August - My favorite month.

Why August is my favorite month of the year, there are hundreds of reasons behind it but the obvious one is My BIRTHDAY, yeah it falls on 30 August, its just a day away. I love attending endless phone calls, hundreds of wishes and best one GIFTS *super-excited*; in total I love to be center of attraction. This is gonna be my first birthday after marriage with my new new family. So my husband has decided to take me off for a luxurious stay in JW MARRIOT and spend some relaxing and quality time together.Also keeping family in mind we have decided to be back on 30 eve, so as to go out for family dinner.

I have started receiving gifts already, a new dress from benetton, a bag from sisley,heels and lots of love from my hubby. Being with him will make birthday the best birthday though I will miss my mom dad alot. I love the weather in August it makes my birthday all the more special.

So today its not gonna be outfit post but rather will share few randomly clicked pictures of "little"(my husband will kill me if he hears this) shopping I have done till now.

Heels from Rosso Brunello

Bag from Sisley, love the hangings in golden (SISLEY)

Silver Heels from a local shop, for 600 bucks

My shopping from shopninteen, love that bag.

p.s. Sorry for bad picture quality., I will soon get a new camera.

~Live Love Laugh ~


  1. these are some real gorgeous shoes mukta ! And happy birthday girl(advance wishes).Hope u have a fab day.

  2. Happy Bday in advance love :*