New Year Resolution 2013

I know guys we have more than two months to hit new year but I am making resolution before hand so that when we enter 2013 I am done with it. Yes, only I can think of such weird ideas but that makes me ME.

I am trying to learn driving from like 5 months and still no success.  I disparately need to learn driving before I enter 2013. Its a fear in me that makes me shut my eyes every time I am in traffic.The most difficult part is judging the space for a four wheeler, which is much difficult than judging spacing for two wheeler. OMG how can everyone do it with such great ease.
Anyways,When everyone else can do it, why cant I, all it needs is practice. Right ??

Next one is always an issue in my life.F.I.T.N.E.S.S issue. Sometimes I feel why me ?? My diet is so normal but still I am bloated. Every time I go shopping sexy clothes don't fit me, ohh I feel so bad !! But now no more I am on a strict diet till December(means no junk) !! But I know where I am lacking is hogging on junk every night. I wonder how to stop it. Sometimes I crave for it, sometimes I am forced and sometimes I feel "abhi toh time hai enjoy karne ka". Now no more silly excuses, I so need a fit and healthy body. And I am working on it :D

Now coming to the pictures there is a task I am running on Facebook, You can have a look here
In context to that task I tried on an outfit, casual and comfy. Have a look !

I am in love with this bag and wedges !! 

Inspired from here :
Pic via Google.

~ Live Love Laugh ~


  1. awesome pics dear
    And all the best for learning driving,practice it regularly :)
    Also Dont worry about weight,etc,its ok if you will follow a proper diet chart,you will surely be able to loose some weight,and according to me you are fine,I mean no need to think so much about dieting,etc,You look cute this way only

    do follow my blog if you like

    1. Thank you so much sweetheart !! And I am already following you dear :D

  2. can totally relate to the driving fear! :P
    good one! :)

  3. Awww, its really inspirational to see someone being so kicked about it! Definitely should take a cue!



  4. I myself am on a weight-troubled-journey-after-marriage , myself...I DILIGENTLY PAY FOR AEROBICS CLASS every month beginning, and hardly even attend 10-11 classes(it's supposed to be per month basis)

  5. Love ur outfit...especially the shoes....
    im also learning to drive these days....n i totally agree with u...judging the space is really tough...donno how ppl do just not getting the hang of it...