No I did not take " sanyaas" :p ; Its the name of resort where we celebrated husband's birthday. Yes its picture I posted on my facebook page.
What I loved about the place was the view and peace I felt when I was there. You know the inner peace feeling. All I could feel is happiness and satisfaction with my life. You sometimes need these quite moments away from hussle bussle of fast life to connect with your innerself. And this is what actually happened with me. Husband and me alone, just talking, walking and relaxing. THAT IS IT.

You might have sensed till now, how refreshing this trip was for me. So stay tuned for lot more coming up on blog. I am all charged :D

Also, this whole trip was a surprise for my husband. Trust me he was jumping with joy when I revealed him the surprise. What a moment !! Have a look..

When I gave him the surprise !

Sitting area in Room


Room (clicked from balcony)

Bed Room (clicked from sitting area)
Entrance of Resort
Sitting area while strolling through the resort

What an ultimate place for bonfire

Another sitting area

Breathtaking view
View from a lay down bench aside pool. 

This is where we sat for hours and watch the sunset.

It sets..

It sets more

And moree

Sunset rays !
Birthday time !!

~Live Love Laugh~


  1. Your husbands a lucky guy! What a great surprise! The photos are fab!

  2. So great! It looks lovely! Where is this resort at?

    1. Thanks ! It's located near chandigarh at place called Parwanoo. Do visit if u get a chance.

  3. Awesome..belated bday wishes to ur hubby...