Long Time Back

Not just Long but loooonnngg time back I wanted to publish this post but could not schedule it on time. So now, while I am busy in shedding some weight and get back in shape to face you guys in some new avtaar, I thought of sharing this post. These pictures were clicked on my birthday in Hotel JW Marriot, Chandigarh.

                                                            ~Live Love Laugh~

Wardrobe Makeover : Miss chase

I am so addicted to online shopping. It is so convenient and liberating. There is no one pushing you around to buy something neither you are left with guilt of spending an hour in shop and end up buy nothing. I know sometimes it feels so embarrassing but you have no choice, you have look around before you spend your hard earned penny ; Its your RIGHT.

Anyways, I always share with you all the online sites that I end up surfing and really like. There is a new hit in Fashion World. I really find the site so cute and they have all the stuff that is fashionable, trendy and essential (I have seen the catalogue, you can view the pre launched collection read on to find out). I am sure after shopping from Miss Chase you won't ever end up saying "oh! I did not need it" . They deal with all the basics that must be present in every female wardrobe.

Miss Chase is a fast fashion brand aspiring to be a global leader in the western fashion segment. They create chic European designs and get it to us at a very affordable price. Their mantra is to help women with their age old dilemma of “I have nothing to wear!” 
Don’t be surprised if you spot a similar peplum top that you’d notice on style.com on their website! They do all this with a unique combination of brilliant in-house designers and international design consultants based in the global fashion hubs. Also, selling their items primarily online helps them bypass the traditional retail markups, hence allowing them to provide stuff at a disruptively low price. 

Miss Chase would like to invite you to their pre-launch. This is exclusive and strictly by invitation only. They have a limited variety (and inventory) of designs available for purchase during the pre-launch. They have offered the invitation to the pre-launch exclusively for the readers of the IT girl: the code is MC9421

Have a glance of what is it going to be about.

They have been generous enough to send a discount code for all the readers which I will update you with soon. For now, they  have Pre-Lauched, browse through the collection  so that you don't miss out some amazing pieces, click here to get navigated to world of fashion.

                                                                          ~Live Love Laugh~

First One !!

If you are following me on Facebook, you might be aware that I was off to Delhi for NEW YEAR. Yaaayyy !! I lovvveee outings. And you have no idea how much relaxing this one was.
We started our journey on 29th eve.; So that we wake up fresh next day for dilli darshan.

30th : No Shopping Day.
We spent our day trying to shop meaning we did go in a total mood to shop but could not find even a single piece worth buying (yeahh, it happens). Visited Sarojini Nagar market, Karol Bagh and Saket but ended up with zero shopping.Anyhow,we had our lunch at [V] Spot cafe, saket. I found the place really cool and funky types; Nice for hanging out with friends.

31st and 1st : Relaxation and Party Time.
Day Time we were sleeeeeppppping and only sleeepppiiinggg. Phones on silent and no one to disturb. We were living with friends at there flat so we had lots of fun at home. For lunch we visited GK Sidewalk (authentic chinese restro) which was OK coz I personally like Indian style Chinese :p (Yeah !! the roadside stalls types, you got me !!).
Finally,For New years party we headed to Gurgaon for a sexy House Party with friends and I tell you its the best thing to do on a chilly new year eve. I advice party where your friends are because without friends even clubbing is useless. Agree ??

Sharing with you few piks of the trip.

Menu of [V] Spot Cafe, Colorful.

The Bloody Fool's Guide to using a Napkin :p ; written on tissues at the cafe.

We @Cafe
This is what I wore on New Year's !!

Partyy Time :D

Hubby and me :D

Dance Dance :p

My fav. Pik, though its not clear :D

~Live Love Laugh ~