Kitty Party

Yesterday I certainly had a super blast, my first kitty party ever :D All members are newly married or engaged or even singles. Its just a gang of school friends who took an initiative to have some fun, met old friends and save some money. Gossips, food, friends, games and all the fun just made the evening perfect.If you want to know about the paper games for your kitty party, you can always contact me, my mom has a complete file piled up with games :D

At a party like this I struggle with myself in sticking to my agenda to stay. To leave the yummy delicious food seems an impossible task. Sometimes I chose to win and not eat unhealthily and sometimes I loose.But now I have found few solutions alternatives to this problem.Thought of sharing them with you.

Problem Solved :
  • Dieting does not mean boycott yourself from social gatherings. Eat whatever you like but in very small doses.
  • Always choose wisely, taste remains for an hour maximum but the effect of what you are eating will directly effect your health for a lifetime.
  • Want to munch, opt for multi-grain biscuit or a baked snack.
  • Sugar cravings : Eat watermelon or a slice of mango (Avoid artificial sugar as much as possible)
  • Movie time cravings : Pop corns without butter best option. 
  • Replace your coke or even diet coke with a fresh juice, coconut water or lemon water.
  • Craving for a chocolate, have a piece of dark chocolate.

Alternatives are always available, its all about being well determined and choosing wisely.If having a tough time finding an alternative for your craving, buzz me :D

Now coming to outfit, this is what I wore to my kitty party :D
A floral top, jeans,sling and heels; effortless outfit.

jeans and top outfit

Outfit of the day

floral top and denims

guess sling

remanika top

outfit for the day

Kitty outfit

jeans and top

catwalk heels

~Live Love Laugh ~

p.s : Stay tuned for the first task of the IT girls gang :D It is a fitness task.

Magic Box : 99labels

If you are following me on facebook, you might know till now that I did online shopping from 99labels.
I recently recieved my package and was excited enough to show what I shopped in just 500 rupees.

I ordered a fuchsia tunic dress and received it in 15 days of order. The fit was perfect, as if it was just made for me :D I loved it. I wore it on a dinner date with my husband.

Have a look and let me know your reviews :D

                                        I have started posing sooo much :D

Close up of frills on dress

I know it is bit blurred but still outfit is clear :p

We never forget to get clicked up together.

                                                            ~Live Love Laugh~


LBD - Girlies Day Out Style

I know it seems like a decade back I promised you guys regarding an outfit post on styling a LBD in different ways. I got too too busy in all that relatives stuff, June - July relatives all around the globe decide to attack on you, anyways whats up with you guys ?? How are you spending you holiday season ??

Enough of bak bak, lets focus. Here is my first way of styling an LBD. This look is perfect for a girlies day out for shopping, its comfortable enough as well as stylish. Just jazz up your LBD by adding a pop of color.

I love this headband :D

I so love myself in this outfit :D but my husband feels I look lil fat in it, OMG when will I shed those extra pounds.

 P.S. : 2nd look will be totally different, Wait and Watch !! Do let me know your views ?

                                                  ~ Live Love Laugh ~

Recipe : Red Pasta

I am such a big foodie, I love Junk food. Though I love fruits too but many a times junk wins over fruits and I end up eating unhealthy stuff. This is the reason for my "self control mission" by following a diet. If you interested in my day to day fitness details connect with me on Facebook.

Now is the time for my first recipe, it a very easy and yummyyyy recipe. Do try it out, I think it will work for every kind of taste bud.

Ingredients : (Serves 4)
2 cups of Pasta (any shape)
3 tbsp Pasta sauce
1 tbsp Mayonnaise
1 red Capsicum
1 green capsicum
1 yellow capsicum
1 onion
1 carrot

You can add any vegetable like corns or beans, according to your taste. Chop them length wise.

Method :

Heat pan, add onions and sauté till they are golden brown. Add in other chopped vegetables. Cook for about 5 mins, lower down the flame and add pasta sauce and mayonnaise. Stir it well, to make a thick paste. Add little bit of salt since pasta sauce contains salt ; you can add salt in the end according to your taste. Add oregano and chilli flakes.

Boil the pasta in another pan. Do add salt, almost half spoon, so that even boiled pasta have little bit of salt absorbed. When boiled pour it down in dish and rinse through cold water.

Add the pasta to the gravy and mix well. Voila the yummy hot pasta is ready!!

Do let me know if you like the recipe or not ? Would you guys give it a try ?? Do you like this new section guys ?
More to come !! Some easy and yummy recipes, but yes, all will be totally VEGETARIAN.

                                                   ~ Live Laugh Love ~