Red Jeans - Best Buy

From the time colored jeans gained a significant position in fashion industry, I wanted to buy one. Blue, green, yellow, etc. etc. there were endless number of options. But I was always stuck to red. I dont know why, but I wanted a pair of well fitted red jeans.

After I bought one, I realized I can wear red with many colors. I started experimenting. You might be aware I wanted to wear it with yellow from long but couldn't. You can read full story about me and my husbands fight here.

You can wear it with blue, yellow,beige,grey,green,purple and many more, the list can go on and on.
I styled it thrice, once with blue, then black and finally with yellow. Waiting to try them with white and a printed top. Will show you as and when I do that.

But for now have a look and let me know if yellow looks good with it or not ?

                                     Last but not least, funniest pose :p

~Live Love Laugh~


  1. I love all your pictures and I really think it goes well with carry it well!
    Love the stripes print and your shoes :D
    You look cute!

    my new post is up: blue in white
    Surabhi :)

  2. I recently got red trousers :D They amazing but I'm still not too confident with experimenting - but you've done just an awesome job !

    1. Tank you so much. Red trousers would look awesome on you, hope to see your next post on it :D

  3. Red looks so great on you!!! I also want to buy one!! :D Nice mix of looks! :)

    Maybe you have time see my New post- Florals & Orange

    P.S. There is an exciting International Giveaway going on in my blog- Win a Pair of 3D Glasses :) Don't forget to enter!

    Akanksha, Fictitious Fashion

  4. jeans are my best buy too :) hey found ur blog from style pile and loving it. I am an engineer by academia too and in IT industry (who isnt these days, right!)
    u hav inspired me to try red jeans with yellow striped tee now, im gonna give it a try..
    maybe we can follow each other if u like:)

  5. ofcource yellow goes well with red, there is no doubt about it !And u proved it right here in ur pictures.Infact red is very versatile colour,I just tried mine with mint and it looked fine too. Thanks for ur comment sweets !

    1. Yeah !! red is versatile. Thank you. Hope to c u here often

  6. lovely outfit and lovely you! Yellow and Red are evergreen combo :)


    Bong's Belleza

  7. Very bold combination, but nice nevertheless!