5 Reasons with Solutions to Control Weight Gain after Marriage

Gaining weight after marriage is a nightmare that every girl gets before getting married. While I was getting married I always wanted to know why do ladies gain after marriage. I googled a lot regarding the same but could not find any solid reason.
So after my own experience I could find few prominent reasons  behind this whole drama and thought of sharing them with you so that those who are getting married or will get married can take appropriate precautions.

Note : I am considering Indian ladies particularly because I feel in India people show their love through Food. That is my view point, do you have any idea if even people abroad stuff their guests with the food until they die ??

Control Weight Gain after marriage

1. Workout before Marriage: Brides to be want to look perfect on their D-Day, hence they join the best possible gym and go on crash diets.But as soon as they tie the bond, they forget about the gym and their diet gets back to normal in-fact more than normal. So what do you think will happen ? Instant weight gain and you think marriage made you fat, think again.

Solution: Continue working out at-least 3 times a week. If you are still figuring out a gym nearby ask your husband for help or best start working out at home only. Also, eat everything you want but in MODERATION. Gobble a complete ice cream bowl or half of it but the taste will remain only for few seconds and calories will stay longer.Eating half of ice cream gives you taste, satisfies your craving and you put on much less calories, WIN-WIN situation.So choice is yours.

2. Over-stuffing: One very common reason behind marriage weight is lunches and dinners you are invited to. You are made to eat everything on the table and finish it off till last bite. It becomes difficult for you to say NO as people feel if you say no to food they made with "their own hands" you are saying NO to their love.

Solution: Attend all the events you are invited to but learn to say NO politely. Do not over-stuff yourself at any cost. When served cold drink ask for lemon water, I am sure nobody would mind that and if they do "DONT CARE"

3. Access to be out Late Night: Now that you have access to go out late night with your husband you do not miss a single chance for late night parties, dinners or movies (which again is accompanied by late night hogging of food) which makes your life sound very cool and happening but with it comes the belly. Late night munching is the main cause of growing belly. But again you ignore it because its time to have fun.

Solution: Enjoy this access as much as you can but do not ignore your tummy. Dance, party, go for movie, enjoy as much as you want but enjoy the company of your partner and not food.Do not link food with enjoyment.

4. Vacations and Holidays: With marriage comes the honeymoon, outings and vacations. All your focus is set on enjoying your vacations completely (read : hog onto everything unhealthy) hence, the holiday weight.

Solution: Indulgence is uncontrollable when you are out since you do not have access to homemade food. But you have fruits, smoothies, lemon water, green tea, grilled vegetables, salads etc. Though they are not completely fat free but they are healthy and do not have any empty calories. Choose what you put in your mouth wisely.

5. Change in Lifestyle: With entry into a new house your complete lifestyle changes. Your sleeping habits, your eating habits etc etc. You tend to adapt yourself the way your in laws are. If everybody eats late you eat late with them, if everyone is eating something unhealthy you follow and the moment you object something, you hear this line from your family members "this is how it is going on for years or this is how everyone likes it"

Solution: Stick to your own rules. Do not follow blindly. Again, learn to say NO. if you find something unhealthy say NO to that even if your family members consume it you should not. Follow what you believe in and slowly and steadily even they will. After all you cannot change their habits in single day(:p). Also, have early dinner even if everyone else eats late at night, you can always accompany them later on dinner table with some chit chat.

Every moment can be enjoyed without food. EAT TO LIVE, DO NOT LIVE TO EAT.

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Birthday Blast : Blue - Black Peplum

I don't know why some people treat there birthday as just another day because I tend to treat my self as princess (though I feel like one everyday) it's my day where I am the center of attraction and I shamelessly accept the fact and take full advantage of it.

Though my husband was out of station for an urgent work but I did not leave any change to enjoy my occasion . His friends who are now my friends too also made sure that I do not miss my hubby and kept me busy and happy throughout. I know they are super duper sweet and I am blessed to have these lovelies in my life (*touchwood*) Thank You God !

I partied with my girlfriends. It was fun, good food, chit chat, gossips and everything girly ! Overall a memorable day.

Birthday : Blue Black Peplum
Accessorized with a clutch, bling bellies and Watch

A friend of mine bought a Tiara for me. Cute, hai na ?

Random Click, but I liked it.

the IT Girl loves

Birthday : Blue Black Peplum
The Princess Feel :D

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Why I love Blogging ?

I may not be the best blogger out here nor do I want to be. All I want my blog to be is projection of me. It has become a medium through which I express myself, my anger, my happiness, my love for clothes, my love for food and every tit-bit that surrounds me.

I started this blog out of boredom and my love for computers (Ah ! I am an IT engineer after all). And now I love blogging because I can be true to myself, as clichés as it may sound but true! I can really express what I feel like without being fake or have any kind of fear (No don’t think of mom in law here, mine is sweet as really sweet). Added to it my passion to dress up and to cook, I enjoy every bit of blogging about it. It’s kind of a small world away from real world, as we call it virtual world. I have made friends through blogging who don't judge me neither do they care about how rich or poor I am. I can discuss with them about the trends, fashion, food, shopping etc etc 24*7 without any hesitation.

“An empty mind is Devil’s workshop” holds absolutely true for me, so it has always been essential (read : crucial) for me to keep my mind active. When I got hooked I was asked to quit my job and become a housewife much against my wishes but I had to for my love. Though housewife has lot of responsibilities to handle but I needed something that would keep my creative side up; something that would keep me in high spirits no matter what situation I am in or where I am. This is my love for blogging got discovered. It keeps my mind busy. Even if I don't have any one around you will find me staring at my computer screen(or mobile) and smiling. (reading others blog and chatting to blogger friends)
So to be precise blogging keeps me "Happy and Content". I love what I do and I think at end this is what actually matters. 

Thank you Miss Malini for giving me a chance to express my love for blogging to my readers.
This post is written for Miss Malini Mega Haul contest#1 but but but every word is direct from heart. 

Miss Mailini's Mega Haul : http://www.missmalini.com/mega-haul/

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Life Snippets

August 2013 Version

August has alwayyysss been my favorite month. Perfect Weather, my birthday, my nephew's birthday, a start to festive months ahead, what's not to love. I kinda get positive vibes as the month approaches, may be its all inside my head but this is what happens with me.

Dominos Chocolava cake
Chocolate Treat, I love Dominos choco lava cake though I hate the nutty one.
Anybody knows how to make it at home ??

wholewheat vs brown bread
I always thought brown bread is pure whole wheat bread until I saw this in my kitchen :p

Oh !! Tha'ts me all decked up for my birthday bash :p
Birthday post is next in queue

My "2 mins" recipe : healthy and yummy paneer toast, read recipe here.

My little nephew was waiting desperately for rakhi because he knew he will get his gift after this, see the smile.

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Healthy Recipe : Paneer Toast

This is easiest recipe I have ever tried. This is perfect for situations when you want something healthy and immediate. It is a 5 mins recipe which satisfies your hunger with bonus of good taste.

Paneer toast Recipe

Paneer Toast

Paneer Toast

    Credit : I read the recipe at wiseshe

I hope you like the recipe, let me know if you happen to try it. For more updates join me on  blog or via bloglovin or via facebook.

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