What to do in Goa for Couples !!

This was the first time my hubby and I visited Goa ( I have been to Goa on school trip; but its all about friends fun not GOA fun and couple fun). We stayed in there for 4 nights and 5 days which I found were sufficient enough to explore Goa.

Day 1 : We reached Hotel Taj- Holiday village for a luxurious stay. Got freshen up, hired a Activa and headed over to the most famous Titos lane immediately so that we don't miss a single moment of enjoyment. Spent some relaxing time at beach side shacks at Baga Beach with nice food, atmosphere and company. For dinner we headed to Titos courtyard which had live music playing.

Taj Holiday Village is constructed on theme of a village with lush green beauty around, a private beach, a pool with poolside bar and Golf cars as your conveyance within the resort as the resort is huge.

Hotel Taj Lobby & Entrance

Titos Courtyard
Day 2 : We explored Goa on Activa. We went to condolim beach to try the sports activity like motor boat riding, it was good; then had amazing lunch at Brittos. Its menu was so cute,I couldn't leave without pictures. Did some window shopping and spent relaxing time at Fort Aguada point. For night we planned clubbing at Club Cubbanna; had amazing blast with some in promptu friends made who belonged to Ukraine and got fascinated by my Chudda (Bangles)

Brittos super attractive menu

At Fort Aguada point

Club Cubana Fun
Day 3 : We hired a taxi and traveled all the way to south Goa or I should say to peaceful area of Goa with cleaner beaches than in north Goa. At pallulum beach, they took us via motor boat to far away secluded islands known as monkey, butterly and Kaho na Pyar hai shoot island and showed Dolphins. For night again, we partied at Cape Town Cafe. (Me and my husband love clubbing, doesn't matter if we both are alone or with group of friends)

At kaho na pyar hai island.


Day 4 : On day 4 we were in relaxation mode, spent afternoon at pool and then hired a bullet(bike) to roam around in Goa.We made our way to curlies, it's a sexy place but with friends, as a couple we got bore there and headed to some other beach and watched sunset with hands in hands (romantic *blush*).

Pool with side bar.

Bullet Ride

Sunset View

Day 5 : With heavy heart we made our way back to sweet home.

Golf Car
There are hundreds of articles telling you what to do in Goa for a boys only or a girls only trip but not as couple; read on to find out how to make Goa unforgettable.

1. Rent an Activa or Bullet or Open Jeep; its really romantic.

2. Do visit Brittos, amazing place with awesome crowd, ambiance and food.

3. Watch sunset with your partner in arms.

4. Titos and Mambos are enjoyable only if you go out with friends, so a better option over that I would recommend is head to Titos courtyard for live romantic music accompanied with good food.

5. If heading there for honeymoon arrange a dinner at beach. Consult you hotel staff they will guide you. Its very romatiiiiccccc.

And most importantly relax and enjoy !! Spend quality time together !!

                                                        ~ Live Love Laugh ~


  1. Looks like an amazing vacation!
    I'm from South Goa so my summers are filled all the activities you've described above :D

    1. Yeah indeed it was !!
      Thats great !! Lucky you :d

  2. I want to go to Goa right away after reading this post. You look cute :-)

  3. Looks like you had an amazing time!!u are looking great!!thanks for visiting my blog:)
    I am giving away a gorgeous bag from Tosca on my blog..do check it out!!

    1. Thank you !!
      Would definitely check it out !!
      Hope to c u more often :D

  4. I have never been to Goa, though it's just overnight journey by bus from Bangalore. I come from Kerala, which is again a beach paradise, but one cannot compare the crowd and the vibe as in Goa.

    1. Yeah, you should make a trip to Goa soon !! Every place has its uniqueness and I am surely you will have fun :D

  5. nice and useful post,loved all your cute pics