Fitness Weekly Challenge - Week 1

Hey Angels,

You might be wondering what this weekly challenge is all about. Let me tell you. Its a fitness challenge which is inspired from Looking Good Feeling Fab blog with my own modifications. It has become difficult for me to follow a healthy lifestyle so here I am finding another way out to stay on track.
I will update every monday starting from today for 12 weeks about my diet. I will cut down one unhealthy thing every week and Sunday is a cheat day (or any one day that I wish in that week is a cheat day) I can eat whatever I like in small quantities and satisfy my craving. Good enough !!

You can always come and join me. Give me your suggestions in comments below or post the link if even you are following some fitness routine ! Would love to read that.

So This week I am cutting down on White Sugar or any kind of extra sweets which contain white sugar. 2 teaspoons of Sugar per day allowed for tea/coffee or milk.
Few mandatory rules for every week (except cheat days):
  8 Glasses of Water
  Proper Breakfast
  Dinner before 9 max.
And now, Time to announce the giveaway winner :

                                          Without any doubt the winner is :
                                            Ghun Jain

Please mail me your postal address details on Also you get a 10% off on any product from my shop valid till end of April.

Thank you everyone for participating.
                                                            ~Live Love Laugh~


  1. Hi Mukta..thanks for the mention :)
    I am so glad the post inspired you to start this challenge :)
    I have no problem at all...the whole purpose of my blog is to inspire everyone to look and feel fab always...I am grateful you are also spreading the message...all the best :) love

    1. Thank you so much !!
      And I really like your blog. Going great ! already following you
      Hope to see you here more often.

  2. I am following i dont miss any updates :)

  3. This is very nice project and people getting more aware about health and fitness so this post will definitely help them.I will share with my friends.
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