Art of heels

So I am beginning my new year with creating a page on facebook .. yay !! party time. finally i am doing it after thinking about it from sooo long !!  Stay tuned there guys.

I know it is embarassing but sharing with you all. I fell with my 6 inch heels, omg my knees are still hurting . That was the time i learnt wearing a heel is itself an art, so decided to go hands on with art.

I found a very helpful video and sharing it with you guys.

For all those who are learning to walk in heels should check this video.

Few tips that i would like to share is :

1. Dont directly jump onto the highest heel you see, no doubt they seem attractive but they are not easy to walk in.
2. Dont ever put fashion before comfort., because at the end you wont feel good about it.
3. Try walking in heels at home. Dont ever be ashamed of learning anything from scratch.
4. Wedges and platforms are easy to go heels for beginners.


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