Diwali Dhamaka !!

Since it was my first Diwali after marriage, I had a super blast. First half of the day included a lot of household work and other half included lot of fun and enjoyment. I planned to wear a saree but since I was tired by the time I had to get ready I moved onto a easier option a suit.

It was the first time I made a rangoli and I am happy with the result. Then at night we did Pooja and then....Burnt a lot of crackers, I love the aerial shots so damm colorful; not a fan of bomb at all. I like crackers with lots of light and colors not noise.

Anyways, this is what I finally wore for Diwali. Also, have look at rangoli and let me know how was my first attempt. How was your diwali ?? Did you make a rangoli ?? Do sshare with me the pictures.

The SEXY Back !!

Golden Heels, I love the bling on heels

My fav. Cocktail ring and vintage jhumkaas.

And here is the rangoli :D

At night I lighted up divas around it.

~Live Love Laugh~


  1. OH my my God... Sexy back...
    Love your whole look
    Blue color my favorite...

  2. Wow...ur looking amazing... :D

    n love the pattern of the rangoli .. :)

  3. So lovely, specially the back detail! Hope you had a great day :)

  4. wow, first Diwali is always so magical, looks like you had loads of fun! and that sexy back dress is awesome, usually thats I opt for a dress too after a hectic Diwali day, much easier to wear and manage :)

  5. Love everything in this post from your suit, the back, to the heels and that wonderful neatly done rangoli.!! Does'nt look your first attempt at all :)

  6. Love ur suit.. u look really pretty.. n omg!! sexy back haaan ;)

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