July Fitness in Words.

I always wanted to be a working woman but ended up being a housewife though I am still happy about it since it gave me all the time to get mix up in my new family and to keep them happy.

I am a kind of kind of person who needs to do something every second, I can not remain idle for a longer period of time. It frustrates me. I have a tendency to over think when I am idle and it makes me sad. So I generally keep myself busy doing something.

I always want some kind of goal in my mind, it can a even be a small goal. It makes me work more productively.That is why I started with the concept of tasks for the It Girls Gang. I will set task to be  accomplished and hence will fight to reach my goals. Benefit of sharing it with you guys is, there are people to guide me the way; also it is more easy and  motivating to work in a group.Thanks for all the people who accompanied and guided me in task

Task 1 was all about fitness. It ended on 31st July (I am so sorry for a late post, but those following me facebook must be aware about what kept me busy). I would like to share with you my experience.
To know more about the task, and the diet - rules I followed, click here.

  • I managed to loose 4kgs.
  • Since I knew I have to tell you guys all the truth about what I ate, I hogged in limited amount of junk.
  • Realized how difficult self control is.
  • There were days I obeyed all the rules and there were also ones on which I did not. Hence task is not successfully completed 
  • As soon as the task got over, I ended up hogging sweets and pizza; might have gained 2 kgs.SO I have decided to continue this task for another month too.
  • In a row I could obey all rules for maximum 4 days and then break up eating junk. This made me feel pathetic.
Anyhow, after this task I have realized loosing weight is very tough but not impossible. I am going to give it one more try more sincerely. 


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