Kitty Party

Yesterday I certainly had a super blast, my first kitty party ever :D All members are newly married or engaged or even singles. Its just a gang of school friends who took an initiative to have some fun, met old friends and save some money. Gossips, food, friends, games and all the fun just made the evening perfect.If you want to know about the paper games for your kitty party, you can always contact me, my mom has a complete file piled up with games :D

At a party like this I struggle with myself in sticking to my agenda to stay. To leave the yummy delicious food seems an impossible task. Sometimes I chose to win and not eat unhealthily and sometimes I loose.But now I have found few solutions alternatives to this problem.Thought of sharing them with you.

Problem Solved :
  • Dieting does not mean boycott yourself from social gatherings. Eat whatever you like but in very small doses.
  • Always choose wisely, taste remains for an hour maximum but the effect of what you are eating will directly effect your health for a lifetime.
  • Want to munch, opt for multi-grain biscuit or a baked snack.
  • Sugar cravings : Eat watermelon or a slice of mango (Avoid artificial sugar as much as possible)
  • Movie time cravings : Pop corns without butter best option. 
  • Replace your coke or even diet coke with a fresh juice, coconut water or lemon water.
  • Craving for a chocolate, have a piece of dark chocolate.

Alternatives are always available, its all about being well determined and choosing wisely.If having a tough time finding an alternative for your craving, buzz me :D

Now coming to outfit, this is what I wore to my kitty party :D
A floral top, jeans,sling and heels; effortless outfit.

jeans and top outfit

Outfit of the day

floral top and denims

guess sling

remanika top

outfit for the day

Kitty outfit

jeans and top

catwalk heels

~Live Love Laugh ~

p.s : Stay tuned for the first task of the IT girls gang :D It is a fitness task.


  1. Love your bag:)
    pretty hairstyle..puff suits you:)
    and loved the points you mentioned..:)

    1. and yes not to forget..i like the new banner :)

    2. Thank you so much girl !! :D

  2. WOW girl you look so smart!!

    following you :)

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  3. wow,i love the puff! flawless ur looking girl! Im in for fitness task

    1. Thank you :D Great !! fitness task is up.

  4. Pretty Pretty you!
    You look stunning. :)


  5. i like your hairstyle hair. no fly-aways, lucky..:-) you look great, i love the bag and the shoes most. and great tips. take care.

  6. loved the tips...and loved your look :)

  7. You look so pretty! :)
    New follower here.
    Do check out my blog too.
    Love! :)
    Trippin' on Fashion.

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