Health Talk: Diet Update-2

I started my diet on Monday, its been 4 days and today is fifth one. Out of those four days first two days I completely followed my diet plan but on third day I had a kitty and birthday party to attend. So my dietician suggested me few changes.

For lunch, she asked me to

  • have snacks since fried is easy to digest in monsoons but avoid sauces - which I did 
  • have fruits 2 hours prior to lunch - which I did
  • skip beans (Rajmah, Chole) - I did not have that
  • stick to exercise routine- which I did
  • have clear soup - was not hungry for that
  • chew every bite at-least 20 times - did not remember, will try next time
  • eat 3/4th of your hunger - I did
  • have one chapati with vegetables- I did

Since I had dinner outside too,
  • Clear Soup - again did not require the need
  • have milk and fruits before going - I did
  • avoid paneer - I did
  • have kebabs and stir fried dishes - I did
  • One roti and veggie, skip dal - I did not have dinner, snacks were enough to fill me up
  • if not roti have rice they are fewer in calories - read point above
  • eat slowly - I did
  • if I need to feed before sleeping have fistful dry fruits- she slept by the time we were home
So on forth day I again managed to eat proper home-made food according to diet plan. 
So, this is the update from my side for past four days, Now coming forward is the toughest part, the weekend. It is super hard to resist temptation on weekends but with the diet that she suggests I think I will manage it,

The only problem I am facing is exercise part which I am getting lazy for. Next week I will be working on the same, So what is your update ? Have you had clean and healthy food ?
Any point you want me to discuss, let me know.

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Health Talk: Day 1 (Diet Course)

If you are not aware about which diet course I am talking about check the previous post on diet course. As mentioned in that post I was yet to get a diet chart which I have received now. I am sharing the chart below. Also, I would share my journey every Monday and Friday which you can join in. I am tarting from day 1 again, which was yesterday.

Also, if you want to receive the dietitians details or the doc file of diet chart that she mailed to me, feel free to mail me or leave your id in comments below and I shall mail it to you.

I am feeding twice to thrice a day now a days since my baby is 7 months old and she takes her proper 3 meals a day. If you want to know how and what I feed her, do let me know in comments below and I will be happy to share.

Coming to my diet, below is my diet chart for now.

theitgirl: diet chart

I would be telling how my Week has been on Friday. Now that I am answerable I am eating consciously.Try and join in, I am telling you its going to be fun.

                                                     ~Live Love Laugh~


Health Talk: Day 1 -2 -3 (Diet Course)

If you follow me on the blog, you definitely know by now that I got blessed with a little princess seven months ago. I enjoyed my nine months completely. Also, after delivery I took utmost care about myself. Regular messages and healthy food was my motto. I had a normal delivery so I had all the panjiri and other stuff that elders make to help you recover soon and give you strength. I believed in every bit of it and had what was given with dedication. Result, though I recovered super soon and felt the stamina as before, I gained weight: Pregnancy as well as after-pregnancy weight.

theitgirl: Diet Course

I tried hard to reduce my weight after six months of delivery but I just could not get control of my eating habits neither I am left with time to go gym. So I joined a dietitian online and planned on exercising at home.

I will be given a proper diet chart on 25th July since dietitian is out of town but she has asked me to make some lifestyle changes which I started implementing from 21st- July - 15) 
Let me tell you in brief what all changes I am asked to do and how much I succeeded.

1. Wind up dinner by 8 max. 
2. Avoid sugar and oily stuff as much as I can. 
3. Have sprouts once a day
4. Have 3 glasses of water empty stomach. No water immediately after meals. 
5. Before Sleeping one glass hot water
6. Himalaya garlic Capsules with lunch and dinner since I am feeding a baby right now.
7. One glass of water before feed. 

For day 1-2-3:
  • I had my dinner by 8 and did not have anything after that, just a glass of hot water.
  • I did not have anything oily though I had something sweet on first day only.
  • Yet to learn how to make sprouts, please guide.
  • Had 2 glasses of water empty stomach.
  • Had hot water before sleeping.
  • Yet to buy capsules.
  • Had a glass of water while feeding.
So for first three days I was pretty consistent. Today is my forth day lets see how it goes. Since I am continuing the diet for 3 months I won't be updating for each day but for 2 or 3 days together so that it does not get monotonous and boring.

I would be updating my struggle towards a healthy lifestyle and how much I succeed in doing that. This way I can document my journey as well as I become answerable thus making less mistakes, I hope. If you want you can hop on this journey along with me and for any doubts let me know I can always get you answers from the best source that I can.

                                                         ~Live Love Laugh~

Beauty Talk: Makeup Tutorials (Complete Makeup Guide)

This is the last post for Makeup and Hair-styling Course Series. For those who are new here can check the posts below to know what I am talking about and what all have been covered.

There was a two hour makeup class in which they covered all the basics of makeup.
Starting from base to eyes makeup tutorials to perfecting smokey eye. Everything was taught.

theitgirl: How to do complete face makeup

1. For Base you can check the post here

theitgirl: How to do Base Makeup

2. For eye makeup, points to keep in mind.
  • It is advisable to use an eye primer so that creases are not formed. 
  • If you are beginner start by using neutral shadows so that even if you mess up it won't look very evident. 
  • Always moisturize the eye area 15 minutes before starting the eye makeup.
  • Always do eye before doing face makeup so that any shadow fall outs can be corrected.
  • If you have very prominent dark circles use an orange corrector to hide them. 
  • For medium dark circles or blackish eye corner area use a matching skin tone concealer.    
3. For cheeks, 
  • Use Blush on apples of cheeks. 
  • She taught a little bit of highlighting and contouring. 
  • Use a shade or two darker than your skin tone as bronzer. I uses by dark brown eye shadow for same. 
  • See the video below to know where to apply highlighter and bronzer.

So the procedure for eye makeup goes as, 
1. Moisturize and apply the primer.
2. Conceal and correct your eye area.
3. Apply your eyeshadows. 
4. Blending is the key.
5. Use glitter eyeshadows 
6. Highlight the inner corner using shimmery white eyeshadow, 
You can easily find many eye makeup tutorials on you tube. But you won't perfect the art until you so it your self and this is what the class has helped me to do. 
I am sharing my favorite makeup tutorials below, Enjoy !

If you have any favorite please share in comments below so that even we can check it out. Also, for any other query regarding makeup, feel free to ask me via any social media you prefer. 

Beginner Eye Makeup tips and tricks

Gold Smokey Eye Makeup

A superb in-depth Eye makeup tutorial:

Just in case you want more depth step by step videos, let me know I have links to those also. Leave in comment below and I share with you.

I hope you like the post. next coming up is new series regarding diet I am super excited about, make sure all fitness freaks hang in there. 

                                                             ~Live Love Laugh~

Beauty Talk: Everyday Hairstyles and Braids

I would be combining everyday hairstyles and braiding class. Since you know I missed hairstyling classes, so this was the last hairstyle class I attended.

She taught in total five hairstyles. i could not get hold of even single one. Seriously, the easier they seem in video, the difficult it is to do them single-handedly, atleast for me it is.

1. Rope Braid.

2. Twisted Ponytail

This one is super easy and I can actually do it every-time I make my hair .

3. Messy Romantic Hairstyle:

She taught the first one from the video down below.

3. 5 Strand Braid:

4.Easy Messy Bun

5. Reverse Fish tail braid:
Fish Tale braid is super common by now but what she taught in class was Reverse Fishtail Braid. Watch the video below.


Here ends my Hair styling classes. Though I cannot do even a single hair do without someone's help but one should never stop trying. Do let me know your favorite hair do's .

                                                              ~Live Love Laugh~