Online Shopping Sites in India - the IT Girl Loves

There are hundreds, no not hundred but thousands of online shopping websites and facebook pages to shop from. Still for online shopping I trust only few, Reasons ?

#1 I am not sure about the sizing. I like my clothes/shoes to fit me well so I choose online websites which have a good return policy (in case) and are well trusted.

#2 I am very particular about the quality of clothes. I dislike the thin fabric that sticks to skin.

#3 I am little hesitant to buy from websites that are not of indian origin, and deliver us through international shipping, since there are numerous factors to be taken care of for the shipment to reach safely.

So I particularly opt for well trusted Indian Websites which I am 90 percent sure about would deliver quality clothing. Sharing my few websites with you, in case you know of any other please mention in comments so that even I can check them out.

Along with sites I am also mentioning few irresistible sale picks from them which I am craaaviiing for but cannot buy since one,I have already splurged a lot and two, my size is not available. So I thought why not give you a chance to buy these lovelies.


I love stuff at Mango. Even if Mango store is available in your town there are tons of designs that won't be available at the nearest store but would be up online. Also, I am quite certain about the standard sizing of Mango and quality of clothes, so I find it comfortable shopping from the site.

Mango Sale picks
 Blue Peplum Dress, Animal Print Dress
Pleated Midi Dress, Red Wrap Dress

Steve Madden : 

For shoes, I bet Steve Madden is best online shop in India. Steve Madden Heels provide appropriate support and fit which makes walking in heels a piece of cake.

Steve Madden Sale Picks
Maroon Realove, Suede Pumps
Coral Suede Unity,Blue Suede Ankle Strap

Forevernew : 

I sometimes wonder how lazy I am to miss this wonderful site. Why didn't I know about it before ? Anyways, now that I know I want to share it with you all because it has some fabulous online deals. It is difficult to choose my best four since all are my favorites there. Anyways, with a heavy heart I am doing that :p

Forever New sale Picks
Box Pleat Sun Dress, Misty Platform Pump
Veronica Sparkle Sunglass, Orange Tulip Dress

Closet Label : 

This new venture by Malaika Arora Khan has some basic yet trendy clothing items which I totally love. From dresses to gym wear, you can find everything that you need in your routine.

Closet Label Picks
Paint Splash Cover Up, Emblished Clear Sandals
Aztec Print Shorts

This series will be continued as soon as I find more websites worth mentioning; I already have two more websites in my mind but I will leave them for next post.

I hope you find this section helpful. Do let me know your reviews in comments.

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THE IT GIRL TRAVEL SERIES : Shimla - Queen of Hills

Shimla is the most preferable summer holiday destination for people in North India due to its scenic attraction and favorably low temperature.This time we experienced freaking awesome weather in Shimla. Fog, drizzle and the cool breeze throughout the day made it all the more difficult for us to return to the city heat.

Shimla Beauty
Scenic Beauty of Shimla, clouds looks like cotton :D Sometimes I just feel like holding them in my hands :p

Where to Stay and Highlights :

Accommodation is easily available in Shimla, there are lots of cottages and hotels around. Make sure to make bookings beforehand if you are going in peak season. I would suggest you to stay in Hotel Comberemere or Willow Bank, both of them are good and are situated on The Mall.
For more luxurious options, you can opt for Wildflower,The Oberoi and Hotel Raddison. Only con of staying in these hotels is it is not situated on The Mall, so you need to walk walk walk !

The Mall is the commercial street and hub of Shimla, where you can roam about, enjoy the weather and food in arms of nature.What more can one ask for *sigh*

Kurkies, Look like bullets but are different in taste. Available @Krishna Bakers at The Mall. Must Try.
Other attractions in Shimla include Kufri and Jhakho Temple. I visited them once and do not feel like going there every time I visit Shimla. The sole purpose of vacation remains to enjoy the weather and peace. So we skipped it and spent some quality family time; Perfect !

Outfit :

Coming to the outfit, I for the first time took out my pink blazer out of closet. I hope I did justice to it. Have a look and let me know your reviews ?

Pink Blazer

Pink Blazer

I tried few shots with tied hair then I thought loose hair would look much better so here I go. By the way, what do you think, loose or tied ? *still confused*

Pink Blazer

Pink Blazer

Pink Blazer

Pink Blazer

Pink Blazer

Pink Blazer and Kazo Pendant

Pink Blazer

That's US <3; You and I in this beautiful world :p
Pink Blazer : Forever21 (Dubai)
Pendant : Kazo
Jeans : Zara
Flat : The Steps
Top : Reliance Trends

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I'm Loving it - Links I Love

I am back with this weeks dose of Links I love . You can check out my previous list of Links I Love

Also, if you believe Green Tea is magic potion which will help you lose weight instantly, see what Nutritionist Rujuta has to say about it, All about Green Tea

  • Beauty - Hair Do : Messy hair-do does not mean direct out of bed hair, it needs lots of styling. Check out the video  Messy Hair Do to learn the art.

  • Food : I read a article recently which explained which of the foods is more healthy out of two not-so healthy food options and found it worth to share. Sometimes we forget the common rules which we could apply to find if we are eating healthy or not, out of all the unhealthy options available. Read the article Food Fight here

If you have any links that you would like to share on the blog, feel free to mail me at with your details that is Name, email id and any website/blog you own.

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THE IT GIRL TRAVEL SERIES : Dubai - Where to stay & What to wear

This post is in continuation to THE IT GIRL TRAVEL SERIES : DUBAI PART 1.

What to wear in Dubai : 

Constantly I heard from friends that wearing short clothes or dresses is not comfortable in Dubai. Also, I myself read few hoardings around the mall regarding the instructions to not to wear clothes below knee length, so I was always conscious regarding the same. (Precaution is better you see)
I would suggest you to wear decent clothes and still look classy after all you are on a holiday. in case you really wish to wear something short, wear it around hotel or clubs and cafe's, I think that should not be a great deal.

Stunning Dubai

Where to stay in Dubai :

Hotels are always an option though Apartments are also readily available in Dubai at a good price. If you are going in good number i.e. with group of friends or family I would suggest you to stay in Apartments.
Suggestion : If your pocket permits do stay in Atlantis The palm at-least for a day . Why I am saying so ? Have a look at pictures and you will get to know.

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
Atlantis The Palm,Dubai. Isn't it stunning ?

Atlantis Entrace

View from the room, isn't it enough to tempt you ?

View from the balcony, All i want is just there and relax.
Inside Room Atlantis
Inside Room :D

And how can i not share whom I met in Dubai Mall

Javed Jaffrey, reminded me of Boggie Woggie times :D
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The IT Girl Travel Series : Dubai - Attractions & Time to visit Dubai

Dubai is trying super hard to become a city of superlatives; highest, fastest,biggest and tallest.It is growing immensely day by day. I felt I would get sprain in my neck since I was continuously staring at skyscrapers. Not for a moment I could take my eyes off the beautiful infrastructure, harmonized traffic and of course Hi-Tech Cars.It is definitely a city that has risen from ashes read: desert.

Dubai Skyscapers

Pink Love <3 If I own a car like this I would literally live in it.

If you want to go shopping,partying,sun bathing,fine dining or sporting events,Dubai is the destination.It is a perfect for a short break. For fashion bloggers or shopping freaks like us it is a heaven.

Time to visit Dubai :

If you are visiting Dubai for sole purpose of relaxation and site-seeing, go in months from December to March but if you are going for shopping pleasures go from mid January to mid February i.e. The Shopping Festival. During this duration Dubai is a completely different city. People from all over the world come there for shopping during that time period because of huge discounts on well renowned brands.

Attractions :

The must visit places according to me in Dubai are : (there is much more to Dubai than what I have mentioned but I am posting about places that I have visited and liked)

  • Burj Khalifa : Tallest Man Made building in world. Spectacular view from the 124th Floor and lift is so fast you reach ground floor in matter of seconds.

Burj Khalifa : Tall, taller and tallest

Hoarding while on way to Burj Khalifa

View from 124th Floor,Burj Khalifa

  • Desert Safari : A must activity in Dubai. From drive in desert to belly dance and other performances. Its mesmerizing.
Desert and Cactus

Destination via Safari, where all performances are done and food is served. 

  • Ski Dubai : Snow world inside a mall. Yes the malls are that big. Covered with snow completely with interesting activities to have fun.
Its cold :D

Penguin Show @Ski Dubai

  • Jumeirah Beach : A beach to relax. Read a novel, listen to good music and just relax.
Jumreirah Beach

  • Gold Souk : For gold lovers, do do go here.
Gold Souk,lets shop :p

  • The Dubai Mall : Only if you want to shop and see a huge huge huge mall.
  • Dolphin Show : Visit once if you want to see dolphins jumping and dance.If you have kids with you they will certainly enjoy it.
Cute dolphins playing :p

  • To Try : Do eat Falafel with Pita bread and hummus, they make it best.

P.S : The post was becoming too long since I have so many pictures to share, so I have divided it into three parts. The second would be about What to wear in Dubai and Where to stay in Dubai. And the last one would be all about my outfits in Dubai. So stay tuned lovelies. I hope you like this one.

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I'm Loving it - Links I love

Through this section I wish to share all the links/posts/tutorials/recipes that I love or have taught me something beneficial. I hope this is section provides you some useful information, which you can use in your day to day lives.

  • RECIPE : A different kind of vegetarian sandwich recipe; MARBLE SANDWICH

  • FITNESS : Readers Fitness Queries well answered. Almost all of us face same difficulties while taking first step towards fit life.Worth a read. LINK HERE via tanvii

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Movie Review : Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Movie : Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

  • Acting : Farhan Akhtar has done an amazing job. Outstanding performance, don't have enough words to describe it. I think no one from Bollywood industry would do justice to the role as Farhan has done. In fact he is the reason that movie would do a great business. 

  • Japtej Singh, young Milkha Singh was a delight to watch.He is effortless. Kids are just so talented these days.

  • Sonam on the other hand did a good job but I think just anyone could do that role, nothing special or even it could be neglected.

  • Songs : Not that good but suits the situations in movie.
  • Story : Awesome story based on biography of Flying Sikh of India, Milkha Singh. Kept me hooked on the seat till end.Scenes are done with such excellence, which leaves you mesmerized.
  • Overall Review :  I could feel each and every moment of movie. It made me laugh and cry at the same time. Very inspirational and motivational story.Worth a watch.The only con I could find was it is a little stretched with run time of 189 minutes. But I could neglect it easily as I was not getting bored at all. For me it definitely entertained and inspired me.
    Portraying the difficulties,hard work,dedication and will to win,Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is a spectacular tribute to living legend, Milka Singh. 

                                                           ~Live Love Laugh~


Review : Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (LoveSick Passionate)

After reading a lot of reviews about this stain I finally managed to purchase it a month ago. Sharing with you my experience. The shade I picked was Lovesick Passionate; bright purplish pink.

Price : 600 INR

Packaging :
Very cute crayon like packaging makes it easy to use and reapply. Also due to compact and solid packaging it is easy to carry around in bag without the fear of its getting melted. Though I wish small trial packings should be available for such highly priced products.

Overall Review : I have mixed reviews about this product. The shade is beautiful and as soon as I glide it on my lips it moisturizes my lips and removes the dead skin. I get the fresh & minty feel on lips. But by the end of the day it dries out and makes my lips chapped again leaving me thirsty. I don't why, but it does happen.

Considering the cost and mixed effects it had on me, I won't repurchase it but rather will try other brands.

Has anyone faced the same problem as I have with these Stains ??

                                                       ~ Live Love Laugh ~