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October 2013 Version 

October was very busy for me. From festive occasions to household chores to driving course, everything took plenty of my time leaving me with guilt of ignoring the blog. Looking at the positive side of this, it made me realize how bad I am at Time Management and how difficult it could be for working moms to run their blogs along with all the responsibilities *Applause for them*.Time management has got be an addition to my new year resolution list.

Have a look at October Snapshots meanwhile I will work on myself and blog. Cya soon !!

Red chudda
Another reason for me being busy, my friend's marriage. We bought very pretty bangles for her :D

Cadbury Hot chocolate
I am a cadbury girl hahaha :D but only when it comes to chocolate since this did not taste that well. I cannot drink plain milk so I keep on experimenting. Btw Bournvita 5 star chocolate flavour tastes really good.

 Dominos Calzone Pockets
Calzone Pockets; yum yum. I am hard core dominos fan *wink*

Dinner date
Dinner date, I really liked the serving style. Peanuts in glass, freshener in packets in gold box and leather base for plates. Nice and different !

Forever 21 clutch
My latest addition to clutches :D

Green Suit
Posing :p

Karvachauth Party
Didar-e-chaand : Karvachauth party. Will post more pictures soon btw I wore a saree 

Kitty Fun
This is packing I did for gifting kitty price money

Fun with nephew
Leaving you with smiles; my naught nephew. Love him soooo much :*

                                                              ~Live Love Laugh~

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  1. Great pics..looks like fun..cant wait to see u in a saree. Keep in touch.

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