Marriage is NOT end

Note : This post is specially for those who believe marriage is an end to life and freedom.

For all those who feel marriage is an end, trust me its NOT perhaps its a new Beginning. Though there are compromises and adjustments but if you have a loving husband and mom-in-law (#more imp than husband), then there is nothing to worry about.

Pros :

1. Best Time of Life : If you have the most loving husband in this world; that you have to pinch yourself at times to believe that its not a dream but reality then trust me, you are one of those few lucky ones. Live each and every moment with your partner, its probably the best time of your life that you will cherish once you get old.
2. Settled Future : Now that you are married, you know whom to make bankrupt (hehehahaha). Partially, your husband shares the responsiblity of giving you a secure and bright future. So 50-50 resposibilties.

3. Responsibilty : Marriage makes you responsible and mature, which is a good thing. You can not stay immature all your life.

4. Guide : Your husband becomes your guide, adviser and best friend. You can discuss every shit with him knowing that he won't judge you ever. He cares for you and guides you at every stage of your life. Stays by you till end !

5. New Life : You have a totally new and exciting life to look forward too. A chance to create endless memories with your loving one and new family.

Cons :

1. Fat after marriage : After marriage relatives incite you for lunches and dinners where you are MADE to eat lot which in turn is bad for health. Also, late night dinners have major impact on your health.If you have a control on yourself, you can easily stay fit by just making few vice choices.

2. Any good news : As soon as you hit anniversary elders start pressurizing you for child. But discuss with your husband and plan only after you ready for it.Its a big responsibility. Also you can not run away from this, one day you have to start thinking about your own family. So there is no escape but all you can do is take your time and set up your mind. So this con can easily be turned to a boon if properly planned.

3. Aunty: As soon as you get marriead people start treating you as aunty. Like why ? what on planet is wrong with you. This is what I dislike the most. Anyways, Keep a don't care a dam attitude and move on.

Clearly, all the cons can easily be overcome. So pros beat the cons Yeaahhh !! have a happy married life.Marriage is a roller coaster ride that makes your life all the more interesting and exciting.

#Note to self : In future if I feel angry at my hubby, i will make sure to re-read it to change my mood and save him (:p).

p.s. : This is my 50th post and to make it special I wrote about marriage because during my teenage even i feared it but now I believe, it could not have been better than this.

                                                                      ~ Live Love Laugh ~



  1. mukta, this was a great post! something diff and helpful (esp wen we fight with our husbands ;))

    1. Thank you so much :D I am glad you liked it.

  2. I recently got married and I must agree with you on both cons and pros..

    1. A married girl can understand a married girls's life :D

  3. It's nice to see you happily married. After 30+ years I share your sentiments. Only now I am called Mataji instead of Aunty and I have become FAT. But I am truly having the best time of my life. May you also enjoy these happy days and remain happy all your life. God Bless and Take care.

    1. Thank you so much !! I know how it feels, people just don't care !!
      Anyways, all you can do is ignore !! and live a happy life !!

  4. Awww this is so cute and so true! 5 months into marriage and i couldn't agree more with you! :)

  5. thanks so much for ur comment dear !
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