me out, it went really awesome (sorry, for postinng about it so late). It was on 4th march and was his first birthday after our marriage so I wanted to make him feel really special :D (he should be proud have wifey like me , hahaha)

At the end, I planned up many things for him.
1. I baked a cake for him. For the first time in life the cake I baked turned out perfect, you know the love with which i made it hahaha.

2. Gifted him our honeymoon photo framed in wooden case and a pen.

3. We went to have paranthas,some coffee and a lonnngg drive after 12.*blush*
4. And the best, I planned a surprise for him. his birthday party with his close 10 to 12 friends. Since we had pooja in morning and family dinner at night there was no time for him to hang out and celebrate with friends. So thought of planning it and on the top it was a terrace party. He just lovvveeeddd it and what else do i want.
Now coming to what I wore. I tried my hands on color blocking trend. I got these new red pants from Singapore for like 20$ and was eager to wear them. Have a look at pictures :

                                    Complete outfit * i wish I had taken more pictures*


Birthday cake and crackers :D 

Terrace party, I know the view is not that good but trust me weather made it amazing :D

Hahaha I can show more than 32 teeths when I am with you (Birthday Boy, my hubby).

Girlfriends <3 <3

I know my footwears are not going so well with it, i should have worn heels. But, anyways will keep in mind for future. Blogging is making me learn new things. I am wearing such bold colours for first time do let me know how they look ?
Also,I am soo soo happy for my first award by Stylish by Nature. Its my first ever award and I am glad to recieve it.

Abiding by the rules.
1. Link back to person who has so graciously bestowed you with award.

Thank You so much Shalini from Stylish By Nature.  It is my first award and feels lovely to have it from you, a great fashionista *Big hug* :D

2. Passing it to my favourite 5 other fashin bloggers.

<3 Jahn 'n style.
<3 Style File
<3 The Girl At First Avenue
<3 Bong's Belleza
<3 Love Sushi and fashion

3. Accept the award and spread the love :D

Congratulations everyone, you guys surely deserve it :D.
~Live Laugh Love~

InFB Remix

Heylo Angels,
I know i always delay a post. I switch on my laptop completely in a mood to write posts, open facebook and my blogger account, browse through various post and blogs, 2 hours over, switch off the laptop again and think why did not I write post (the actual purpose of switching laptop on) :p. This is what happens with me always. I'll improve myself soon *puppy promise*. From now , i'll try to be on time now for sure !! *trust me*.

Indian fashion Bloggers have started a InFB remix where every month one can link their posts and see how "One trend" is interpreted by different bloggers. To start they have picked up Pastels.To visit their blog, click on  IFB image on right hand side bar. Do visit my article on the blog, for that click here.

As soon as i read the post, I started hunting for pastels in my closet and finally ended up with this outfit.
I have always been in love with oversized tops, it hides the fat as well as look stylish.

Oversized bat wing top

My husbands photography :p

It was the most comfortable outfit with comfy top and pink comfortable flip flops, since i knew we have to walk a lot.

Outfit inspired from :