30 Days ABS Challenge

I have completed my Shopping Ban successfully (Wooooo) initiated via tanvii and I am glad about it. Now me and my husband are sure of the fact that I am not an impulsive buyer.Anyways, moving further tanvi gave another chance to confront myself by introducing 30 DAYS ABS CHALLENEGE.  The moment I saw this mail I was sure I will take it up; though a day late but I have started following it.

Along with this I have done my own modifications.

  • 5 days of neat homemade food.
  • Sunday a cheat day but portion controlled,else week's effort will go in bin.
  • 2 liters of water each day.
  • One fruit everyday.

If you wanna join in, drop me a mail at eleganzamyway@gmail.com for regular updates or share in comments below or post on facebook; anyway you like.

                                                       ~Live Love Laugh~


  1. I am on an abs challenge myself:) same pinch...will share results soon...
    all the best...hope u hav a six pack soon

    1. Please do !! And let me know whenever you post about it !

  2. All the best and beat the belly fat :)

  3. change it to 3 fruits everyday.. it's so hot and bad and one fruit won't help :(
    Also cardio is a must to remove fat before getting abs ;)

    Wishing you all the very best :)

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