Special Post

Since I have already mentioned word "special" as my posts title it has to be only about my husband. There is no one more special to me than him. When i say he is sweetest and most caring man in this world, trust me I can bet upon it.

My first birthday with him was fantastic fabulous amazing one. We had a party with friends as well as spend some lovely alone time together which was summed up by an amazing family dinner. So in all a perfect birthday with almost all the important people in my life (No I am not forgetting my own family that is why almost)

Out of all the gifts the best one was from my mom-in-law. She gave me a surprise, she sang a song for me; isn't it too sweet and lovely. She has such a melodious voice that once she starts singing you never want it to end.

(How did my husband surprised me,and the place we visited lets leave it for next post.)

Coming to my birthday outfit, I loved this maxi dress at first sight. Isn't it just beautuful. This is the first time I tried on a maxi dress, and seriously I gave me a such an elegant feeling.Do let me know how does it look, your views matter a lot.

(Oh !! i forgot to tell you, while I was entering disc wearing this dress on my birthday night, the security checking lady complimented me. You know a lady who sees ever other day all gals decked up complimenting me made me feel more confident and nice *blush*)

Since I wanted dress to grab all the attention, I just accessorized it with big loop earrings. 


  1. the dress really suits u..and belated bday wishes..

  2. You look lovely! nice maxi dress! Belated Happy Birthday! :)

    Maybe you have time see my New post- Clarks + Mom's B'day

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    1. Thank you :D Yeah sure would check it.

  3. that's a gorgeous maxi dress Mukta, you carry it off beautifully! :)
    Seems you had an awesome b'day <3

    1. Thank you so much nitika.
      Yeah birthday was great !! *memories*

  4. Looking so cute Mukta..you carried le maxi dress very well :))
    Belated b'day wishes.. ^_^


  5. this dress looks fab on you lady! love the hoop earrings too