Wrapping 2011

I am so excited for this new year with a new family. 2011 year has been a life changer for me. The only area of interest before this year was Computers but now many other interests due to my changing life.

Few Changes :
Nail art : I tried on many new nail arts (I didnt even know how to apply nail paint properly).
One being newspaper nail art whose pic i dont have other pictures are below.

This one was really simple. I used a tape to do his nail art. Tha black paint is applied diagonally if not seen properly in the picture. (My photography phew !!)

I made two flowers by simply using a toothpick.

Fashion newbee : A person who use to pick the topmost piece of cloth on pile to wear in morning, now mix n matches the clothes and loves to shop (See I am progressing)

Cooking : I only knew how to make a maggie and tea before 20111 and now i can cook a complete meal. Also have delevoped(developed word is used because i had to, no other option) interest in cooking ( just a lil interest not much :p)

Blog : I entered this new world of blogging. Created my own blog and facebook page.

Happy : Most importantly learnt how to stay Haaaapppyyyy and how beautiful life is :D . Believe me love youself , love life and you ll love everything around you.

Fitness :Never focused so much in what I am eating till I realised i am bulgging out from every side. Also to look and feel good, fitness is necessary. Here

Heels: Jumped from sport shoes to heels.

Make up and hair dos : Learnt many make up styles and hair dos, will share with you all soon.

Major change : From a daughter to daughter in law ( love this change) Marriage

IT gal : The only thing I miss is my IT career. I always wanted to work in a MNC. Got a job too but then had to choose between career and love. I made best decision of my life and ended up with my LOVE.

But finally I am turning into an IT gal in terms of  technology (graduated as IT engineer in May 2011) and fashion (yay !!)

Lots of Love and Happy New Year 2012 :D
Stay Positive and keep laughing :D
~Live Laugh Love~


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