DIY- Old to new

Hey girlies,
How is summer treating you. For now I am dealing with my weight gain and  working supper hard on it.Any tips, please leave in comments below.
Also, my servant is on off for 2 complete months or may be more[no return date fixed :(] ! So I am in a total mess. All the housewives can surely connect to me. Right ? There are endless tasks to be done at home which leaves me super drained to switch on lappy at night.

Anyways, today in morning only I decided to this post that has been in my mind for more than a month now. Its a simple DIY post. You might have seen much more creative post so this might seem boring to you but its my first experience at DIY so needs to be shared with you lovely people.

I bought these flats and a pair of heels a year back. Even though I did not wear them much they lost all their charm and got faded. I did not want to throw them away so this is what I did,

Now how I did it, Simple :

1. Got a navy blue spray paint; hard to find one. Black and browns are easily available. You can find them at woodland or reliance footwear's store

2. Make sure you maintain a distance while spraying and also, lay down a newspaper on floor so as not mess up floor.

3. I did not use any tape to protect the chain detailing on shoes from getting colored, it was difficult to do it that way. What I did was sprayed the paint on sponge and painted the shoes using it as a brush.

And here is the end result, shining like new. next trial would be on heels now.

                                                           ~Live Love Laugh~