Website Review : Fashionara

There are few websites are really like, you can see my online shopping websites recommendations for same. I stumbled upon Fashionara 3 months backs and it took me just few days to place an order since everything was just soo fabulous. The apparel collection, the Jewelry collection and heels everything was just up to mark. This website definitely makes to my online shopping websites recommendation part 2.

I ordered one skirt and two dresses from it.  

3 packets nicely packed.

Animal print structured skirt

One remanika dress, planning to wear it on my friends youngsters.

Color blocked dress. This is the one I returned since it did not fit me well.

Delivery Speed : 

I placed my order on Sept 4 and it was delivered on Sept 7. Quite good speed.
I give 4 out of 5 stars for delivery speed.

Quality :

Quality of all the products was superb. Exactly what was mentioned in it details.
5 out of 5 stars for same.

Return Response : 

Since the third dress was loose I had to return it. Now here comes the problem. Though the customer care service was always responding to my every mail, it took me about a month to get money transferred back in my account.

Another point, I availed 15 percent discount coupon while buying the products, they deducted more than 15 percent from the cost of the dress returned. I did not call them back asking for the reason since I was already exhausted by the return procedure.

So 3 stars our of 5.

Customer Care Service : 

Customer Service was superb. They listened to me everytime and responded patiently in spite of high temper. Slowly and steadily they did solve the problem finally.
5 out 5 stars for them.

Overall verdict : 

I totally suggest this website to everyone who wants to buy good quality stuff at good prices. About the returns, try to shop the way that chances of return are very less. But in case you had to return they will do that but will take time.

                                                      ~Live Love Laugh~


  1. Great review Mukta.

  2. Great Review and great picks.
    Will definitely visit the site.


  3. Wow great picks darling, love the animal print skirt <3

  4. Thanks for sharing your review on fashionara.
    Fashionara in India is very popular for is quality and delivery.