Why I love Blogging ?

I may not be the best blogger out here nor do I want to be. All I want my blog to be is projection of me. It has become a medium through which I express myself, my anger, my happiness, my love for clothes, my love for food and every tit-bit that surrounds me.

I started this blog out of boredom and my love for computers (Ah ! I am an IT engineer after all). And now I love blogging because I can be true to myself, as clichés as it may sound but true! I can really express what I feel like without being fake or have any kind of fear (No don’t think of mom in law here, mine is sweet as really sweet). Added to it my passion to dress up and to cook, I enjoy every bit of blogging about it. It’s kind of a small world away from real world, as we call it virtual world. I have made friends through blogging who don't judge me neither do they care about how rich or poor I am. I can discuss with them about the trends, fashion, food, shopping etc etc 24*7 without any hesitation.

“An empty mind is Devil’s workshop” holds absolutely true for me, so it has always been essential (read : crucial) for me to keep my mind active. When I got hooked I was asked to quit my job and become a housewife much against my wishes but I had to for my love. Though housewife has lot of responsibilities to handle but I needed something that would keep my creative side up; something that would keep me in high spirits no matter what situation I am in or where I am. This is my love for blogging got discovered. It keeps my mind busy. Even if I don't have any one around you will find me staring at my computer screen(or mobile) and smiling. (reading others blog and chatting to blogger friends)
So to be precise blogging keeps me "Happy and Content". I love what I do and I think at end this is what actually matters. 

Thank you Miss Malini for giving me a chance to express my love for blogging to my readers.
This post is written for Miss Malini Mega Haul contest#1 but but but every word is direct from heart. 

Miss Mailini's Mega Haul : http://www.missmalini.com/mega-haul/

                                                    ~Live Love Laugh~


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