Traditional Looks : Vol. 1

I am a true fan of Indian Traditional Wear. I love saree and suits but not on daily basis. My comfort zone lies in a kurti and legging combo as boring as it may sound. Recently I got many opportunities to go all desi and I did but I did not have my photographer aka husband around to shoot outfit pictures and I kinda hesitate asking my mom in law to do that for me. So today I am going to share the single clicks that I managed to take of traditional outfits. But I assure I will try and get as many more pictures as I could next time.

So here goes my traditional looks as promised in last post : Life Snippets.

This is what I wore on Karva chauth :D I forget to click back of blouse, it is sexy one with net
Blue dress cum suit, I love its color

Traditional dress on my sister's marriage

My favorite picture, Pink saree
I love this one :D
 I hope you like the post, do leave in your reactions below in commments section :p

                                                    ~Live Love Laugh~


  1. WOW..these are gorgeous outfits..but u make them look beautiful.


  2. Hey Mukta. Love the last picture.
    The saree looks gorgeous!

  3. I love the third outfit! Is it more like a anarkali suit-gown??

    1. Thanks nitika :D
      The green one is a dress cum gown and last pink one is proper net saree :D