Fitness Trick

Hey everyone
I know I post after quite a gap but somehow even after super organised I stay busy throughout the day.By the way I am learning driving these days and damm !! its so difficult but anyhow I know I will make it, wish me luck and do share any tips if you have. Oh !! enough of my ramblings, lets come back to main topic.

Today I want to share a fitness trick with you guys. I always knew writing what we eat during day helps a lot in weight management. I tried but I just could not write every bit I put my hands on. So I discovered a new way for me. I bought a diary and I tick-mark the days on which I eat clean and cross the days I have junk. Only rule for this : BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. After I completed it for one month I realized OMG !! I eat so much junk and then I blame my instructor when scale does not move. But now that I know I make sure I get a tick on each and every day except saturdays and trust me its working amazing, I can feel it already.

This is the snapshot from my diary for September, I had clean for 14 days and junk for 16 (2 days that are not marked are crosses) I know its embarrassing to share but this is the truth which even I realized last month only. It gives my clean and crustal clear picture of why my tummy is bulging :p

Fitness Diary
September Fitness Diary

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                                                            ~Live Love Laugh~


  1. Wow, interesting post sweetie, nice idea for fitness <3

  2. You are getting fitness freak .. loved the post :)

    1. I know I really am, so desperate to loose extra kgs off my body.

  3. This is a great post, I was laying low and being lazy for some days but totally feel inspired to keep a diary to get back on track! Kudos to you!